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Your Spirit Animal: A Short and Definitive Guide

Spirit Animal

There’s not much that can be said against the metaphysical world. Whether you believe in it or not, it is so interesting and you cannot resist its charms. Even the most practical of people secretly enjoy a little mystique in their lives: be it an amusing insightful myth in an ancient history book, an old Native American legend of the spirit animal, or a small box of horoscope advice in your daily newspaper, you’ll find yourself drawn to the appeal of the unknown. We all are. It can probably be traced back to our constant desire to better understand our surroundings and unravel the secrets of our existence. The far past and the distant future are mysteries to us. And mysteries are always exciting.

Since the dawn of time Man has attempted to answer the questions his environment has brought to him. Why does it rain? What happens to those who die? What are earthquakes? What is the sun? How are we connected to this big fascinating organism that we live inside? He then carried on farming his lands and building what are now monuments, and along the road, he paused to make an explanation of a phenomenon that he didn’t understand. The explanation grew with Man’s learning. The more he explored, the more he knew about the world. And the entertaining old myths were replaced with concrete sciences. A few questions were answered, and a few answers were proved wrong and then corrected, and a few more are still indefinite. The process of learning hasn’t reached an end yet. We are in the midst of the great exploration. We are still trying to understand.

Our connection to this planet is one mystery that remains unresolved. Why are we here and where do we fit in among all the other different creatures? Are there secret links between us humans and animals? Are we all diverse shapes of the same being? Your ancestors had the same questions; let us take a look at how they answered them

Spirit Animals

You must have come across the term at least tens of time surfing the World Wide Web. You could have read it in a serious context or saw quiz results of one of your Facebook friends, or you might have seen the famous spirit animal joke format on Twitter. “My spirit animal is a deer”; “my spirit animal is Santa Clause.” Apparently, your spirit animal doesn’t always have to be an animal. But what does it even mean?

Your spirit animal is a representation of the characteristics that make you who you are. This representation can take animal forms, like our great grandfathers depicted, or, more casually, it could as well take the forms of anything or anyone: your favorite actor, a fairytale character, a bug, a cup of coffee, or, say as you will, your old worn out LEGO set (e.g., I built my whole life from scratch; it’s like LEGO castles are my spirit animal).

Animal Totems

A totem is a sacred object or being that symbolizes a group of people (tribe, clan, lineage, or a high school soccer team, etc.). The totem serves as some sort of connection between the tribe’s present and its past. It’s a means to be reminded of the ancestors and plead their protection and blessings. Although animal totems have existed in many cultures across the world and in almost all of the 6 inhabited continents, the word “totem” is originally of the Ojibwe language, a North American indigenous language. It literally means “brother/sister kin.” So, typically, a group of people in the same clan have the same clan totem and are thus considered of the same family. Animal totems are an important item in tribal religions, and we could say that, in a way or another, they provide instant linkage between Man and Earth. The totem was (and still is in some far, far areas of the world) an umbrella that helped a group of people connect and belong to each other.

How Does the Symbolism Work?

Patterns are a great way to make sense of something. Finding links and lines that bring things closer and clear up the blurry picture is one of the oldest methods Man used to figure out the world. Symbolism is a keyword here. If a tribe is known for its valor, their totem could be a lion. And their younger generations will grow up with an irreversible connection to lions. It is the same way with spirit animals. Whether your spirit is actually mysteriously related to an animal in the wilds or your character just happen to be a bit similar to said animal is a question of perspective. Your ancestors would have chosen to believe the first option; you might choose the second, but it doesn’t matter really which comes before which: the animal or the personality traits. Spirit animals are still a rather spiritual fun way to feel like a part of a whole and to better recognize your own character.

What Is My Spirit Animal?

The Internet can be your go-to place for everything. If you have your ancestors’ curiosity and interest in nature, then you’ll probably enjoy the various animal personality tests online. To find out what animal are you best connected to, try the following:

  • Make sure you are familiar with your fundamental personality traits. For example, are you a social person? Are you naturally a leader? Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
  • Find a cool fun what is my spirit animal quiz. There are many quizzes; try picking a long one with more questions and specific detailed answers. Notice that your choice of answers decides your results, so be truthful to your real self and choose accordingly.
  • When your results appear, read the description of your spirit animal carefully. Make the best out of the characteristics you see written down. Remember it is meant to be enjoyable and, if possible, empowering.
  • Don’t take the results too seriously. Keep in mind it is an online quiz made by an anonymous online person, so there’s no reason to believe the results are credible.
  • Have fun!

Try one of our very own recommendations here and here.

Spirit Guides  

Spirit guides are not the same thing as spirit animals. Spirit guides are basically disincarnated spirits that act as protectors and guides to your person either throughout your life or for a particular while. The term is used by psychics, mediums, and spiritualist churches. Your spirit guide could be of a previous human form but is now energy that transcended above reincarnation, or it could take the shape of animals. Spiritualists claim that spirit guides send you messages and give you signs when they need you to pay attention or be careful with something. They are assigned to help you and to achieve this mission they use numerous ways, that is, they could appear in your dreams, you could hear their voice while you meditate, or they could send you signs across the day and nudge you in the direction of their supposed help.

The Internet offers countless advice on how to directly communicate with your spirit guide. If you’re interested in the subject, take a look at these 3 simple steps to make friends with your spirit guide and here’s also a guide to how your spirit friends try to communicate with you. But our own advice is: if your book magically snaps open on a certain page and the page contains solutions to all your life issues, make sure it wasn’t the wind first.

Power Animal

A power animal could serve as yet another name for your spirit animal, although there are a few differences between the two. Your power animal could be an animal you derive inspiration and power from: a symbolic picture that encourages you to improve and develop a set of traits, or it could be your spirit guide: an old soul that takes your side, nurtures you, and protects you from harm. As with spirit animals, the Internet provides guidebooks, quizzes, and animal personality tests to learn means of communication with your power animals.

If you’d like to do some more reading, Carrie Hart promises to take you on a journey of peace and harmony while simultaneously unleashing your power animal.

What Animal Are YOU?

Now you know the different names the same concept can have, and you also know how the contrasts are employed to establish distinct forms of communication with a world not known to us. It is exciting and we definitely love to have our minds flying to new thrilling realms.

Here are a few animal models that you might be connected to and don’t even know it…

The Butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol of personal transformation and new beginnings. If the butterfly is your spirit animal, you might be experiencing a major change of perspective. If you’re internally developing and are looking forward to turning an old leaf and seeing what the world has in store for you, this might be just the one for you. The butterfly is beautiful and it flies effortlessly; apply the same lightness in your journeys.

The Cat

A cat is a symbol of independence and curiosity. Cats have been worshipped in Ancient Egypt for their craftiness, patience, and perfect timing when it comes to hunting. If the cat is your spirit animal, use its focus and cleverness for inspiration when you tackle your own issues. Handle your life with flexibility and independence. Learn to enjoy people’s company but also to do perfectly well on your own.

The Horse

The horse symbolizes the freedom of running in the wild. Reflect on that in your daily life. Learn to express yourself freely, but also manage to control your urges like one would tame a horse. If the horse is your spirit animal, treat your soul as a force of nature, longing to be free. Learn to direct it where it would do you best and avoid falling under its complete ecstatic control.

The Whale

The whale symbolizes wisdom and healing. Whales are strong yet mostly peaceful. If the whale is your spirit animal, then it might the time to abandon the emotional pressure, let go of worries and concerns, and forgive the past. The whale is a symbol of emotional rebirth. So this might be a chance for you to start over with family or loved ones.


If you’re interested in the symbolism of spirit animals and want to know what animal are you and what does that exactly mean, here’s the complete detailed list.

Is It All True?

We don’t know. Grandmothers are always telling us about the spirits looking after us. And in your youth you probably saw a butterfly and were told not to kill it because it is an old deceased relative checking on you. Some people can certainly feel a connection with an animal, or with time. Some can have very insightful dreams. We can never refute every story, but we don’t have any concrete evidence either. But sometimes you don’t need evidence to believe in something beautiful.

If you ask yourself “what is my spirit animal?” then you’re like thousands of people who are trying to find out if the magic behind this concept is real. Yet the truth is nobody knows for sure, and you’d probably get 3 different results if you have 3 different animal personality tests. But the Internet is full of hocus pocus, so perhaps the truth lies somewhere out there, with people who really cared to chase it.

The metaphysical world is astonishing, there are tons of things to learn, and you’ll doubtlessly come out a better person if you choose wisely. In the end, reality is usually what you make of it, and you’re the one in control of what you believe in. If believing in an old spirit from the sunken Atlantis makes you feel better about the world, helps you through hard times, and teaches you to pause and breathe and really see your surroundings, then so be it. Learn what works best for you and what contributes to bettering your life, and then do it. But also read, read, and read. And never lose your passion for learning. We are here to carry on with our ancestors’ mission, to explore and unravel, and to make sense of our existence. Do that the best way you know how. Good luck!

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