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Giving a speech in class or in another public forum can be rather stressful and difficult, especially for people who are not use to giving speeches. In fact, the number one fear of the average human being is public speaking, with fear of death coming in at number two. As comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said in a stand up routine “that means, if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.” All joking aside, public speaking is difficult for a few different reasons. The first is simply having all of those people watching you, and you do not know what they are thinking, only that there are sets of eyes watching you and listening to what you are saying. The other reason is because you might not feel completely comfortable with the topic you are talking about. While you are not always able to control the way the audience reacts, you can control what you talk about when giving a speech. Due to this, it is important to do all of your research and to stay on top of your speech topic. As long as you feel comfortable with the topic you are talking about and are completely prepared, it should drastically reduce any sort of fear of giving the speech, as you are confident with what you are talking about.

Persuasive Speech

Persuasive speech topics for college students is a rather common question that many college students are going to ask about. The persuasive speech topics for college students can vary, depending on the course they are in and what their teacher is looking for, but essentially, the student needs to discuss a specific situation or idea and go into why it is important for this particular idea to exist. Generally, it revolves around a topic that is time sensitive, yet it can also be a bit taboo or revolve around something that has heated interest from both sides. Of course, the idea of the speech is to point out all of the reasoning behind why the issue should either be a non issue or why it should be legal, and to also debunk counter points someone on the opposite side of the spectrum might have. All it all, the persuasive speech is all about making things interesting and showing exactly why it is important for the particular subject matter to receive more attention.

In terms of speech ideas and topics for the persuasive speech, it really is important for a student to select something that is important to them. It is always easier to discuss and talk about an issue that is important to someone than to simply do research on a particular topic and go from there. When discussing something that is more important to a person, it is likely going to show while giving the speech, which is important. Of course, it is still important to do research in order to back up all of the ideas they are talking about, but it is a starting point.

Common forms and topics of persuasive speech generally revolve around whether or not marijuana should be legalized throughout the country for recreational use. This is a topic that most professors have heard time and time again, and it is also likely that someone inside of the class is going to have this same speech topic as well. While there is nothing wrong with it, as you can point out both sides of the pros and cons, it is something that is well documented. Instead, for someone who is interested in this, they might want to take it a step further in order to both increase the shock value and to make it new. They can either look at legalizing all drugs based on plants, or just legalize cocaine usage. This is a topic that is similar to marijuana usage, but is also more extreme and should gain the attention of everyone else listening. Given the history of cocaine, its usage and how it eventually became illegal, it actually would make an extremely interesting persuasive speech for any college class.

Other topics can range from should gay marriage be completely legal throughout the United States to what should be done about gun violence. All of these topics are rather general and common, but are excellent starting points for persuasive speeches. The purpose of the speech is not go make everyone happy. In fact, if someone upsets other individuals with their speech, chances are they are going something right, as this is the very nature of such a speech. It is suppose to be a bit controversial. Of course, it is possible to talk about anything and everything, including whether or not the person believes rap music or video games is the cause of child gun violence. All of this is extremely important to look into. Regardless though, it is necessary for a college student to discuss a situation that is important to them.

It is important to remember when giving a persuasive speech that the speech needs to not only look at why a particular item should be legal or what the person is in favor of their chosen topic, but they also need to combat any sort of rebuttals those on the other side of the spectrum might have. There are always common arguments for the other side, and in the speech the individual needs to talk about why these common arguments are of a moot point. Someone who is against legalizing marijuana is likely to have several general comebacks, and the persuasive speech needs to go into these different issues and have facts and other figures available to defend against these comebacks. It is always important to have actual figures defend an idea, instead of just words that are not backed up by any sort of proof.

Informative Speech

An informative speech is different than a persuasive speech. With the persuasive speech, an individual is going to discuss an often controversial topic and explain why they are either for or against it, not to mention it is their job to persuassive other individuals around them as to why it is so important to side with their own train of thought. With an informative speech, it is more about how to do different things. Again, it is important for the person to always focus on something that is interesting to them. The rest of the class and professor is always able to tell when a topic is important to the person giving the speech. Due to this, there are all sorts of different informative speech topics. These different topics can range anywhere from how to use beer to improve a garden to how to properly apply eyeliner in order to obtain a desired look. Informative speech ideas is not simply going to be a lecture, it can usually be about almost anything. Of course, it is important to look into the guidelines of the course, as the professor might have specific topics off limits, but from there it really is possible to discuss just about anything and to dive into details of just about any particular idea.

Implement Humor

One thing to remember when giving an informative speech, it always helps to be a bit funny. Now, a person does not want to force it, as being humorous can often be a bit tricky, so if the person is not good with integrating jokes into a speech that is alright. However, a mild attempt at humor is always a good way to go. This is because it is going to loosen up the audience a bit. There is nothing worse than a stiff crowd. Instead, a little bit of humor at the front end of the speech can help warm the audience up to what the speech topic is going to be, which is why it is necessary to try to use jokes. Of course, this kind of method can be used in conjunction with any other form of speech, and it can also make the person presenting the speech feel a bit more comfortable as well. When an audience laughs at a joke, it is going to make the individual feel better about themselves in addition to make the audience feel more comfortable with the presented. Basically, it is a win win for all parties involved with the speech.

Giving a speech can be a bit frightening for just about anyone. While having some nerves is common, it is important to try to move past the feeling of being in front of a large audience. By being fully prepared for the speech and talking about a subject that is important to the person, it is possible to feel much more at home and comfortable with the speech. Plus, by implementing some humor and making the audience feel comfortable can improve the way the speech is going to sound, not to mention make the person giving the speech feel better about the process as well.

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