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Songs About Bullying

Songs About Bullying

Bullying is something that has been a problem in schools across the country for decades now. The effects of bullying stay with some people longer than with others. Everyone copes in their own different way and some people have coped by growing up to become a song writer. As a result, there have been many songs about bullying.

Mark Willis’s “Don’t Laugh At Me”

This song is about a young boy who is teased at school because he has braces and glasses. Though the song starts out being by this school aged boy who is teased by his classmates it transitions to being a song about those who are physically challenged. The main point of the song is that while everyone has baggage, for some people it is internal and for other people it is external.

Another version of “Don’t Laugh At Me” was written by Peter Yarrow and is based on his experiences as someone who faced adversity for leading an alternate lifestyle. The song is actually played to school students to help them discuss accepting a diverse group of people. The point of the song is that everyone is different in their own way and that no one deserves to be bullied.

Taylor Kelly Rowland’s “Stole”

A huge hit in the U.K. this song is about students who are new to a school and feel isolated because they don’t have any friends there and they are an outsider at the school. The group of people this song is about ended up becoming suicidal.

Bloodhound Gang’s “Why’s Everybody Always Picking On Me?”

This song chronicles the life of Jimmy Pop, wiho was ridiculed at school. The song is mainly about katagelophobia, which is a documented medical condition that causes people to be extremely fearful of being ridiculed by others. The music video filmed to accompany this song depicted Jimmy Pop coping with the ridicule he endured from his classmates. Both the song and video are empowering to people with physical conditions that cause them to be incapable of doing things others can.

Rise Against’s “Make It Stop”

This song is about teenage suicides that have taken place in recent years. These suicides were all the result of people being bullied because they were homosexual. The song was written by the lead singer’s nephew because one of the boy’s best friends had just killed himself a week prior.

Tokio Hotel’s Don’t Jump

This song permeates with anyone who has ever been bullied and considered suicide to be the best way to escape from the bullying. The song itself sends the message that there is always a better answer to being bullied than to commit suicide. It tells listeners to keep trying and good things will happen to them for their efforts.

Britt Nicole’s “When She Cries”

As a popular song that spreads an anti-bullying message, “When She Cries,” is about a girl who is bullied but refuses to tell her family about it. The girl is in a lot of pain, is suffering from depression and has decided that she wants to cut herself. She isolates herself from the real world and even her own birthday she can’t even muster up a smile. However, throughout it all she is confident that God is looking after her. He enacts the revenge on those who bullied her that she chose not to enact herself.

Selena Gomez’s “Who Says”

Selena Gomez wrote this song because she felt her female peers were spending too much time questioning their own personality. This song was her way to speak out against her peers who always feel pressure to look gorgeous at every minute. The point of the song is that in order to fight off the bullies her peers (and girls and guys everywhere) should be proud of who they are and what they are rather than focus so much on their physical appearance in order to appear worthy.

Tim McGraw’s “One Of These Days”

While most bullying songs are written from the perspective of someone who was bullied Tim McGraw wrote “One Of These Days” based on his own experiences bullying a classmate as a child and mistreating a girl. The song conveys the message that once he learned to love himself he could finally love others too.

Cameron Brown’s “Close To The Edge”

This song was written to encompass both sides of the bullying problem; those who bully and those who are bullied. It also talks about the effect bullying has on people. Cameron Brown wants bullies to listen to this song and think twice about inflicting their bullying on others. He makes the point that inflicting bullying on someone might be the final straw that makes them do something drastically negative to themselves. One of the verses in the song is written from the perspective of someone who is being bullied so badly that they are ready to give up on life.There is another verse in the song written from the perspective of a bully who learns that one of his victims has killed themselves. The bully then regrets what he did and makes him wish he could go back in time and undo it. Another verse in the song is written from the perspective of a different bully who blames their bullying on how they were raised.

Bullying Songs By Everyday Children

While many professional song writers have written and performed songs about bullying, children throughout the country have sung bullying songs as part of a school production. One of these songs is “You Have A Secret.” This song was written for an amateur musical stage production called “Letters To Daddy.” The song sung is based on the perspective of a child who bullies other children because he or she is trying to relieve their own pain. The song talks about how bullies lash out at children who are younger than they are, weaker than they are or more sensitive than they are.

Britian’s Got Talent

Britian’s Got Talent is a U.K. based TV show that spawned the American version of it. On Britian’s Got Talent itself, two boys named Leondrie Devries (age 13) and Charlie Lenehan (age 15) not only wrote but performed a song about their experiences with bullying. Devries told the judges of Britian’s Got Talent that he had written rap songs to cope with being the victim of a bully. After Devries transferred to a different school due to the bullying he met and became best friends with Lenehan. At his new school Devries was happier and more confident and was no longer a bullying victim. The lyrics of the song they performed talk about how hurtful and confusing it was for the boys to be targeted by bullies. During the song it was mentioned that one of the reasons Devries was born was that he lived with his mother, but not with his father.

A young man named Hunter Hays wrote a song that talks about dealing with bullying and about what it is like to feel like an outsider at school. The song is called “Invisible” and was written by Hays because he was a music nerd when he was in school. Hayes reports that it took him a long time to come to terms with being thought of as a geek but that he had finally reached a point where he was comfortable about it. The song became so popular that Hayes performed it at the 2014 Grammys.

An Anti-Bullying Musical

Randy Sauer is an average guy who did an extraordinary thing when he wrote a child friendly musical that sends an anti-bullying message. The musical is called “I Know How To Deal With A Bully.” There are four original songs in the musical and both the songs and the dialogue teach school children how to cope with bullying. A CD soundtrack of the musical is available for purchase online and includes songs like “Thumbs Down To Put Downs,” “Walk In My Shoes,” and “I Know How To Deal With A Bully,” which the musical was named after.

Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind is an amateur music group that has written songs about bullying which are often performed at school assemblies in an effort to discourage students from bullying. The songs the group wrote include “Hey Little Ant,” “When I’m Strong,” “Love Makes A Family,” “So Many Ways To Be Smart,” and “The Colors Of Earth.”


The fact that there are so many songs that have been written to address bullying shows what a huge problem it is. Both professional musicians and amateurs, including school children themselves, have written and performed songs that speak of the pain bullying causes and speak of ways to heal from that kind of pain. Writing songs can be very therapeutic in helping those who have suffered through bullying or been a bully themselves. Through these songs, awareness of the problem is raised and children are encouraged to help prevent more bullying.

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