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Social Bullying Facts

Social Bullying Facts

Social bullying is where negative propaganda is used to damage the reputation of another person. Many of these cases entail using differences to bring out the flaws in victims. What is more painful is the exclusion that those who suffer this kind of treatment are subjected to. To a large extent, it is a thing that is more common in girls than in boys. The impact is similar to that of a person who has undergone a physical assault. Most social bullying facts are very shocking and damaging in equal measure.

The main events take place in a group. All the group’s members have a common target of achieving the highest form of humiliation by subjecting the victim to an extremely daunting experience. What was once a personal difference between two people turns out to be a group- against-one-person affair. The whole group turns against the victim. The bullies will then strip and hold up the affected person to the last detail. To the group, it is more of sheer fun besides accomplishing their dirty mission of degrading their unlucky prey.

Unfortunately, what the victims go through is more than what is registered on the facial expression. If this goes on for a considerable period of time, the mental makeup of the affected person is greatly altered. The perspective in which one views life changes to a negative one and the general attitude towards given matters is an awkward one. One might even develop a severe health condition from the encounters with the bullies’ ordeals. For instance, one could develop depression that might trigger a number of countless illnesses. It is a fact that bullying is as dangerous as any other crime that endangers the lives of the victims.

The executors of the plans usually have different goals to achieve from all that is going on. Others will call it a ‘good’ way of having fun. A section does it to get back at the targeted personality for something done against them. It could be possible that the affected person might have exhibited a certain kind of smartness. This could be in class or any other accomplishment that compromised the status of the enraged fellows. So to kill the momentum of the ‘smart kid’ a group undertakes a mission to silence the victim.

Just like any other type of bullying, there is a leader who directs what is done. Unless you are extra keen, you can’t make out what is happening in the groups. The bystanders are always ready to take anything that the leader proposes, and they do it with a kind of perfection that sends the victim shrinking and humiliated. However, some of the kids do not realize that they are guilty of a crime by agreeing to be used as accomplices. For instance, where the group is made up of girls, shunning, whispering, name calling, and mean looks will be prominent features. It is also true that bullying is as a result of one being unable to control the chemistry of the body at the teen age.

Many young people are losing direction in life as a result of bullying activities. If due attention is given to the matter, there are many lives and bright futures that could be salvaged from going down the drain. The following are social bullying facts that indicate how the situation is on the ground and what to expect if things remain as they are.

  • 160,000 kids stay home each day just to evade the bullies
  • More than 33 percent of high school students have a strong conviction that teachers can stop the vice
  • A whole 83 percent of the cases receive no intervention, meaning that they continue happening
  • Of all the educators, only half of them have received education on how to tackle social bullying
  • Male bullies normally use verbal and physical abuse while the female use rumor peddling
  • A large percentage of the cases take place within the school’s vicinity
  • Many of the victims also reported high levels of depression

Social bullying can turn out to be the most fatal of all forms of bullying if not keenly solved. The ones executing the acts are normally ignorant, which makes them do lots of dangerous things. As an adult, there are solutions that you can use to save a suffering teenager. If you realize that your kid is going through a series of rough times, encourage them not to give in to the demands of the group. To deal effectively with them, one has to be bold and not shy away. Do not yield to the anger that they are trying to provoke. Even though it might seem hopeless, it is still early to save the situation. Your kids should certainly not be held hostage by social bullies.

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