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The Benefits of Sleep Music

Night terrors among adults

Everyone has their own preferred ways of sleeping, some like to listen to the television or the radio while others prefer complete silence, and yet others enjoy sounds such as waves or nature sounds. What qualifies as sleep music varies from person to person, but using music to help you sleep can be an extremely gentle and relaxing way to usher you and your loved ones off into slumber.

Listening to music while sleeping does in fact have benefits worth considering for all ages. Music has the unique ability to soothe us, excite us, and illicit a wide range of emotions.

Researchers are actively seeking more knowledge about the role that music might play in helping people sleep. A recently published study in the International Journal of Nursing Studies involved 557 adults who all suffered from sleep disorders. Participants were analyzed after having music played for them during sleep and the results found that as a whole, music caused significant improvements in the sleep quality of the experiments participants. This particular study was conducted over a relatively short period of time, but logic stands to reason that if these subjects were followed for a longer period of time, the results would have been even more significant in showing the positive effects that music can have when being used as a sleep aide for those who have chronic problems.

Babies and Sleep Music:

Every parent has their routines and beliefs about how they care for their babies and what they considered acceptable and unacceptable when they put their bundle of joy down for a nap or the night. Some mommies and daddies prefer to have their homes and surroundings silent when they put their little ones down. However, others think having baby sleep music on is beneficial and soothing to their children.

Lullabies have been used to sing babies to sleep for generations and many parents find that playing relaxing music for sleep is one of the few ways to get their babies to sleep at night.

Countless studies have been conducted about music especially in relation to sleep. In babies and small children, music has been used as a therapy for premature babies to help them gain weight.

Playing music for your baby can also help you bond with each other. Classical music is often regarded as the number one option in best sleep music, especially for babies and small children since it is often calming and soothing and without vocalizations that can be distracting and disruptive to sleep patterns.

How Will Music Help Me Sleep: breaks down the main reasons that music helps you be able to sleep:

  1. Helps your body to relax – Along with your mind, your body has to be able to relax in order to get to sleep. This means your heart has to be able to beat at a slow, steady pace so that your muscles and body can relax. Music can help if it is slow and matches the rhthym of a calm heart because it can subconsciously slow your breathing so that you reach a semi-meditative state and your muscles stop being tense and relax.
  2. Calms down an overactive mind – Have you ever noticed how your thoughts seem to become abstract and random just as your drifting off to sleep? This is your mind becoming relaxed. It stops focusing on the here and now, but instead starts to delve into the apparent chaos of the subconscious mind. To help your mind get there, it needs to be able to relax. While using music to assist with meditation is a relatively new approach (meditation is traditionally done in complete silence), adopting the practices used by meditators to relax their mind and body can be an effective way of overcoming insomnia. Soft, relaxing music can enable you to calm the mind and to free it to think more freely and in a less ‘present’ active state.
  3. Blanket out background noise – If you live in a busy street, with noisy flatmates or family members watching the TV until late at night, background noise can be a real problem when you are trying to get to sleep. Music can be helpful in providing a blanket of soft noise to replace the background sounds that might be jarring and keeping you awake at night. Another option is to listen to ‘white noise’ that provides a continuous stream of sound that can mask distracting background noise that’s disturbing you from reaching the land of nod.

Sleeping Music for Everyone:

Insomnia is a major problem for millions of Americans, and while many people will turn to sleeping pills and other chemical agents to help them get rest, there are many other ways to get rest. Relaxing sleep music can be extremely beneficial, lists the following as some of the most effective types of deep sleep music:

  • Classical Music – If there is one thing that is guaranteed to put you to sleep when you’re tired, it is classical music.
    You will find that the soft notes and the brilliant highs of the music will help to take you on the musical journey that the composer went on when he wrote it, and it will be a great type of music to sleep.
    The problem with classical music is that those same highs can keep you up when you’re trying to sleep, so you may want to find good classical music that doesn’t have such a powerful crescendo.
    Imagine trying to sleep and listening to Mozart’s Hallelujah, and you can see yourself bolting upright when the powerful crescendo kicks in. It’s best to listen to classical music if you’re sleepy, as it may not be what you need to help you deal with insomnia problems.
  • Soft Rock – Many people that have trouble sleeping will try using soft rock, and this form of rock can be very relaxing if you enjoy it.
    Soft rock uses gentle lyrics, soft notes, and mild tunes to help get you to sleep, and it can be a very effective solution for helping you to sleep at night.
    The downside of soft rock is that many of the songs will use lyrics, and those lyrics can actually prevent you from sleeping as your ears are listening to them and registering the meaning of the words in your brain. However, if you can find soft rock and ballads that are made to be instrumentals, you may just find that this music can be the key to helping you finally get to sleep at night.
  • Easy Listening – There is a lot of music that is great to listen to if you’re trying to relax, and music from people like Kenny G or Richard Clayderman will be amazing to help you to sleep if you like this style of music. The soft sounds of the piano and guitar mixed with saxophone and other instruments will help to soothe your mind and put you to sleep, and you may be able to experience the wonderful feelings that the music is trying to convey.
    You will find that there are hundreds of thousands of easy listening songs – instrumental and with lyrics – and you can easily select the ones that will be enjoyable and great for helping you to get to sleep.
  • Ambient Music – This kind of music uses compositions that feel complete to help you to sleep. The music is more than just a few instruments playing together, but you will find that it will seem to fill up all of the space in your room and enter your ears from all angles.
    It is great when listening to on stereo headphones or a good sound system, as you will find that the sweeping notes and major chords will help you to feel much more relaxed and drowsy.
    The music will usually help to bring memories to your mind, and the songs will often take you on a journey. There are usually fewer tracks to an album, as the songs are longer and will ensure that you get to sleep.
  • Sounds of Nature – For those that like to relax outdoors where the birds sing, the rain splashes on the pond, or the waves roll onto the beach, nature sounds music will be some of the best to help you to relax.
    You will find that this music will be very effective at putting you to sleep, as it’s the kind of background noise that you associate in your mind with relaxing. Often there is a bit of soft music mixed in with the nature sounds, and you will find that this music will be wonderful at helping to take your mind on the journey of the sound and music.
    The music will often imitate a thunderstorm, a tropical paradise, or the birds singing in the trees, and this nature music will be amazing at helping you to finally get to sleep at night.

Of course, not everyone will find that music helps them sleep, but if you find you are having difficulty falling or staying asleep, using sleep meditation music may just help you solve your problem.

Where Can I Find Music to Help Me Sleep:

Finding music that makes you sleep can be challenging for some people, but in this technological day in age, we have a plethora of resources to help us find what we are looking for. YouTube has a wide selection of playlists and videos that have been made using sound waves, ambient sounds, and different types of music to help people fall and stay asleep. Internet radio stations, such as Pandora also have dedicated stations that play only sleep music.

Additionally, smart phone users can download a variety of apps that are specially designed to help with fostering sleep among the most popular were these which were compiled by

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson: Acclaimed hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson brings users on a guided mediation with his soothing voice leaving you deeply relaxed with a clear mind as you drift off to sleep.

Pzizz Sleep – This sleep app creates a unique soundtrack of soothing sounds and inspirational words. You can set Pzizz Sleep to play for 10 minutes to 10 hours. Settings also include the ability to control the volume of individual elements.

Sleepmaker Rain – Containig a 24-hour timer, recordings range from the gentle sounds of raindrops on forest foliage to an all-out thunderstorm, allowing you to select the type of rain that you respond to best.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep – Features a variety of nature sounds including a crackling campfire, songbirds, or the roar of the ocean surf. Tranquil images accompany the soundtracks, giving you a visual focal point as you listen and allow your body to relax and drift off to sleep. Also includes a built in timer.

Relax Melodies – This interactive “mixer” lets you select and blend your own elixir of gentle music and nature sounds to enhance relaxation. You can overlay sounds from frog to flutes, and tweak the volume control of each, or select from a “favorites” section of specially blended sounds.

Of course there are plenty of other apps to choose from based on your needs and preferences and you can also make yourself your own playlists and guided meditations to help you fall and stay asleep.

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