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Should Serial Bullies in the U.S.A be Banned from School?

Should Serial Bullies in the U.S.A be Banned from School

In a ruling that many would say defies reason and common sense, a Florida appeals court judge rules that a child cannot be banned from public school for causing serious physical harm to another child. The reason for this, as cited by the judge and the superintendent of the school in question, is that the bully “has a right to an education.” Learn how to prevent Serial Bullies!

The bully has not been identified but is known to be a 14 year old girl who violently and without provocation grabbed a peer and slammed her head against the wall. The attack was filmed by other students, leaving no doubt of the bully’s guilt.

When the case was initially brought to court, a judge ruled that the bully should be banned not only from the school she was attending but from every single other school in the county. His reasoning was that she posed a threat not only to her victim but to others. Needless to say, this landmark ruling could have impacted not only this case but other school bullying cases where repeat offenders routinely get away with causing serious physical harm to their victims.

Since not everyone in the justice system or even school administration system seems to realize the havoc and serious physical harm that can be wreaked by a serial bully, what steps can parents take to deal with this problem? Following are some points that a parent may want to take into consideration when it comes to Serial Bullies.

Change Schools

Not all schools feel that Serial Bullies should be treated in the same manner as his or her victim. If the child’s school fails to take Serial Bullies seriously, then parents should consider finding a different school for their child. This naturally entails a lot of work and the child may not even be very keen on going to a new school and having to make new friends. However, statistics clearly show that children not only fail to do well scholastically when bullied but also suffer from serious problems such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. What is more, statistics show that over one hundred thousand children and young people attempt to take their own life each year, often as a result of one or more forms of bullying. While changing schools is certainly not the most pleasant option, it can be a matter of life and death.

What to do When it Happens

Because bullying is so commonplace, parents should teach their children how to deal with it. Children who see another child being assaulted should be taught to immediately get help. Filming the attack may not be wrong in itself, if the sole motive is to provide the video to law enforcement officials as evidence; however, such a film should never be shown to peers or posted online.

Serial Bullies: Preventing Physical Violence

Young people should be taught to avoid engaging in behaviour that would anger a school bully and thus incite physical violence. Responding to verbal bullying, pranking and other inflammatory behaviour should be avoided at all costs. While many school bullies will pick on a child who has in no way, shape or form brought about the violence, children should still do everything possible to avoid being physically harmed as the attempt to pursue an education.

Unfortunately, bullying is a problem that has worsened over the years. What is more, in some cases a child can cause serious physical harm to his or her peers and get away with it. Thankfully, there are many things a parent can do to protect his or her child from being victimized by a school bully. To start with, parents should strive to create a loving, caring at-home atmosphere so that children know they are love as they are. This discourages children from engaging in bullying and/or suffering serious emotional harm when a bully decides to pick on them.

Parents will also want to pick a child’s school with care. Make sure the school is committed to dealing with those who engage in bullying, especially if they do so on an ongoing basis. While bullying is a common problem in schools across the United States, some schools are more attuned to the problem and provide a safer ambience for students than others.

Learn more on what is harassment Now and spread the word on preventing Serial Bullies!

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