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Should a Bullied Child Change Schools?

Should a Bullied Child Change Schools

Bullies in the movies have a history of making people laugh. When they stuff “wimpy” schoolmates in lockers or give them wedgies, moviegoers crack up. Even cartoon characters have their bullies to deal with. Bart Simpson has been getting beat up by Nelson Muntz for years. While pushing others around in the movies may be funny, it’s no laughing matter in real life. Parents of bullied children struggle to deal with the situation in a way that’s in the best interest of their offspring. Often times, this means putting them in another school.

Why Some Parents Consider a School Change

Finding out you have a Bullied Child is a nightmare for a parent. Kids are hesitant to talk about the ridicule, hurt or torment they experience because they are ashamed, or they somehow feel like it’s their own fault. Often times, the situation is already out of hand before parents are even aware of what’s going on.

Most school systems have their own policies with regard to how they deal with school bullying and how to approach a Bullied Child. Some have a “zero tolerance policy.” If bullies are identified, they are suspended or shipped off to alternative schools. Others leave it up to the teacher to watch out for the victims. With the rise in bullying across the nation, it’s evident that most school policies are not very effective at keeping bullies in check.

Many parents fight day after day to protect their kids from being tormented and humiliated at school. Instead of sharing in the joys of what they learned during the day, moms and dads are forced to contact administration, school boards and sometimes even the local police in an effort to stop the constant attacking of their kids.

Sometimes parents even lose their cool and try to deal with their kids’ tormentors themselves. Take for instance the guy who hopped on a school bus and threatened to kick the bum of every child who had been verbally and physically abusing his disabled daughter. Obviously, this parent felt he had no other recourse as the school didn’t seem to be able to ensure his daughter got to school safely.

With a Bullied Child, parents feel like their hands are tied. State laws and school policies seem to protect the bully more-so than the victims. When parents call and show up at the schools to complain about the lack of protection for their kids, they are made to feel like neurotic, overprotective nuisances. Once moms and dads feel they have exhausted all of their options, they may opt to transfer their kids to another school.

Possible Issues With Transferring a Bullied Child Due to School Bullying

If parents kick up enough dust, some states will allow them to transfer their kids to another school within the same district. However, because of zoning laws in most cities, parents cannot transfer their children to another public school unless the facility is located within the zone they live. So unless parents are willing or able to fork over the cash for private schools, transferring may not be an option.

Even if parents manage to transfer their kids, there’s no guarantee that the issues won’t follow them to their new school. If kids experienced cyber bullying, all it takes is for a few children from the new school to read hateful social media posts from the transferred child’s old classmates and the ridicule and torment might continue. So basically, families may end up dealing with the same issues, even though their kids are at a different school.

One of the primary goals of parents is to protect their children from harm. When they are being humiliated and tormented by classmates, it can cause long term emotional damage and interfere with their ability to get a good education. The choice to change a child’s school because of bullying is often a last resort for parents. If the situation is dire and families have exhausted all efforts to deal with it, transferring may be an option to explore.

If changing schools is not doable, parents of a Bullied Child should keep fighting to get the school administration to protect their youngsters. If efforts are still ineffective, moms and dads might consider contacting an attorney to see if they can take legal action.

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