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Short Stories about Bullying

Short Stories about Bullying

Bullying in all its forms is a major issue for people all over the world. Many have realised that action must be taken in order to make the lives of bullying victims better. As an example, the following short stories about bullying are intended to highlight the problems and consequences that occur in bullying situations.


Forms of Bullying

Below is a list of some situations where bullying can occur:


Now that we are aware of some of the situations in which bullying can take place, the rest of this article is focused on a couple of short stories that emphasize situations in which bullying takes place.


Short Stories

Story 1

The first story is about Mike. Mike was born a normal, healthy child but a sudden accident occurred when he was 7 years old. He was sitting on a tree branch 5 feet above the ground. The branch snapped due to a sudden gust of wind. He hurt his arm badly with a gash the length of his forearm and a large bump on his head. It took him several weeks to heal , and the bump to his head had long-term effects on his personality. As the years went by Mike gradually turned into an introvert. He didn’t take part in social gatherings or any other situation that involved groups of people. People would comment in hushed voices on the change in his personality compared to only a few years prior.

The other boys in the neighbourhood felt sorry for him and didn’t bother him, but they never tried to befriend him, either. Instead, they eventually began telling lies and making up stories about Mike that weren’t true. Nevertheless, some people believed the stories and started teasing him. The teasing increased to the point where Mike would hardly venture outside. To make matters worse, his younger brother would also take part in the jeering and teasing, instead of giving him support. Fortunately, his youngest brother and sister came to his rescue whenever the bullies would target him. Though they had the best intentions, his parents did little to stop the behaviour after his brother and sister tried to explain how serious the problem was. It seemed he was defenceless because of his fear to speak up or try to stop the torment.

Of all the short stories about bullying, the most troubling are those that don’t have a happy ending. This short story about bullying happens to be one of them. Mike never adjusted completely from the hurtful words and frequent teasing about this shyness. For him, acceptance and patience seemed foreign and, as a result, his later years have been spent languishing at times in self-pity and no one to share his life with. It’s this type of outcome that accentuates the problem of bullying and its lasting effects. It’s hard to say if Mike’s life would have been different had he not fallen out of that tree, and we can only wonder at this point. One thing is for sure, however. Mike’s life would surely have turned out better had he not suffered the traumatizing effects of bullying from an early age.


Story 2

The next story takes place in a small town in Michigan during the sixties. Stacy was a young, frail child with a hearing disorder. Stacy was the kindest person you might ever meet yet even with her severe speech impediment due to her hearing problem, her smile and happiness just couldn’t be denied. It seemed anywhere she went, people remembered her not for her disability, but for her excitement to be alive and around other smiling and happy people. She was a gift to all of us lucky enough to know her.

One summer morning while she was walking in an empty field between two houses, a boy she knew walked by. She wasn’t afraid because she knew him from the neighbourhood. The boy was a few years older than Stacy and didn’t understand her affliction, only that it made her weak. Instead of a happy encounter, it turned out badly for Stacy. This immature boy with a mean streak decided it would be funny to see what the little round knob on her shirt did. Stacy, as trusting as she was, let him play with the knob not realizing it was a sensitivity adjustment for her hearing aid. Suddenly, Stacy cringed and screamed because the adjustment caused an extremely high-pitched squeal in her tender ears. No one knows how this affected her afterward, but as the story unfolded it was learned this wasn’t the first time this happened.

Because the bullying against Stacy was so horribly cruel, the family moved away from Michigan hurt and saddened that such a beautiful person could be treated so harshly because of her handicap.


What Can We Learn From These Stories?

Often people, especially children, cannot understand the consequences of their actions. Sometimes a story can help us to see how we affect other people emotionally and socially. Many bullies are not evil people, they just have not learned how to treat others and cannot see the damage that their actions have. The two stories about the deal with disability as well as bullying. They illustrate that everyone has different struggles in their lives. With a bit of understanding and kindness, we can all contribute to a better way of life, especially for the victims of bullying.


Do you have a story you would like to share with us about bullying? We are keen to hear your thoughts and views. Please contribute to the comments below and help us advance the discussion on bullying worldwide!

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