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Former Porn Star, Shelley Lubben now Advocate for Anti-Porn

Shelley Lubben

To many people, Shelley Lubben is best known as Roxy, a pornographic actress who starred in 15 adult movies spanning a brief one year film career. However, as of today, Shelly is an ordained minister and an advocate against pornography as well as a committed Christian. You may ask yourself, how in the world a committed Christian became tangled up in the wild, morally corrupt world of porn? Like so many in the porn industry, Shelly more or less immersed herself into the world of porn through the suggestion of a friend. However, it began long before that.

The Shelley Lubben Testimony

Shelley Lubben was born Shelley Lynn Moore on May 18, 1968 in Pasadena, California. She says that as a young child, her parents were very religious. So much so that both parents were Sunday school teachers. In a 700 Club interview, Lubben says, “As a little girl, I loved Jesus very much.” However, when she turned nine things went very wrong. It was at this time that her family moved to Glendora, CA. It was here that she was sexually assaulted by two neighborhood residents, a girl and the girl’s teenage brother. Her parents may have not provided much support at this critical time, because as Shelly reports in that 700 Club interview her parents began to drift from their Christian faith and stopped attending church.

Her life only became more unstable as her teen years progressed, she became sexually active at age 16, immersed herself in drugs and dated boys for which her parents did not approve. In her senior year of high school, she was kicked out of the house. Without family support, money or friends to stay with, Shelly began her six year stint as a prostitute. Her first customer , who paid $35, was introduced to her by a “friend.” For Shelley, her life as a prostitute was not only morally degrading, but also quite dangerous. She reported that some of her clients stalked her; another tried to run her over with his car, yet another threatened to kill her if she did not perform certain sexual acts.

By the age of twenty, she was impregnated by one of her customers. She decided to keep the baby and gave birth to a girl named Tiffany. A few years later Shelly became a pornographic actress adopting the screen name Roxy. During her one year adult film career Lubben starred in about fifteen pornographic movies. However, she was not happy in her chosen profession and felt trapped in what she referred to as a “vicious cycle of sin.”

She finally had enough when she contracted herpes and the Human Papillonmavirus (HPV). The latter, led to her developing cervical cancer, resulting in the removal of half her cervix. She left the industry shortly after this incident.

Now a single mother with no employment, Shelley returned to prostitution and also performed as an exotic dancer. Depressed, she turned to drugs, became an alcoholic and attempted suicide multiple times.

In 1994, her future husband Garret walked into her life. She reluctantly agreed to a date him after Garret’s persistent requests. A year later they were married, but had plenty of trouble due to their mutual and equally destructive drug addiction. Fortunately, they were both able to overcome their addictions and recommitted their lives to their Christian faith.
Life after porn

Shelley Lubben has recently appeared in movies about porn, but this time the message is drastically different. Now the movies she advocates are anti-porn and tell the dirty secrets of the world of adult entertainment. A list of her anti-pornography documentaries are After Porn Ends, a 2010 documentary as well as Hollywood Dreammaker and Out of the Darkness, both released in 2011.

The Pink Cross Foundation, is a faith based organization created by the Lubben’s in 2007. The foundation serves as a platform for Shelley to provide a spiritual guidance to individuals currently working in the adult industry. The foundation also provides emotional, financial, and transitional support to those who wish to leave the sex industry. The company, which was incorporated in 2007, also offers educational support to victims of sex trafficking and provides support to people with sex addictions.

For all Shelley’s good deeds there are many in the sex industry who stringently tries to discredit her. There are blogs and documentaries that provide scathing reactions to Shelley and her anti-pornography stance. One such blog, The Devil and Shelley Lubben by Michael Whiteacre, attempts to present Lubben in a negative light and goes so far as to label her a fraud.

However, there are many in Shelley’s corner who argue her good intentions. One such supporter is ex-porn star, 23-year-old, Danielle Williams, who says, “I think it’s positive, the things she’s doing for broken people.” In addition, the Swiss model and recording artist, Patrick Nuo credits Lubben for helping him overcome his porn addiction. He is quoted as saying, “She (Shelley Lubben) has helped me get back on the right track and deal with my addiction.”

In 2011, Mrs. Lubben released a hip-hop album and used the proceeds to further fund the Pink Cross Foundation.

In addition to her documentaries and Pink Cross foundation work, Shelley is also an author. Her book, Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth, CreateSpace, 2010, exposes the truth behind the seedy world of adult entertainment. Her book is available through the Amazon website.

Shelley Lubben’s reasons for banning porn

Lubben’s argument against porn is it violates womans’ rights and human rights as a whole. According to Shelley, women are who star in hardcore porn film are subjected to “degrading acts” done to them by several men. The scenes are often not at all romantic or intimate, but are instead “mechanical and beastly.” Shockingly, these hardcore sex acts have also lead to anal, uterine, and vaginal hemorrhaging.

Furthermore, Shelley argues that performers are also more susceptible to drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases. Performers in the adult entertainment industry are mostly doomed to a short career and often die from AIDS or drug overdoses. Other deaths are blamed on suicide, for which the most popular method is by hanging.

Here are a few interesting facts from The Pink Cross Foundation website:

• Over eleven million teenagers view on-line porn on a regular basis.

The largest demographic group of porn viewer are between the ages of 12-17.

• The average life span of an adult film entertainer is about 36 years.

The performers aren’t the only ones to suffer. Lubben also warns of the psychological harm pornography inflects on those who watch such films. Excessive porn viewing has contributed to the breakup of marriages, resulted in lost jobs, and skewed the way viewers see women and monogamous relationships.

As representative of the Pink Cross Foundation, Shelley has lobbied legislators and has testified before lawmakers about her negative experiences in the porn industry. She continues to perform what she sees as her calling to reach out to those trapped in the unforgiving world of pornography, and expose the lie behind the fantasy of what she refers to as the greatest illusion on earth.

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