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Sexting Tips: Prevention

Sexting Tips

Texting intimate information, pictures and messages between two individuals can be an experience that brings you and your significant other closer. It is a way for two adults in a healthy relationship to both have fun with one another and still share themselves with each other at the same time. Known as sexting, this is an adult method of spicing up a relationship. However, when it comes to children, it is extremely important to prevent children from sexting. At a younger age, a teenager is controlled by hormones, and that can cause all sorts of trouble. While you can’t really control your child’s life, you can help protecting them from dangers they are not yet ready for. That is why it is important to check the following sexting tips.

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Monitor Texting

While nobody really wants to invade the privacy of others, it is important for you to check up on your children to make sure what they are doing is safe. The only real way you can do this with a child’s cell phone is to physically read the messages that are coming and going. Parenting has changed a great deal in the last decade. A decade ago, you never really had to worry about this, as even children who did have a cell phone probably did not have extensive texting features on the device. However, as technology changes, so too do you need to change as a parent. You want to make sure your child is not sending and receiving nude pictures on their phone. Of course, if your child finds out that you are doing this, they can work around it by deleting content from their devices, but it does help reduce the chance of them partaking in it.

Texting Limit

Your children can argue about this all they want, but one of the best safety tips for sexting is to limit the number of texts your child is able to send and receive in a given month. There are many carriers that not only put a limit on the number of text messages an individual can send and receive, but you can have them put a block on the texting capability when it reaches its maximum. After all, there is no real reason why you should have to pay hundreds of dollars extra a month just because your child decided to go way over on their texting amount. Simply reducing the number of text messages they can share is going to reduce the chances of your child sexting. Again, it is nearly impossible to block them completely from this, and it is important for your child to exercise some free will while growing up and for you to give them greater borders as they prove themselves capable of handling certain responsibilities, but it is still essential to set them up for success initially.

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The Talk

It is that conversation that most parents and children alike fear. Talking to a child about sex can be incredibly difficult and even a bit awkward. As a child goes through puberty they are going to run into many different sexual experiences that are completely new to them, and while you have gone through many of the same things (outside of maybe sexting as a teenager), it is important for you to discuss everything with them. Of course, you may or may not hear something that you do not like and that can make you upset, but if you want your child to remain open to you, it is important to listen to them and discuss the situation. You want to talk to them about sexting and why sexting can be dangerous to them. After all, you don’t want images of your child shared with other people and especially not on the Internet, but it is so easy to do now days. Many times a child is not going to think about the potential consequences of the actions, which is why you need to include talks about sexting when you break into the sex talk. After all, you might as well get it all on the table, instead of just going piece by piece.

School Policy

Sexting can take place inside the school, so it is important to talk with the school in order to find out what their rules and regulations are when it comes to text messaging. With most children now having cell phones, you need to know that your child is protected at school as well. You can do this by finding out if they have a policy for texting and what they do if sexting is ever discovered. You send your child to school in order to learn and not to be exposed to this kind of material. Sexting tips for parents can often prove difficult, but as long as you stay on top of it all, you can protect your child as much as possible.

Keeping your child away from the dangers in life is part of your job as a parent. Of course, with so many different things that are new that simply did not exist when you were a child it can prove incredibly difficult to deal with and is something you can’t even ask your parents for help with. However, sexting tips for making sure your child stays away from it is important. You don’t want to see them hurt in the end, and you, like most other parents, know how long relationships in middle school and high school last, so making sure nothing bad ever comes of what is sent through text messaging is important. That is why you need to take advantage of these sexting tips for parents.

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