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Good Sexting Stories (As if Anything is Good about Sexting)

Good Sexting Stories, Nothing is good about Sexting

Sexting is the process of sending sexually explicit material to someone through the use of your phone. This is not calling someone and discussing sexual situations over the phone, but instead through text messages, images and videos. For many people, this is a desirable method for connecting with someone else as it is not always possible to build a strong sexual connection with someone else that is far away. It is very important for children under the age of 18 to understand though that this is something that, while might sound enticing, is not something that they should take part in. For one, once an image is sent through the use of a mobile device, it can no longer be retrieved, and there is a strong possibility that someone else is going to see the image. On top of this, once an image is shared again with another person, this is actually considered the distribution of child pornography, as it is an image of an under aged individual. Even for people over the age of 18, it is still important to look over the situation and to determine whether or not this is a good idea or not. Again, once a message, image or video is sent, there is no retrieving it. The other person has the content and there really is nothing that can be done about it.

If you are new to the world of sexting, you might want to know a few different sext story ideas¬†and their actual repercussions. What might seem like a good idea to spice things up between you and your partner can end up in things you will potentially regret. One sext story reads as the following, you want to add a little heat to the relationship so you decide to send a nude or semi nude photo to your partner while he/she is at work, what you aren’t aware of that your partner is having a meeting one on one with his boss and that photo you sent pops up on his mobile phone screen. You really think sexting stories are interesting? Imagine the same sexting scenario but it ends up with you sending the photo to someone else on your phonebook instead of your significant other.

When it comes to actual sexting story ideas, the kind of material you can actually say, once you have started in on the sexually explicit material, is really up to you and it is also up to you to stand up to the consequences when and if they occur.

Outside of simple good sexting story ideas on your own, there have been many times where rather famous individuals have been caught red handed while sexting. This only really happens when one of the two individuals leaks the messages. This has happened to all sorts of people, ranging from famous athletes and celebrities to politicians. This is exactly why it is always important to play cautious, as you probably do not want your material leaked onto the Internet. Once it is online, it is almost impossible to take it back down.

If you want any sort of warning regarding stories of sexting, it is necessary for you to learn from the celebrities who experienced trouble from it. It does not matter if you are single, married and bored or anything else. You just need to keep all of this in mind. Tony Parker, the professional NBA player for the San Antonio Spurs, sent racy images to a 19 year old. Due to these images (and possibly other situations), his marriage with Eva Longoria ended up falling apart.

David Duchovny, the actor made famous by the Baywatch television show, eventually left his wife Tea Leoni after he discovered sext messages from actor Billy Bob Thornton on his wife’s phone. Sandra Bullock even caught her husband Jess James sexting with other women, which eventually led to Bullock leaving him as well.

Tiger Woods might be one of the more famous individuals who has been busted for sexting while married. His wife Elin Nordegren, found out about Tiger Woods sending text messages to several different women and eventually divorced him. However, unlike many of the other instances, some of the sext messages were released. This messages included Tiger Woods asking the woman really deviant perverted questions that aren’t even “clean” enough to mention here. Needless to say, if you are looking for sexting ideas, it is best to not look towards Tiger Woods for any sort of inspiration or admiration, let alone, respect for infidelity.

Other individuals have fallen to the hand of sexting. Kanye West took a photo of himself and sent it to a few women. Of course, these women eventually sold the images to media outlets, so now there are images of naked Kanye out over the Web for anyone to find. While people are more likely to do this with a famous individual, there are some who might post your images and other sext messages online over websites designed for this sort of a practice, called “revenge porn”. In all actuality, it really is not a good idea for you to even store naked images on your phone through a cloud based service. Although people are looking to hack the accounts of famous celebrities, it is possible to access nude photographs by hacking into the account. You probably do not want your images to leak out, as is the case with Scarlett Johansson and several other celebrities, so you always need to practice caution.

Before you ever start to potentially involve yourself with any sort of sexting, it is necessary for you to always be extremely careful about it. You do not want to just start sending out messages to random people, as you may end up drastically regretting it in the long run. You also need to know the potential consequences of sending out such messages, videos and pictures. Although your account is less likely to be hacked than a celebrity, it is still possible for the recipient of the images to spread all of the material around. After all, there is so much for you to consider, if you are having any sort of negative thoughts on the process, you are better off just avoiding it all together. With this, you are able to maintain a healthy Internet life and avoid any sort of negative backlash that might happen, if your material is ever leaked.

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