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Self Talk: A Healthy Sound-track Inside a Healthy Mind

Self Talk: A Healthy Sound-track Inside a Healthy Mind

An individual seeking to become “comfortable in her own skin” might use a form of inner dialog known as self talk to affirm herself and her actions as she goes through life. This self talk is at times an affirmation of her actions and at other times, a censure of her thoughts and behaviors. The individual can affect her self talk by using certain tools to guide her self-evaluation as she goes along. It is important to heed the messages contained in a person’s self talk to let her understand how she perceives her world as she moves through it. Through listening to and responding her self talk, she can come to grips with who she is, who she wants to be, and the scope of her full potential.

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Self talk definition

Self talk is one way that individuals give feedback to themselves. In order to define self talk, it is essential to understand its power and value to an individual. The self-talker herself chooses the topic of the “conversation” that takes place based on what is going through her mind or occurring in her life at the time. The individual experiencing the self talk is likely to use the experience of the talk to evaluate the possible implications of her circumstances or recent decisions

Understanding what is self talk and what is the purpose of self talk?

In order to come up with a workable definition of self talk, it is necessary to realize that it is more than simply talking to self. It is more than conversation alone, and includes some reflection back to the self about what the individual is going through or experiencing, and how that individual is faring with the experience when viewed in the totality of that person’s life.

Types of self talk

Self talk includes both positive self talk and negative self talk as the individual reflects on her ongoing circumstances. The person doing the talking can focus either on the positive things in her life, or the negative things. Focusing on the positive elements can turn into an affirmation of all of the things that are working and going well, and can serve as a sort of pep talk to reinforce the good. Negative self talk can turn into a lecture to the self, or a listing of all of the bad things. Often, individuals engage in negative self talk as a sort of punishment or listing of known “sins” which must be recalled by the individual in an attempt to avoid repeating the actions.

Ways to influence the type of talk found in an individual’s self talk

An individual wishing to change the type of self talk that she engages in to be sure that her self is the most positive and beneficial conversation out there. A person can make use of several tools which can help change the talk from a lecture to more of a dialog of affirmation and acceptance. It is important for the talker to bring her self talk around to a positive emphasis through positive self talk statements in order to be able to maintain an ongoing positive attitude and outlook for all of life and in response to all situations.

Tools available at any time which can be used to help direct self talk and influence its helpfulness or potential for damage

Directing self talk to influence the tenor of the talk can be achieved through the use of self talk tools intended to direct the course of the talk. This can use the assistance of a positive self talk worksheet. It is possible to plan the use of a self talk worksheet aimed at giving the individual positive self talk examples which she can then use to guide the self talk in a positive slant. The examples can include some positive self talk quotes which the individual can use to repeat to herself the good things that she wants herself to hear about herself from herself.

Various tools which can result in damaging self talk, to be aware of in self talk situations in order to avoid damage

It is equally important to be aware of negative self talk examples and how to stop negative self talk to be able to avoid using those elements during any self talk dialog. It is possible to do this using a negative self talk worksheet. It is also possible to carry around some ”self storage talk”–things the individual is storing up to say to herself at an opportune time. Because it is more accepted to store up criticisms than praise to be used later, it is important to beware of these self storage items as they may turn out to be negative. It is also important to refrain from storing up negative self talk examples for later use. These can often be supplied by the inner parent, an inner device carried around by unsuspecting individuals which is always ready to call the individual “on the carpet” for some unknown sin of commission or omission in the individual’s past.

Other ways to direct an individual’s self talk`

It is possible to influence the course of an individual’s self talk through the use of self talk activities and worksheets to enable the formation of a “script” that the individual can then follow during her talk. Pursuing positive self talk activities through role play can enable the talker to arrive at some satisfactory language that she can use during her self talk. It is also possible to follow positive self talk work sheets to come up with suitable language to direct a self talk “session.” Because much of effective self talk occurs spontaneously, it can be awkward to think of scripting self talk. Individuals who engage in self talk are more likely to enjoy sort of a stream-of-conscious dialog.

Individuals who engage in self talk are not crazy for talking to themselves!

Just because an individual uses self talk to get “in touch” with her innermost thoughts and needs, that does not mean that she is crazy for doing so. It is a very natural and self-reflective act used to “process” what is going on in her head. It can be an effective method for someone to practice role play to get used to talking about a situation in her life without being self conscious about it.

Self talk is an occasion in which the talker can openly express how she feels about her life and what is taking place within it and working for her.

By having a chance to “verbalize” what is going on around her, the individual engaged in self talk is taking an opportunity to accept her world and its implications for her

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