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School Violence, how to prevent it?

School violence is on the rise and this is something which many people want to combat. However, if you do not have the proper advice you cannot combat the issues because you are not even knowing where to start. This is when you should have some different ideas on school violence prevention and how you can start to implement these plans to guarantee your school is prepared for any type of violence. Without this type of information you may have trouble in getting to enjoy your children and the safety they should have while at school.

School Violence Prevention: Properly Identify Any Bullying

One of the first steps is to identify anything which could be seen as a violent action. By identifying who the bullies are, the people may be able to tell who can be the trouble makers. Then the school officials can also make sure they are keeping an eye on these kids to guarantee they are not causing any type of problems. Without this type of identification the school may not know who they should be keeping an eye on and this can lead to more problems then what the school thinks. With the extra eye being kept on the bullies, though, it is easy for the school to know who may be causing the problems later on for them to have to deal with.

School Violence Prevention: Add In Additional Security

Schools often rely on the teachers and principals to be the security blanket for the location. However, as some of the recent school shootings have shown this is not always the best solution. In the old days this would work out fine because many times the schools would only have to worry about in house fights. With the new threats of people coming into the school, the teachers and principals may not be able to adapt to the new challenges. By adding in additional police protection to the schools or even properly training the educators how to respond to these situations you can start to have the added protection from any of the violence which can happen on the school campus.

School Violence Prevention: Proper Training For Staff Members

Training is a great thing for you to look for. When you start to look at the training for the teachers you may find it is minimal on how to respond to these situations. This is when you may want to start to advocate the proper training for the educators and then they can properly respond to these situations. Without this type of training the educators may not know how they should be responding to the crisis which is happening inside of the school doors. By providing the proper training, though, the schools can post that the staff is properly trained and then they can easily have the proper warnings for any of the potential people coming into the school. Without the proper training, though, the students and the staff will not know how to respond to the situation and this can easily lead to the schools becoming a target.

School Violence Prevention: Properly Lock The School Doors

A major concern for many people is not knowing about how many people are coming and going in the school. By having the right locks on the door and properly securing the doors, though, the school can be made immensely safer. For example, a great solution would be to only have one of the doors open to the school during the daylight hours. When that door is open ensure it is locked during the school hours with a camera observing the door. Then people would have to be buzzed into the school. To have an added layer of school people will want to make sure a secondary door is inside of the school as well requiring people to be buzzed in there as well. Inside of this sally port type of area, people can go through a metal detector or something else to guarantee the person coming into the school is not armed.

School Violence Prevention: Build Relationships With The Parents

Parents being active in the school is one thing the school will want to have. When the parents are active in the schools it will build a relationship with them. Then the parents and the teachers will start to share information and have a level of trust with each other. By having this level of trust between both of the teachers and parents the schools will know who to turn to when addressing any problems. However, the schools will also have more trust for the parents to come to the school with any of the problems the school may be causing their kids.

– With the connection of the school getting to talk to the parents, the teachers can address any of the issues they have. Then the parents can start to address the issue at home and hopefully take care of their kids without any other problems. However, this can also help the school know which of the parents will not be able to take care of their kids properly. Without the connection between the parents and the staff members at the school it is possible for a situation to start to boil over because of the lack of connection the staff has with the parents.

– Parents will want to have the connection with the staff members as well. The reason this is important is the parents are commonly one of the first people the students will come to when they have a problem. Since they are going to be coming to the parents, the parents need to feel comfortable with the teachers to report the issues with them. Without this, the teachers will not know about the problems which are happening because the parents are not wanting to come forward because they do not know who they should be talking to with any of the problems they have.

School Violence Prevention: Allow Students To Know Who To Give Information To

Often another issue which school will be confronted with is not having the proper information on who they can give information to. The reason this is a major problem is the students often are one of the first ones to know about any potential violence, but are afraid on who they should be giving out any of this information to. By knowing who they can trust to give the information to and where they can give the information out confidentially, the students will not mind helping out the staff as much.

– A key point is to provide the students a location which they want to talk to the educators in confidential matters. When they are able to have the proper confidential areas, the students will not feel bad about giving out the information. However, they are going to also feel better because they will not be seen as a stool pigeon or even worse the narc. Without this type of confidential area for the students to go to the staff members. By knowing about the confidential area, though, the students will have confidence they can go to the area and start to have proper relationships with the staff members.

Getting to be ready to protect your school from the different violent actions which can happen can be hard to do. The most proactive way you can help out is to provide the different ideas which you can bring up to the school board. When you have this information and ideas, the school board will start to listen to what you are saying. Then the school will start to listen and research all the different types of school violence prevention you can undertake or the school can undertake.

Without this type of information and ideas, you may start to talk to the school board and end up having been saddled with a project as the leader of this, but not be able to come up with the ideas. By having the information and ideas already in mind, though, you can easily get the proper information into the hands of the school and know they can take care of the problems of getting the information set up.

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