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School Bullying Statistics Show the Severity of the Problem

School Bullying Statistics

Bullying has been a problem for generations. Individuals have been bullied and made fun of by their peers for a long time. However, the problems with school bullying have seemed to increase, particularly in recent years. Studying the school bullying statistics can help individuals who are interested in what they can do to stop the behavior learn the extent of the problem and the best ways to address the problem.

School Bullying Statistics : The Most Common Type of Bullying

One of the most important things individuals need to know about school bullying is which type of bullying is the most likely to occur. According to the Bullying Statistics website, about 77 percent of the bullying cases in schools is verbal bullying. For these individuals, the exact type of bullying they undergo will vary. The types of behavior they experience include:

About 14 percent of those who are victim of this kind of bullying have severe reactions to the bullying. The victims of verbal bullying often experience long-term negative effects from this behavior because the injuries to their ego and mind can often last much longer than physical wounds; sometimes these mental or emotional wounds never go away. Some of the effects of verbal school bullying on the victim include:

Learning to watch for the symptoms of bullying will help parents and other adults identify potential victims and reach out to help them before the damage is beyond repair. Having someone they can trust to talk to can go a long way toward reversing the negative effects of a school bully.

School Bullying Statistics : The Extent of the Problem

The extent of the bullying problem in schools is not immediately clear. However, there have been many surveys that can give a clear picture of what the school bullying situation is. For instance, according to, about 28 percent of students in grades six through 12 have been the victim of bullying, while about 20 percent of students in high school have experienced the same issues. This trend shows that bullying does reduce as children get older. It does not stop, though, making it essential for adults to find ways to step in and educate children on the effects of bullying.

These same surveys also reveal that about 30 percent of students admit they have engaged in bullying behavior against other students. When it comes to witnessing the bullying, another story emerges. As many as 70 percent of students state they have witnessed bullying behavior. With this many students witnessing the behavior, it stands to question why more of them aren’t taking the steps to stop the bullying. When someone intervenes with the bullying behavior, it stops within 10 seconds about half the time.

School Bullying Statistics : Frequency of Bullying

Another major concern that is brought to light by school bullying statistics is the frequency of the behavior. With only a fifth to a quarter of the students experiencing bullying, the frequency is often a more serious problem. A study cited by, about 49 percent of students in grades four through 12 reported they were bullied at least once in the previous month. When asked about frequent bullying of two or more times, 23 percent of students felt they were bullied frequently.

Where Does Bullying Occur?

Some people may wonder where bullying occurs that it seems to happen under the teachers’ radar. In general, bullying at school takes place just about everywhere. It can take place in the school hallways before and after school, as well as in between classes. It also takes place out on the playground and even on the bus on the way home. No place is safe from bullying behavior, even when there are adults nearby.

School Bullying Statistics : Teacher Involvement

One of the most effective ways to stop bullying behavior in the schools is for the adults to step in. However, the Bullying Statistics website reports that about 85 percent of teachers do not step in and intervene when they witness this type of behavior among their students. This lack of action can actually encourage the bullies to continue their behavior. While these statistics are shocking, times are changing where more schools are taking a hard stand against bullying in the hopes of curbing the behavior.

School bullying statistics can be shocking when you dig deeply into them. Learning about these statistics can be useful for teachers, parents and other adults who could make a change in children’s live. It is important to understand the overall scope of the problems, when it occurs, how it occurs and how often to be able to make an effective change. With the help of everyone, school bullying can be reduced, giving the victims some much needed relief.

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