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School Bullying – How to Stop it

School Bullying- How to Stop it

Stopping School Bullying can only be effective when the children, teachers and parents work together to achieve this goal. Parents should address any parenting issues since it is clear that most bullies come from homes where violence is exercised and punishment is physical. If the parents fight a lot, the children will fight too, if the teachers bully the students, the students will see nothing wrong with bullying.

Early intervention of bullying and discipline is the only way to stop bullying especially school bullying. Even as the parents change the home improvement, there are some issues that can be dealt with at school and they include the following:

  • Counselling should be available at school; this can be done by fellow peers, teachers or even professionals.
  • Bullying should be discussed regularly at school. This can be done by handing out questionnaires to the students and the teachers as well and could be followed by deep discussions on bullying.
  • Parents of bullies and victims should be involved in a bullying program at school. The fight against bullying can only be won when the parents are aware of what is happening to their children. Bullying should be included in the topics that are discussed during PTA meetings and parent-teacher conferences.
  • Bullying should also be addressed in every classroom setting; ironically, there are teachers who undergo classroom bullying. Anti-bullying posters that include bullying rules should be clearly displayed all over the school.

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