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Russell Brand: “Stop Bullying Bruce Jenner”

Bruce Jenner, Reality TV’s most famous dad and Olympic Medalist, has been bombarded with media attention recently because of the changes that have been happening with his appearance. There have been speculations floating around regarding whether Bruce was transforming into a woman as he has been photographed wearing nail polish, sporting fuller lips, and allegedly coming out of a clinic after having an operation to reduce the size of his adam’s apple.

Being a juicy matter for discussion, the media has pounced on the opportunity, with magazines photoshopping pictures of Bruce Jenner with make up and women’s clothing. TMZ also posted a video discussing if they believe Bruce actually wants to become a woman. Russell Brand decided he needed to speak out, as he feels that the media is bullying Bruce for being who he is.

Russell Brand’s defence of Bruce Jenner after transphobic media bullying is spot on
Russell Says; “This is bullying, like stop, stop Bruce Jenner is a human being, this is not disassociated from the more vivid and violent terrors and horrors of the world, this climate of bullying and judgment and cruelty is a violence of its own nature, it contributes to the climate, all of these things are real like ripples in the lake… there are connects, there are things that we don’t quite see, that we don’t quite sense that are there, connections between all of us, if we fill these waves with hatred its not going to be good.”  He believes that the scrutiny will start off a trend of “Transphobia”, and that mocking will become more common. Bruce Jenner’s Gender Identity: What Should We Think? Russell Brand The Trews (E236)

What do you think? Has the media gone too far with their speculations about Bruce Jenner’s transformation?

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