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OP-ED: Ronan’s Escape, A Film about Fighting Bullying

Ronan's Escape

Through the first half of Ronan’s Escape; one recurrent thought kept coming to mind: He’s not a victim; he’s an accidental hero.

While his head was drooping when he was facing the school coach, when he was called booger-boy and a loser right up front, and when he was tricked into tripping by a deceitful and incompetent team mate, We kept on hoping for one thing; for him to get up and fight back.

Not with his fist; with his strongest asset- his mind.

We understand how it is when you have so much potential but can’t get a break, when the world feels like it’s ganged up on you just for the sake of making your life ugly, and when every glimpse of support or change seems to vanish… but that’s still not an excuse to surrender to the pressure.

In Ronan’s Escape, Ronan had a lot going for him; a lot that could in the future turn his life around

In Ronan’s Escape, Ronan was strong- he found the ability to show another defenseless creature the kindness he was denied (a definite strength point if used correctly). And he was a talented athlete

-but most of all he had compassion. Without of which he could have turned out as ruthless as the next person– and why’s that so?

…Because unfortunately in order to understand the pain of others; you have to experience it firsthand, the only thing Ronan did lack…was resilience.

It was painful to watch how brutal kids could get; none of them were conscious of the effects of their actions, or that they were in fact accountable for his death (when suicide is indirectly induced by a certain party- this makes them liable for second-degree manslaughter).

No healthy, mindful teenager could dare have that on their conscience…but it’s the process which leads up to the incident that counts; the accumulation of a series of continuous offences.  These bullies are sometimes unaware of the extent of the abuse inflicted on their victims (each bully ignores or overlooks other aspects of the victims’ life, or claims it’s just a joke)

This is also where society falls short…Any society that deems cruelty acceptable, or stands by while it happens; has to reconsider its moral compass. (The school coach and bus driver had witnessed the affair and wouldn’t intervene)

The buildup of these unfortunate stimuli is enough to create a highly unhappy and unhealthy individual; simply awaiting “the final straw” which in this case was the death of what may have been his only companion, and fellow sufferer (the helpless bird he’d taken under his wing).

This story of Ronan’s escape, even if not adapted from real life; is nevertheless based on countless unfortunate events leading to the loss of many young lives- a lot of which the perpetrator was simply “lashing out” or “being a teen”.

It is an issue which has over the years resulted in the deep emotional scarring, and psychological disruption of many decent, productive members of the society.The question is how much further are we willing to tolerate it?

How many wake up calls like Ronan’s Escape are necessary to finally put an end to this disease?

This is why it’s crucial for awareness to spread through every possible media outlet, to become a part of mandatory school programs (for students and administrators as well) or even regular courses embedded in school curriculum. This might not permanently prevent abuse cases- but it will highlight its’ negativity amongst members of the community thus decreasing inclination to overlook it.

When looking into history, you’ll find the major reason behind the fall of many civilizations was their disregard of ethical standards- Do we honestly want to live in a world where the weak is instant prey for the strong? Aren’t we all subject to becoming feeble at any given Sunday?

Ronan’s Escape: Then who can truly consider themselves secure?

Research has shown that bullying is on the rise, bullies are becoming more vicious and more creative in their torture; what was once considered a shock is now mundane and commonplace

We might not have reached the state where this is an epidemic just yet, but it sure is a disease, that is spreading and becoming infectious; if we don’t start treating- then before we know it will become so rooted in our systems that we won’t be find a shred of humanity left to salvage .

We plead anyone who reads this, anyone who watches the movie or knows of an occurring abuse TO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. Don’t think of this as a passing event or regular life experience…make a decision to take action, and become involved.

Remember that you might find yourself or a loved one in need one day- if you don’t pay it forward now; then why should you expect to receive? Learn from Ronan’s Escape!

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