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“Rhodes Bros” Teen Twins Coming Out Story

So YouTube is now a massive platform, and the Rhodes Bros are twin brothers who make weekly videos to their channel. They are 19, and they are both gay. The Rhodes Bros decided to start off 2015 with a video of them coming out to their dad. The video was emotional and touching, and although they were worried about their father’s reaction, he responded with “It’s the way things are, you know? You’re grown people. You grew up in a lot different generation than me. I just don’t really know what to say — you know I love you both and that’ll never change.”

Twins Come Out To Dad

This just show’s that some parents are more understanding of gay people in general, and it’s something that gay children who haven’t come out to their parents yet should see, and they should see that people are understanding of who they are. The Rhodes Bros are inspirational and were very brave to record themselves coming out. Another pair of twins who recorded themselves coming out to their parents are ‘The Monastero Twins’ who filmed themselves coming out to their parents in August 2014.

Twins Coming Out to Parents Live

Both sets of twins were very open and honest, and the parents understood and respected their children for coming out, and being open about who they are. Adam from the Monastero twins said “That’s kind of why we’re making these videos — to just show people that are gay in the closet you know you can just be who you are and not to be afraid.”

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