Welcome to the Resources page. Please find a wide range of resources and materials available below as downloadable files.

Bullying Discussion Cards

Discussion cards for use in classrooms

School Handout Leaflet

School handout leaflet with statistics from the USA


Highlighting relationships and how children relate to adults and their peers

Bullying Resource Pack

Identify ways in which conflict may arise at school, and explore ways in which it could be lessened, avoided or resolved.


How to identify, acknowledge, and channel feelings

Bullying Problem Page

Opportunity for children to provide advice and support

Bullying Poster

What are the different types of bullying?

Cybersafety Poster

Encourage children to ‘STOP and Think’

Is it Bullying?

Discussion cards, helping children to identify bullying.

Important Note: If you have created any resources and would like them added here for others to freely use, please email them to [email protected]. The only thing we ask is that they are unique to the website and we can tweak them if we need for size and graphcis to ensure they can fit on the page. We will give you full credit. Sharing resources will help us all education more people on bullying, cyberbullying and online safety.