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Racial Stereotypes in Today's World

People who engage in racial stereotypes are narrowed minded, unfair, and unjust in their beliefs. It is offensive to label a group of individuals, based on their race, color, creed, origin, nationality, and religious beliefs. Most people place racial stereotypes on a certain race by stating that particular race is lazy, untrustworthy or stupid.

We all know that intelligence, trust, work ethics and stupidity is not conformed to a group of people, it is an individualized choice. Most people are born with the same chance to develop mental, emotionally and physically. Although, some people have challenges in their lives that will ultimately hinder or prevent them from reaching their full potential.

The movies make racial remarks, addressed at certain races. However, the statements the actors and actresses make, does not make the statement a fact. In real life, some people might agree with what they hear, and others might take offense. Here are at least 7 racial stereotypes that are attached to certain groups of people, based solely on race.

White people have no rhythm

This statement has been around for decades. Not all Caucasians can move to the beat of certain musical notes, just as other races cannot get to tune to move when they hear certain musical notes. Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Madonna, and Brittney Spears have all proven this statement to be inaccurate. People who see Caucasians at weddings and parties might believe this to be true, if no one is dancing or is having problems performing a certain step. Even then, it is not fair to assume that Caucasians have no rhythm.

African Americans Love Eating Chicken and Watermelon

Most people in society tend to associate certain cultures and races with foods. This phrase has being around for centuries perhaps. Many people believe that the only two foods that African Americans like to eat are fried chicken and watermelon. With so many restaurants in the food, and so many delicious dishes, why would one race of people limit their diet to only two foods. This statement is far fetched, prejudice, and truly racist in belief and in thought. Although, this might be two of the foods most African Americans enjoy eating; it is also two types of foods other races enjoy eating as well. This remark is a true example that defines racial stereotype.

African Americans are Great at Playing Basketball

This statement is as old as time itself. It is believed by many that African Americans dominate basketball. This statement implies that other races are not skilled, or talented enough to play the game. This is not true. Although, more than 80% of the world’s basketball players are black, the other 20% are made up of other races. Not every African American that tries out for basketball, will make the cut. Many African Americans do not posses the skills needed to play the game. Those that are good at playing basketball are drafted to the sports, based on their skills, talents and love for the game.

All Asian People are Geniuses

Many people believe that Asians are smarter than other races. It could be due to the fact that Asians do well academically compared to most races. However, Asians represent a small minority in the classrooms, so the numbers might not be accurate. However, when you watch certain movies on television, Asians are either playing to roles of doctors or scientists. This portray Asians in a positive light, when compared to most races that play roles of drug killers, thugs, or gang members.

Native Americans (Indians) Love to Gamble

The assumption that Native Americans love to gamble is fueled by the number of casinos being built on Indian land. Native Americans might have the casinos, but people of all races are spending more money at cards, and dice games. Native Americans love to make money. That is why they have the casinos, and gaming stations. Native Americans found out that the best way to make money is to invest in gambling. The gambling industry attracts millions of visitors from various parts of the world.

White People are all Racist

This is not true. While most people are racist, and hate African Americans, many do not. Most white people marry and date people of other races. Although, most white were and still are involved in groups like the KKK or White Supremist. History does not lie. Whites have been recorded and reported hanging African Americans from trees, calling Hispanics “Wetbacks” and labeling other races as well.

While some whites have demonstrated an open hatred or prejudice toward other races, other races have also demonstrated their dislikes of other ethic groups as well.

All Hispanics are Illegal Aliens

Many Hispanics have entered the country illegally, as this is confirmed in the media. However, there are some Hispanics that have obtained the proper paperwork, and are indeed U.S. citizens. While some Hispanics do enter the country through means of smuggling, there are others that comes in through naturalization. Not all Hispanics cross the border illegally.


Racial stereotyping has been in place for centuries. Even today, many races have suffered, and even died or been killed as a result of racial stereotyping. Once such incident made national history, which involved the killing of Trevon Martin, a black youth. The man who killed him was suspicious of the youth, because he was black, wear a hoodie, and did not respond to him that way Zimmerman wanted him too.

Even when Zimmerman was told not to follow the youth, but to remain in his vehicle, he insisted on following the youth, and confronting him. This later led to the youth’s death, and justice not being served. Other accounts would be the Mississippi burning of blacks, bombs thrown in church windows, the assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King, and the hanging of black from burning crosses.

If these are not incidences of racial stereotypes, then the media has shown a poor job in presenting its findings to the public. The sad is fact, that racial stereotyping still exists in the minds of narrow minded people.

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