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About Racial Prejudice

Prejudice is defined as a preformed opinion about something or someone. The opinion is usually a negative one, and it may affect a person’s thought processes, attitudes and behaviors. Racial prejudice is a misconception about a person that the prejudiced party bases solely on the other person’s race. Racial prejudice is usually negative, and it can cause shame, humiliation and anguish for the person who is receiving the unfair treatment. No race of people in the world is exempt from racial prejudice. Prejudice occurs at all hours of the day and in every corner of the world.

Where Does Racial Prejudice Begin?

People who are prejudice toward other people are usually taught to believe such false ideas during childhood. Since children trust their parents the most, they believe that everything their parents tell them is true.

Some prejudices emerge because of poor experiences. A person of a certain race may treat another person poorly, and that person may develop a prejudice based on that single incident. Some people experience negative treatment several times, and they use those instances to support their prejudices.

Peer pressure can breed racial prejudice, as well. The school bully may force his views and opinions on other students. The students may follow him because they fear him, or they may follow him because they respect him.

In some cases, the media is responsible for negative views. The media may portray a certain race of people in a negative light. People who do not have much time interacting with people of that race may believe what they see on television.

Examples of Some Negative Racial Prejudices

As previously stated, no race in the world is exempt from racial prejudice. People believe strange things about other people. An example of a racial prejudice that exists about African-American people is that they are all criminals who are up to no good. People who believe this prejudiced view often clench their purses when they see an African-American person in the vicinity.

Many police officers and business owners fall into the trap of the same prejudiced view. They watch African-American people closely as they shop. An African-American person who stands outside for too long will suddenly have several people “watching out” for an upcoming crime. Police pull over African-Americans for no reason sometimes.

The view about all African-Americans being criminals is untrue because there are millions of African-Americans who have never committed a crime a day in their lives.

Some people believe that all Caucasian people are privileged. This prejudiced view causes some people to envy Caucasian people and act negatively toward them. Many Caucasian people grew up struggling just as much as other races struggle. Caucasian people suffer with poverty, abuse, relationship problems, educational challenges, and every other challenge that other races experience.

The prejudiced view that all Italian people are associated with the Mafia is an example of a silly one that the media helped to feed. Hundreds of Italian Mafioso gangster movies became blockbusters, and then writers came up with a myriad of television shows that supported that view. Some people react to this prejudice by staying far away from Italian people.

Some people believe that all Hispanic men are unfaithful, and they beat their wives, as well. Infidelity is a problem that affects the lives of people in every race. Hispanic men are no worse than white men, black men, Chinese men, Indian men and so forth. No one knows what a family does behind closed doors. Therefore, this prejudiced view is unwarranted.

Hundreds of prejudices exist. The list could go on for several days, but the point is, they are not true.

How to Eliminate Racial Prejudice

Eliminating racial prejudice is difficult for some people because their parents raised them to believe such things. The best way to combat racial prejudice is for the prejudiced person to obtain some experience with the race about which he or she is confused. Achieving such a task could be difficult, especially if the person thinks the other race is dangerous.

Educating children about racial prejudice in school is another way that the human race could work on abolishing individual racism. At the end of the day, people are people. All people breathe and bleed the same way. All people desire the same things in life, and all people are in the same daily race to survive.

The leaders of our nations could display unity more often than they have been doing such. Governors, presidents, judges and other officials could speak out about racial prejudices. Families that do not have technology in their homes will be the hardest people to enlighten. Perhaps someone could mail those people literature about peace and fair treatment for all humans.

Parents could start raising their children to be colorblind. Since most prejudices start within a person’s home, every parent has a duty to avoid continuing the vicious cycle of racial prejudice. If parents can find a way to keep negative thoughts to themselves instead of spreading them to their children, then the world could one day become an unbiased world. Too many other problems exist in the world for the focus to remain on racial prejudice. People around the world are fighting, starving, and dying of harsh diseases. All humans should band together to fight those issues instead of each other.

Using the Internet to Heal

The Internet can be a wonderful resource for healing from racial prejudice. It can be therapeutic for people who have suffered with prejudice, and it can help prejudiced people to learn about other people from a distance. Support groups are available online for persons who have survived racial abuse. Racial abuse occurs in schools, on jobs, and in people’s personal lives. Forums and groups can give those people a chance to speak with other humans so they can develop ways to cope and recover. Additionally, a wealth of websites contain information on prejudice and tactics that can neutralize it. The resources are available for anyone who wants to learn to change.

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