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Prevention of Bullying in Ireland and the Law

Irish Laws Implementing the Prevention of Bullying

A child can only optimize the right to education if he or she is not barred from the institution. One of the greatest roadblocks to attaining a good education is bullying. Often times, students get picked on by a person or a group of people, creating many emotional repercussions to the one being bullied. Most people firmly believe that there is no place for bullying, most especially in an institution that is supposed to be nurturing. Learn about the Prevention of Bullying in Ireland now!

In order to combat the potential harms of bullying, one must be fully aware of all of the facets of the much denigrated, reckless act of bullying. This article is going to show an overview of the nuances of bullying in Ireland. It shall also try to tackle possible ways of countering, if not eliminating in totality, the abominable act of bullying. This piece shall also tackle all the bullying laws in Ireland to fully inform parents and teachers alike to combat bullying.

Prevention of Bullying in Ireland: What is Bullying?

The first thing that we want to ask is what really constitutes bullying. For some, this is a gray area; the victim and the offender are not really distinctly identified. If I call someone a name, would that be considered bullying? Or what if I physically hurt someone due to the other party’s provocation, shall that be considered to be in the realm of bullying?

Bullying is more than calling someone names and physically hurting them. The Department of Education and Skills in Ireland has defined bullying as “the repeated physical, verbal or psychological aggression directed by an individual or group against others.” In other words, bullying has to be a preponderant and repeated task in order for one to accuse a person of bullying.

Bullying is not exclusive to a certain age bracket. Bullying can occur at any age or environment. This kind of vulnerability of people makes it highly dangerous to the morale of people. Bullying can also occur to everyone, and not just limited to a certain group of people or sector. It is also important to realize that bullying is often an act of torment to another individual, robbing that certain individual to maximize his actions and decisions.

This is particularly problematic because it inhibits the growth and development of the bullied people. Bullying is not also directed towards solely the physical attributes of people but also extends to other social aspects such as the intellectual and emotional attributes.

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Bullying can also happen in various places. The most common ground for bullying is the school area. This is highly problematic because it limits and transgresses on the rights of the students. If you look at the composition of people in primary and secondary schools, you can see that these are people who are very malleable; the age bracket dictates that these people are too raw for extreme emotions. Suffice it to say, bullying actually creates a huge dent on the psyche of a person. This is why it is very significant to curb any forms of bullying within school premises to avoid the skewed development of people.

The state, as the arbiter of rights of people, should therefore impose sanctions or disincentives to people who bully others. Later on you can find out the detailed bullying laws in Ireland as we try to lay down the context more. Bullying should never be tolerated in any school.

Prevention of Bullying in Ireland: Its Different Ugly Faces

Many people have the limited notion that bullying is just the same as name-calling people. Due to a series of American high school drama, we have seen the stereotypical bully-bullied scenario which is always depicted as people calling foul names to another person. Bullying in this sense is seen in a very myopic view—bullying actually extends more to various aspects.

Another popular form of bullying in today’s times includes that of cyber bullying. Advanced technological devices have made possible that transfer of data to everyone with an Internet-access. News and information on the Internet are passed down to many people with just one click. This in turn elevates the bullying experience to a whole new level. Countless cases of suicide have been reported due to cyber bullying. Information on the Internet is hard to monitor, making a bullied victim become aggrieved tenfold.

More importantly, as more and more students view their social networks as the extension of themselves, once someone starts making something go viral, it’s hard to curb the bullying of people especially since the Internet is now available on handheld devices and tablets.

Another form of bullying includes physical bullying. Obviously, when somehow hits another person just for the sake of it, this is automatically interpreted as bullying. There are instances, however, that are murky but still fall under physical bullying. For one, bullies can start coercing a victim by doing things the other would not have otherwise have done can be subsumed under the physical bullying notch.

One more form of bullying in school can include extortion, emotional blackmail among others. While these might be easy to spot, there are times, due to the intricate relationships students have with each other, these kinds of detestable acts go unnoticed. This kind of bullying can be emotionally taxing on the victim, causing much negative effect on people.

The bullying laws in Ireland, a set which has the most extensive laws against the crippling habit of bullying, can set a precedent for many other states that have a high suicide rate due to bullying in school. The laws include a codified letter of students’ rights and responsibilities as well as the proper code for behavior of students.

These codified rules set out to determine the rights of pupils and parents when bullying occurs. These codified rules are backed up by none other than the Department of Education and Skills. More importantly, since there is a stark contrast between primary and post-primary school-bullying, the DES of Ireland has also tried to address the issue of bullying through the establishment of Guidelines on Countering Bullying Behavior in Primary and Post Primary Schools.

Prevention of Bullying in Ireland: Signs of Bullying

Often times, bullies get away from their crime due to the blind spot of the parents of the victims. It is not really hard to determine whether your son or daughter is being picked on, there are certainly a lot of tell-tale signs of bullying.

For instance, kids who are being bullied in school will develop a natural distaste for classes. If your kid is making all kinds of excuses to not go to school, chances are, there is something that is bothering him with regard to school. It could be because of a terrifying teacher or a merciless bully; which is which; this is the foremost sign of bullying in your kid.

Secondly, your kid will most likely have poor marks on homework or school work. Being bullied takes a toll on many aspects of a person’s life. Therefore, if a child is under the constant threat of being called a name or being physically abused, chances are, the school work suffers as the victim wallows in low self-esteem and sadness.

Victims of bullying also develop a dislike for many people. This is due to the fact that a victim starts to internalize the words of the bully. This in turn makes people fear other people, even if they are in no way connected to the bully.

Another telltale sign that your kid is being bullied is when he or she loses confidence even with activities that the child used to do. This is normal since bullies usually make their victims feel inadequate by name calling and other forms of verbal bullying.

People can also notice a person who is being bullied by his other habits and appearance. Repeated signs of bruising and injuries definitely give away the fact that your child is being bullied. Torn clothes, missing schoolbooks and broken glasses also indicate that a person might be potentially be bullied.

Prevention of Bullying in Ireland: Effects of Bullying on Children

The effects of bullying to children can really be devastating. People have to realize that the childhood years are the formative years of kids. This means that whatever he or she shall be learning at that stage of his or her life can have a really big influence in the way these children grow up to be adults. Children are less capable of dealing with emotional turmoil; which makes bullying all the more cruel.

Bullying also shapes the way victims interact with other people. Often times, children tend to build a massive defense wall around them when they feel that they are being bullied. This can only stop when people temporarily – the true answer in defeating a bully is to show that your are smarter than your predator or when you rally a valid point to your bully.

Often times, the effects of bullying to children (even adults alike) are too inconspicuous. Meaning that the repercussions usually build up; this kind of setup is highly problematic since the buildup of emotional repercussions will be harder to penetrate in the future. That is why it is always advisable for people to release and vent out their clammed up feelings against bullying.

Bullying laws in Ireland tries to preempt all of the supposedly harmful effects of bullying. The exact title of the provision that helps people and students from being bullied is: the Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare. The other affirmative action coming from the state is called the Guidelines on Countering Bullying in Primary and Post Primary Schools. The Department of Education and Skills realize the different context of primary and post-primary schools hence the guideline’s title.

The other fatal effects of bullying to a child include the total isolation of a victim from humans. This develops until a child grows up, which can lead to depression and many more. The worst case scenario of bullying includes the actual death of a victim due to emotional pressure.

There is something important to note at this juncture. These effects are all brought about by bullies themselves. The important question that we have to ask today is why do people even bully others in the first place?

In most cases, the bullies themselves want to validate themselves, their low self esteem or violence by externalizing the harms to other people. This means that people who have low confidence or resources are usually bound wreak the same damage on other people. That is why the bullying laws in Ireland try to also co-opt the experience of the bully into the system. These laws cater both to the interests of the bully and the one being bullied.

Prevention of Bullying in Ireland

There are ways in which schools, authorities and parents can help in countering bullying behavior. These guidelines help people stop bullying before it even happens. These guidelines will help children put a stop to bullying and encourage other to do the same. These guidelines are:

  1. Creating a culture where students and people make it a point to tell on bullies and on acts of bullying.
  2. Creating an environment where bullying is stereotyped as an unacceptable behavior and where it will not be tolerated by schools, authorities, management, teachers, and parents.
  3. Places where bullying is rampant should be monitored and supervised by those in control.
  4. Providing ways in which students or those who experience bullying for them to report these acts. Creating means for management to investigate and deal with the act.
  5. Providing programs where those who have experienced bullying will be able to attend and where those who bully can also get help from.
  6. The interaction of local authorities and schools in keeping a bully-free environment for everyone in the community.

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These guidelines are based from studies and from guidelines created for teachers to help students and others prevent and stop bullying.

Countering bullying is the first step in providing a secure and safe place in community schools and even in private schools. Bullying should be dealt with before it occurs. Children as young as seven should learn to interact well with others and in such cases they learn to appreciate and mingle with other kids. Countering bullying in these modern times are hard due to the countless insensitive media publishing of violence on children. There are ways to use these forms of media to counter bullying and this is what schools and other agencies that promote children’s welfare should start doing.

Countering bullying is written in most school codes and laws have been passed to stop and to place just punishments on the effects caused by a bully. In a way, people should understand that these guidelines are not biased for the bullied but these are also set for those who enact the crime of bullying. Bullying can be easily stopped when these guidelines are followed and mandated in different places. People should also be informed regarding these guidelines so as to inform others and most importantly their children. Countering bullying is easy if people act as one to enact these rules and regulations and say no to all forms of bullying.

Prevention of Bullying in Ireland: WHY SHOULD BULLYING STOP NOW AND HOW?

Bullying should be stopped because it causes emotional trauma and it hinders people, especially children, from achieving what they want. It causes emotional trauma and usually causes those who have no outlets to become depressed and suicidal. Bullying can come in many different forms and it can happen to anyone. Bullying causes lifelong scars that even therapy sessions cannot heal.

In order to stop bullying, intervention of grownups is needed. The behavior of a bully should be stopped and challenged. In cases when the child is tolerated even once for an act of bullying, they will engage to bully those when they have the change. The feeling of pride and their ego creates a feeling to where they feel superior to the person or child the bully and so they keep up with the façade of bullying others. Bullying is also a cry for help sometimes. Bullies usually experience in return the tolls of being bullied and so they rant these frustrations on those who are weaker than them.

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As a parent, you will be able to notice if your child is being bullied at school. There are signs such as low grades, constant silence and depression. If you do notice these signs, create an atmosphere at home where you will ask them if they have a problem and make it clear that bullying is unacceptable. Bullied children will eventually come out to trust you but do not push them, let them tell you. In the process however you may want to talk with your child’s teachers and school to help prevent bullying.

Tolerating bullies is one way to create more bullies. In order to prevent bullying, management should be stern and must enact guidelines that are provided by the school. Children deserve a safe and happy childhood. Bullies should never be tolerated even if they are children, they should be talked to and if needed reprimanded for their behavior. Slowly, laws implemented to prevent bullying will enable children to grow up properly without being emotionally strained and stressed because of bullies. Bullying can happen anywhere at any time. It does not necessarily happen in schools, it could take place at home and you, as a parent, may not be aware of it. Prevention and creating a loving, a happy and trusting environment will enable children to approach those who have the power to prevent bullying. There many movements and ways those human right movements have made for those who require help from bullying.


Bullying, as mentioned time and again, has no place in schools. While many would downplay the effects of of the dilemma, the thing is, bullying can cause much harm to an individual. In an institution such as a school, bullying must deeply be frowned upon by authorities. An affirmative action from the government, just like the bullying laws in Ireland changes the mindset of people exponentially.

Bullying can only be solved if both parties are helped. That is why the bullying laws in Ireland are one of the most progressive ones – taking into account the voice of not only the bullied but also of the bully. Bullying can only be eliminated if the enforcement of laws in a country are strong enough.

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