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Prejudice Bullying

Prejudice Related Bullying

There are many kinds of Prejudice Bullying based on fear and a dislike of a certain groups of adults or children. It often starts in school and takes many forms. There is racist bullying which singles out a group because of skin color, race, or ethnic origin. Some children are bullied because they are black, Chinese, Jewish, Italian or Spanish. No one is really safe from this happening to them. It occurs in schools, colleges, communities, and at work. Children are taunted by peers called names, or excluded from the group because of fear and hatred of differences.

Prejudice Bullying can be about body image. Some boys and girls are bullied because they are overweight or not muscular. They have to endure insults and comments every day they go to school. This often seems innocent but is destructive to the self esteem of children. Bullying of this kind can cause psychological and physical illness. Some girls are teased because they are flat chested or they do not dress in the latest styles. While some boys are teased because they don’t work out, participate in team sports, or dress well.

Other students are targeted for bullying because of their religious beliefs. Some student belong to a different religion that is not the traditional Christian faith. This means they are taunted and teased about their beliefs because they are different. Freedom of speech and religion is not a consideration in bullying. Some students that belong to Christian religions may be ridiculed for studying the bible and having different viewpoints. Those of different faiths can be bullied whether Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or Muslim. Those that are atheists can be bullied for a lack of faith.

Some children are bullied for being lesbians or homosexuals, They are treated like outcasts and often ostracized from the groups. They endure comments and sometimes violence. A physical or mental disability can make the person subject to bullying by older or more popular students. Already at a disadvantage this can be the ultimate in cruelty because they are even more powerless to defend themselves.

These are some of the many forms of Prejudice Bullying that children have to endure in school every day. Addressing all these type of bullying is important rather that singling out one type of prejudice related bullying. This is because it sends a message that one type of bullying is more serious than the next. All types of bullying should be unacceptable and are serious in schools.

Staff and students should be taught to report incidents of bullying and learn tactics on how to intervene in the situation. The students that are involved should be referred to a social worker or counselor for some education and sessions on dealing with this behavior or stopping it.

When you see a pattern of Prejudice Bullying in a classroom or school implement a program to teach tolerance for differences. This can be teaching about different holidays, the meaning of respect for others differences, and helping everyone not just some classmates.

Training a group of teachers or staff to respond to bullying incidents provides results. Many bullies have changed with some empathy and attention from staff. They often have bad home lives, or were not taught the skills to cope with anger or emotions. Students that bully are often distrustful of adults and defensive. A staff member that can listen and understand the bully often helps bring about change in the behavior.

The staff group does not substitute for professional help but attempts to address the problem in the environment. It often included teacher, social workers, the bully, victim, and students peers. This tackles the problem from a group perspective in the open. It often does bring about change because both the victim and the bully are addressed.

Implementing some type of program and training is important in most schools. This is because many type of Prejudice Bullying occurs in schools. Forming a committee or team of parents, teachers and students to implement a program is another way to address the problem. The goal should be to train everyone in the building from teachers to bus drivers about the issue and hot to reduce incidents and implement change.

Having teachers spend time on bullying prevention with children by reading books, watching movies,and discussing the subject helps. Often having the children role play in class taking turn being the victim and the bully let’s them experience the reality of the situation. Then discuss the role playing with the children how they felt and methods to deal with these situations.

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