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Positive Affirmations for a Better Morning

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The power of positive thinking is much more than a book or quote. Norman Vincent Peale capitalized on the statement by reminding everyone how being positive in your thoughts and actions could improve your life. While many people think of prayer when it comes to this concept, it also applies to other things as well, such as Positive Affirmations. Trying to remain positive in a world filled with negative people and actions can be difficult. Using a positive affirmation once or twice a day may be considered a prayer of sorts, or it can just be someone hoping to have the new day be better than the one before.

Why Positive Affirmations Work

People who are negative rarely smile. It is hard for them to find joy and see good in the world around them. People who tend to smile more often do so because they can look at a situation and find something positive about it. It could be as simple as lesson learned or a thought that finally makes sense. Positive affirmations work because they eliminate the negativity that can eventually dampen a person’s mood. Saying something positive to yourself or another person can bring a smile or improve a person’s mood.

When a person uses a positive affirmation, they are acknowledging that they have something positive in their life to be happy or thankful about. It doesn’t have to be anything big. A sunrise, the smile of a child or someone lending a helping hand can improve a person’s mood and give them a reason to be happy, even if it is only for a short period of time. Using positive affirmations can be self-medicating in a way. By repeating a chosen affirmation a few times each morning, you give yourself a small pep talk that can be used to boost your mood throughout the day.

Positive Affirmations for Women

Women can be the most self-sabotaging people in the world. They judge themselves on their looks, their actions and the things they say to an extent that can almost be taken as degrading. In reality, women are beautiful creatures inside and out and should not be judged on their outward appearance. A beautiful face can hide an ugly heart and vice versa. Everyone should learn to love themselves from the inside out. This is especially true for women.

Women can benefit from positive affirmations just like men. The difference is a woman is more likely to use an affirmation to boost their spirits. Women tend to look for each flaw in themselves. Using positive affirmations that are geared toward making them realize their own worth can help improve self esteem and prepare them to have a brighter, more productive day.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

Much like women, children can use affirmations to lay the groundwork for a productive day in the classroom as well as a powerful self esteem booster. Children who are taught to be positive, either through the use of spoken or written affirmations or another technique are often more productive and have a better outlook for the day than those who are not given any positive reassurance. Parents can write a positive statement or affirmation and stick it in their child’s lunch box or put it in a location where the child will see it when they are getting ready for school. The bathroom mirror, refrigerator or kitchen table are all good choices.

Positive Affirmations for Work

Positive affirmations for work can brighten not only your day, but your co-workers’ as well. Small notes placed around your office will affect every person who reads them in some way, whether they realize it or not. If you are up for a promotion or are applying for a new job, using positive affirmations will help you stay focused and keep your mood high. Even if you do not get the new job, your outlook will stay positive and help you to look forward to new opportunities.

If you love your job, staying positive while you are at work may not be all that difficult. If you tolerate your job, you may have to find positive ways just to get through the day, especially if you are constantly dealing with stressful situations or uncooperative co-workers. Using a positive affirmation can put things into perspective or help you see the brighter side of a dark situation. Not every day will go smoothly, but maintaining a positive attitude can take the edge off and allow you to breathe a little easier.

Daily Positive Affirmations

Positive daily affirmations are a good way to start and end each day. In the morning, they not only give you something positive to think about, they help you stay focused. A positive affirmation can be any saying or quote that has meaning for the person who uses it. For some it can be a quote from the Bible, while others may prefer to use a line of poetry from their favorite author. Others may choose to create their own and use a new one every day. There is no right or wrong way to use a positive affirmation. As long as it holds meaning and value for the user and elicits a positive response, it will serve its intended purpose.

Daily positive affirmations are sometimes used in the substance abuse recovery programs. Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, has a small list of quotes that help remind a person to take things one day at a time. The “only for today” quotes allows them the opportunity to realize and accept that they are only dealing with one day at a time. This keeps them focused on the issues they are facing at the present time, not ones that may show up next week or next month and cause them to stumble. It gives them the power to control what is within reach and to not allow the stress of the unknown to cause them to worry.

List of Positive Affirmations

Whether you choose to use your own personal affirmations or a quote from someone else, it is a good idea to write it down and place it where you can see it throughout the day. Choose quotes that fit the occasion and have meaning for the events that are supposed to take place that day. If you just need a general mood enhancer, choose something of relevance. Anything that uplifts your spirit and makes you smile can be used. The following quotes are simple and often found shared on social media pages.

  • Focus on the good.
  • Look on the bright side.
  • All who wander are not lost.
  • Don’t let the words of another define your worth.
  • Stay positive.
  • Keep smiling!
  • Smile, it’s contagious!
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • One step at a time.
  • Onward and upward.
  • Be true to yourself!

Positive thinking is contagious. Smile at a person you meet on the street. What happens? More often than not, even if they are frowning, they will eventually return the smile. Once they smile, they will often maintain it for a few minutes, causing others to smile as well. It is extremely hard to maintain a negative attitude when those around you are smiling and happy.

Creating a positive environment, whether it be at home, work or school, will affect every person who enters it. Using positive affirmations to reinforce the emotional current of the area can help to maintain a relaxed atmosphere for several hours. Use post it notes and positive small, cheery quotes in places where people often look. The corner of a mirror or on their desk are good places to start. There are several calendars that are created to portray a positive message both through pictures and quotes. Placing them near water coolers, lockers or any high traffic area will give others something to think about that is positive and uplifting.

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