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Poems about Bullying

When it is difficult for someone to verbalize the powerfully disturbing emotions they experience due to being bullied, poems about bullying can help process these emotions. They are also a great way to let people know that there are others who are experiencing the same problems.

Poems on bullying are usually written by those who have suffered bullying first-hand and know what it feels like to be taunted, teased and even physically hurt.

Kids reading or writing poems about bullying often benefit from a sense of catharsis gained by having their feelings articulated.

Bullying Poem 1


Here is an anti-bullying poem written by Jon Evans.
Identity – The Bully
They all try to look the same,
All try to give themselves a name.
Pick on the boy who is all alone
Just because his identity is his own
What has this world come to?
All this wrong that people do,
Just for the image they want to show.
Down the evil path they seem to go.

The next person you go to hurt
Or try to make feel like dirt,
Instead of trying to look cool
Feel for the guy you make look a fool.

A cool identity isn’t a need.
Let those you bully be freed.
Your identity should be your own.
A better person you will be known.

This poem addresses the bully personally and attempts to get him or her to try feeling empathetic for once towards the person they are victimising. The writer also wants the bully to know that bullying doesn’t give you a cool identity.

Bullying Poem 2


In My Walk to School by Andrea Wilson, the poet describes in poem about bullying the feeling of getting physical bullied as she begins a typical school day:

My Walk to School

Fist punch.
Foot crunch.
Hand hit.
Mouth spit.
Eye swells.
Can’t see.
Let me be.

Rips my homework.
Steals my money.
Grabs my lunch.
Thinks it’s funny

Sticks and stones may break my bones…

…but names can really hurt.

Through the doors.
Up the stairs.
Face is bloody.
No one cares.

In the washroom.
Clean up the mess.
I’ll be safe
Until … recess…

Unflinchingly honest in its direct approach, Andrea’s poem also works as an anti-bullying poem that can show bullies how their victims live: in fear and all alone. Trying to get bullies to empathize with their victims by forcing them to see the stark reality of their brutal behaviour is essential to stopping bullying in elementary and high schools.

Bullying Poem 3


Kaylynn is the author of this poem about bullying about how verbal bullying can be just as harmful as physical bullying.

Words Hurt

Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words they hear.
Did you know that you are their biggest fear?

Day by day you torment them,
It takes so long for their hearts to mend.

All they ask for is one true friend,
But you make them want their lives to end.

Everyday they wake up with regret,
All they want to do is forget.

It’s not just hitting and punching, it’s the words you say,
They hurt so much, they want to fade away.

This is when enough is enough,
They’re sick of playing strong, sick of playing tough.

But they know they can make it through,
You may not have known, but they always knew.

They put on a fake smile and pretend they’re okay,
They believe they can make it all the way.

Of course your words still offend,
But they have been pieced back together again.

Someone leaves the crowd and lends them a hand,
They learn that it’s time to stand.

Their smile is no longer fake,
Now they have no reason to ache.

You see, all they ever needed was a friend,
Someone to stand by them when the bullying came again.

Now they are free,
The insults barely sting, don’t you see?

Bullying gave you power, that they refused to give,
You can’t help but wonder ”what if”.

What if they didn’t get so strong?
What if they were crumbled all along?

What if they wrote down all the secrets they had to spill,
Right before taking an overdose of the pills?

You don’t know what could have been done,
You were doing it all for fun.

You think they’re losers, but they’re stronger than you,
Have you seen what they’ve been through?

With your words you gave a black eye,
They are leaving, bully, so say your goodbye.

But one more thing before you go,
Did you enjoy my little show?

Remember, words can hurt more than the punch,
Believe me now? Cause this was just a hunch.

Bullying Poem 4


This poem by Tracey Blance about bullying called Shame describes what it feels like to be an unwilling bully.


There’s a girl at school
We teased today
Made jokes, called her names.
My friends all laughed,
Called it harmless fun.
Said it was just a game.
Now I’m at home
Feeling horrid inside,
Long gone that thoughtless grin.
How will I face her
Tomorrow at school?
I wish I hadn’t joined in.

Some bullies are not really bullies deep down. Instead, they feel an overwhelming need to be accepted by a group of their peers, usually due to low self-esteem or fear of being ostracized. Consequently, they will follow the group even though they know what they are doing is wrong, and later feel even worse about themselves upon reflecting on their actions.

Bullying Poem 5


In this poem by Richard Seal the vultures are metaphors for bullies who act like vultures that constantly circle the sky, always searching for a vulnerable creature to attack.


See them circle high upon the wing

Their beady eyes scan for anything.

A weakness in their prey is all they need,

And patience for its death before they feed.

See them circle lower to the ground

Encouraged by the warring battle sound.

In numbers now, to the fight they flock

To witness murder of him in the dock.

They watch hyena with his teeth now bared,

Knowing soon his meal will be shared.

The scent of blood, delighted with the kill

Swooping in, enjoying every thrill.


Harsh and dramatic, this poem could be seen as an anti-bullying poem to show bullies just how inhumane and horrible they act: just like animals that exist only for enjoying every thrill of attacking innocent victims.

Bullying Poem 6


This is an expressive poem about bullying by Jan Allison that clearly verbalizes why some people bully and how it affects the person being bullied.

Being Bullied

Sometimes we all say things we don’t mean.

Private thoughts to be kept inside that should never be seen,

Then others join to be part of the scene.

They use nasty words that are meant to demean,

Scared to speak for fear of ridicule.

How can others be so cruel?

They join in because they think its fun,

Not knowing the harm they do to anyone.

Social media can be fun

But to those being bullied the damage is done.

‘Do it, do it, just go away!’

These are the words the bullies may say,

Until one day the victim they may crack.

Those poisoned words can’t be taken back.

Till one day they can take no more

And are found lifeless on the bedroom floor,

And then those who mock and those who scorn

Turn up at the funeral of those who they now mourn.

So think before another word you say,

Because the bullied may not be able to face another day.

This poem also dares to touch on the topic of suicide. Every day we read news stories about kids committing suicide because they were bullied by their peers and could not take the abuse anymore. Being Bullied also brings up the hypocrisy of bullies who are responsible for their victim’s suicide but attend their funeral and act like they had nothing to do with it. As another powerful anti-bullying poem, Being Bullied works well to delineate a bullying situation from several revealing perspectives.

Bullying poem 7


Inspirational and uplifting, Mark Bird’s poem A Different Path should be included in any collection of poems about bullying. By pointing out that being a victim does not mean you have allowed yourself to be a victim, Bird’s shows that bullies might think they are in control but it is really the person getting bullied who maintains control over their lives.

A Different Path

They pick on you,
Play tricks on you.
They talk behind your back,
A hundred whispers to your one
To tempt you from your track.

They mock your path,
They block your path.
They do it every day,
For sheep aren’t meant to wander off
And go the other way.

They sneer at you,
Put fear in you.
So scared that you’ll go far
And then they point and laugh at you,
To cram your head with scars.

They think the same,
They shrink the same.
When you are not afraid
And friends begin to follow you
The scars and bullies fade.

You go so far,
You grow so far.
Proud what you became,
You made it down the different path
And beat the plague of same.

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