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Tess Munster stands up to Fat Bullying

Tess Munster

Tess Munster/Tess Holliday is a 29-year-old mother of one and a model. She left school at 17 because of the bullying she faced for being larger than her classmates, but she hasn’t let that stop her achieving her dreams. She is 5’5” and a UK size 24, and although most plus size models are taller than 5’8” and are a size 10-18 she has recently signed on to MiLK Model Management.

Tess posts pictures of herself on her Instagram account and uses the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards at the end of her posts. She writes that she is confident and feels sexy for whom she is. She has posted pictures from shoots where she is posing in lingerie or bikinis and she looks incredible. She has pushed herself to experience things and to reach her dreams.

She works out 4 times a week, and says that it’s not about health it’s about believing in yourself. She swims, walks and works out with a trainer. Yet she still receives hundreds of negative comments everyday.

Being bullied for your body shape or size is not acceptable, actually, being bullied for any reason is not okay. So, don’t accept bullying and learn to defend yourself and stand up to bullying today.

If you are in a situation where you feel you could overcome bullying but don’t know how, read our tips here.

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