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Were you ever bullied during your tender ages? Bullying is something that happens on daily basis to children in schools, people in prison and the disabled in different areas of work. Most of the cases about bullying go unreported as most people are ashamed to share their experience. We know that bullying exists and that is why we are here to help you. People with disabilities in the society have suffered for many years just because of their disorders. This should not be the case as every human being has the right to enjoy all the basic human rights.

Organizations such as the American association of people with disabilities and Yai national institute for people with disabilities were formed to advocate for the rights of the disabled. Their main aim was to support the implementation of the provisions provided in the people with disabilities act. Have the associations succeeded in the objectives? We cannot conclusively answer this as there are thousands of disabled people still living poorly. What does the ADA provide for people with disabilities? The association tries to provide help for people with disabilities by:

  • Providing housing for people with disabilities
  • Providing grants for people with disabilities
  • Seeking employment for people with disabilities
  • Soliciting scholarships for people with disabilities
  • They also look to protect their rights

The association has tried to bring all the issues affecting seniors and people with disabilities in the community and looked for solutions to such problems. The disabled need more than just good careers for people with disabilities or salaries. They need closer attention from the community and this is only possible if we can understand what they undergo through.

Discrimination against people with disabilities is random from home to work places. An article by Melinda James asks one simple question, what is the right pay for people with intellectual disabilities? Should they earn the same as the normal people? Well, some may be slow due their genetic make-up or body make up. But should this be a reason to pay them less than their compatriots at work? Every center for people with disabilities has been created, all with the aim of improving their lifestyle. In such centers people share their experiences and help one another grow mentally strong.

We should start by asking ourselves, who are the disabled in the community? Various terms have been used to describe the disabled in the community. The disabled is a wide term and describes a wide range of people who are deemed do differ in physical, mental, sensory or just developmental disabilities. Actually disability is deemed as the main reason for one to be excluded from the mainstream of the society. The conditions described above might be inherited or acquired through injury and illness. In other cases, the origin of the disability is unknown. All in all, such people cannot perform to their maximum without the support of the community.

What is the main problem faced by people with disabilities

In most cases, exclusion from the society is that main problem these people suffer from. Actually the disabled can perform to their maximum and be able to provide for themselves if they are given the necessary support from the other members in the community. The number of famous people with disabilities can itself speak millions on their capabilities. The well-known Albert Einstein did not speak until the age of 3 and had difficulties expressing himself. However, this did not deter him as he ended up being one of the greatest mathematicians in history and led in the discovery of electricity. Stevie Wonder is one of the most beloved musicians in the world today. But do you know he was born blind and remains blind up to now? That only goes to show that the sky is the limit for the disabled if only we can embrace them and give them the necessary support they require.

Nobody said the disabled cannot date. As much as they might be excluded, they should be given the necessary resources to help them date and get married. There are several dating sites for people with disabilities to help them meet and connect with partners from the opposite sex who are also disabled. The disabled understand each other much better but this does not mean they cannot date normal people. Actually they should not be called the people with disabilities but people with special abilities. They are disabled but have special abilities that can enable them overcome the challenges of life and live a normal life.

The world is slowly embracing the disabled and accepting them the way they are. They have to coexist with normal people in the community and live a life that they fill fulfilled. There are various international games specifically meant for disabled people. The Paralympics games are organized after every four years and are just like the Olympic Games but specifically meant for the disabled. Here people from various countries that are disabled come together and compete in various events. They integrate with each other and share their experiences. But apart from this they show the whole world they can do all that other human beings do. Most construction building nowadays understand the need to make it possible for the disabled to access them, Buildings that don’t have lifts have stair cases of two types. The smooth ones are usually meant for the disabled who can easily be wheeled instead of having to send someone to seek them various services on their behalf. Actually all public buildings must be built in a way to support the disabled people. This is a law that is applicable in all the States of America.


Being disabled does not prevent the disabled from living a normal life. The disabled are people with special abilities and are able to thrive and live normally despite their challenges. The disabled should actually be an inspiration to those who are not disabled as they can take motivation from them. They have excelled in areas that even those who are fully well have failed. Being disabled should not be an excuse not to fulfill your dreams because everything is possible as long as one is motivated.

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