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Paul Coughlin, An Inspiring Anti Bullying Speaker

Paul Coughlin

About Paul Coughlin, An Inspiring Anti Bullying Speaker

The majority of anti bullying speakers follow a “one and done” philosophy. The speaker gives his presentation to the organization such as a workplace or a school. He makes great points and builds motivation and emotion to prevent bullying behavior. He fires up students, educators and parents and teaches them anti bullying tools. The bullying speaker is doing a great job, but how long do the effects of his efforts last?

Does the school remain in an anti bullying state once the anti bullying speaker leaves? Or, does the school gradually return to a disruptive environment in which teachers and students are struggling to deal with the bullies? Schools, educators and parents have immediate access to the bullying statistics, known the signs and the symptoms of bullying, but little progress has been made to stop these abusive environments. Students are still being pushed, threatened, made fun of, or excluded and live in fear of what each day will bring.

Paul Coughlin, a Christian anti bullying speaker, developed a different type of bullying prevention program that eliminates the “one and done” scenario. Mr. Coughlin presents a four-part anti bullying program for the public school system. The Protectors comprehensive programs aims to do more than simply reduce bullying.

Paul Coughlin designed his program to improve the character of each and every student. This helps reduce the bully’s behavior, but also changes the response of those who are being bullied. They learn which types of behavior to accept and to not accept by learning to respect themselves. The students are able to emerge from the fear and gain confidence that they have a right to be treated with respect.


Paul Coughlin changes the atmosphere of the school building by improving everyone’s character, by increasing respect, and by giving courage to the students. He sounds like the Wizard of Oz by handing out courage, but unlike the fictional movie, Mr. Coughlin’s program truly works.

He designed his live presentations to be comprehensive, since the Department of Health and Human Services reports that comprehensive approaches to bullying are the only ones that are successful. He speaks to the faculty, the students and the families so that everyone learns the same tools and approach to stop the bullies.

The Protectors program includes 7 lessons and an imaginary “Theater of Bullying”. Within this theater are four characters who represent those in the bullying situations. He shows how to change a non-helping bystander into an “alongside stander”- someone who can help diffuse the abusive situation.

Freedom Council

Throughout the Protectors anti bullying program, Paul Coughlin searches for those who want to be leaders. These students and educators who show an exceptional understanding of the program and of the values of an anti bullying environment, are chosen to be members of the Protectors Freedom Council, PFC. The PFC keeps the program alive within the school building, so even when Mr. Coughlin is not around, his ideals remain.

The PFC acts like the police and keeps a secure, bully-free environment. Coughlin continues to educate from a distance with monthly tips and training and also a newsletter to provide the most current research on bullies.

Coughlin’s Thoughts

In his blog, Coughlin says that those who are bullied are enslaved and trapped in these situations.  When the bullying continues, those who are target become oppressed and may miss their life’s opportunities. One issue with this oppression is that those who remain on the sidelines as non-acting by-standers, keep these people in oppression. Coughlin reminds that others can be the hands, arms and feet of God and help to bring justice to those who are oppressing others.

Christians can intervene and stop the oppression of bullying. Coughlin campaigns that Christians need to take action to protect themselves and others.

Coughlin’s Book for Men

Paul Coughlin is the author of the book “No More Christian Nice Guy.”  His purpose for this book is to show that Christian men do not have to be nice or wimpy to be men of God. The book is for men and women to show that men being too “nice” can have harmful effects on relationships, life, careers and growth in faith. A nice guy may not be fulfilling his God-given potential as he aims to please everyone else but himself.

Instead of being “nice”, Coughlin encourages men to be bold and assertive. Christian men need to have conviction that they are on the right path and their assertiveness shouldn’t come across as bullying, but as confidence. Coughlin presents men with educational materials that can change marriages, improve careers and even change a life. If you, or a man you love is being bullied, Coughlin’s book may give him the courage he needs to break the chains of abuse.

Coughlin’s Book for Women

Paul Coughlin co-authored “No More Christian Nice Girl” with Dr. Jennifer Degler.  This book targets Christian women who act nice, but do not really feel it. If a woman is being nice to avoid rejection or for approval or in worry of another’s judgement, she is not doing herself justice.

Yes, women and men too, should be kind and caring, but this needs to come from a genuine place of love, not one of fear. Dr. Degler and Coughlin encourage women to speak the truth in love. They want a woman’s insides, her feelings, to match her outside responses. For example, if a woman says yes, but really means no, she is being a Christian nice girl and not being true to herself. This is not the way Jesus lived, and women shouldn’t live this way either.

Women who do not match their insides to their outsides are often the victims of abuse or bullying. They have learned to cover up and hide their real emotions to appease other people. Coughlin and Dr. Degler suggest having the courage to speak in love and trust that you’ll get the response you deserve.

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