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Parents and Bullying: take charge!

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So what about Parents and Bullying, It’s not easy dealing with situations that happen to your children. It becomes more difficult when you have to handle situations that contain extreme bullying. One of the most hurtful things a child can experience is bullying words. It makes you feel more than a victim; it makes you feel lost and confused. There are many instances where parents have had to get involved not only with the other party, but with the companies that allow these situations to take place online. You would think the norm is to report the situation, provide proof and they will remove it, but not all companies comply with these requests. What do you do?

As a parent, it’s important to take a stand. Although it may be an uphill battle, there are ramifications for companies and individuals who participate in cyberbullying activities. A lot of parents feel helpless because they don’t know where to turn and how to proceed in getting things done. Victims do have rights, and parents have the right to address and handle these situations accordingly. If you aren’t getting justice, follow the chain up the ladder to get it resolved. A perfect instance of a situation like this is the case of Liese Stanley. She took matters into her own hands and had to get the authorities involved to make the company cooperate. That’s bad business for the company, and bad news for victims of bullying. Here are a few things you can do with parents and bullying:

  • Report the instance to the company, complete with links to the pages.
  • If the company does not comply, search for their parent company if they have one. If so, report it to the parent company to see if they will resolve the situation.
  • If the parent company does not comply, report them to the authorities. There are many cases where companies would not comply until they had word from the authorities or a threat from an attorney.
  • Report the company to support organizations. They usually keep a database and list of companies that do not comply with requests for the removal of information. This information can go a long way, and those organizations and their supporters usually boycott the company, resulting in the loss of money for them.
  • Post these types of situations on your Facebook page, and get others to spread the word. Word-of-mouth is better than any PR machine, hands-down. Watch how quickly your dilemma goes viral.
  • Join or start a support group to keep parents informed. This will prove very helpful and you will open a forum for law enforcement, administrators and other parents to come and find out how they can make a difference.

While this is unfortunate, it is not unheard of. As a parent, you have to take a stand and make sure your child is protected at all costs. Organizations like the Megan Meier Foundation and National Association of Secondary Schools (NASSP) can assist and give you detailed information on how to deal with situations like these, as well as advocate on your behalf. You would be very surprised to know how many parents have to intervene in situations like this every day. Do not feel bad for taking a stand against what’s wrong. You will not only help your child but will help the movement in preventing cyber and child bullying.

The main thing you should realize is that you are not alone, and there are resources to help you take a stand for your child and other victims. Your involvement in the fight for justice is important. Taking the necessary steps will also show your child that they are important. Cyber bullying causes psychological problems, self-esteem issues and internal strife. When your child sees you fighting for what’s right, you will empower them to take a stand as well. Working together can move mountains in rebuilding what may have been lost.

Our children are the future. With new technology comes new issues and problems but putting vehicles in place to curtail situations as they occur will only make things better. Turn the negative into a positive and move forward while paving the way for others to follow. The situation does not have to control you, so don’t let it.

Your kids are counting on you to say no to bullying! Spread the word on the connection between parents and bullying.

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