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Page 3 Model: Glamour Modelling Helped Overcome Bullying Past

Emma Green has spoken out about how modeling has helped her with her self-esteem and confidence. There have recently been campaigns to try and rid British tabloids of glamour models, and Emma has said they are just jealous of the models.

Emma has a degree in Graphic Design and she says “I was bullied at school and I used to look at the pretty girls and think ‘Oh I’d love to look like that, they look beautiful. I had no self-confidence. I used to hate myself. Now I look at myself in the paper and I feel good about myself.” Emma was bullied for 2 or 3 years at school, she was called ‘skinny’ and was told she had a big nose.

Page 3 model tells how glamour shots helped her overcome bullying past

She thinks that women’s magazines do more damage then glamour ones, as women’s magazines put down celebrities. She said: “They put down celebrities’ weight saying ‘Oh she’s got a bit of cellulite’, ‘Look how awful she looks without make-up’, ‘Look how bloated she looks’, ‘Is she pregnant?’”

Emma loves her job, and thinks that it has really helped her. She said: “I work with amazing people, I travel, get good money and I feel empowered. I think women should support each other and not make them lose jobs when they’re just trying to be happy and independent.”

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