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Top 10 List of Most Overrated Things


It is an unfortunate truth that today’s society has the annoying habit of overrating almost everything in life. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of overrated is, to think too highly of any particular entity – and that is the one thing that we as people have mastered the art of doing. Of course, it is important and very inspiring to think highly of the things we look up to, however, putting too much emphasis on anything very often leads to disappointments. For example, many people idolize movie stars and singers – they place them on an untouchable pedestal without realizing that behind the silver screens, these stars are people just like them. Instead of overemphasising, the healthiest way to rate the things that occupy life is to assess them and then give them their appropriate value without overdoing. Below are a few of the things that society overrates the most…

Top 10 List of Most Overrated Things:

  1. Sex: Mass media and peer pressure has done an excellent job of glorifying sex. Images of sex is everywhere. They market sex to be a super-tantalizing and animalistic pleasure-house that it just cannot live up to most of the time, because the truth is…sex is overrated. A massive quantity of sexually active women in the world would describe their “first time” as painful, messy, disappointing and a huge waste of time. In fact, many of those same women wish that they had waited to have sex. The truth is, sex can only be a wonderful experience when the act is committed by two adults in a loving and binding relationship. The tales that music, movies and peer pressure tells are all extremely exaggerated. Therefore, it is best to wait before making such an intimate step to have sex.
  2. Talent: Talent is overrated because everyone is born with gifts that make them uniquely special. No one talent is more valuable than the next; it is up to you to find your talents and to use them in a positive way. Parents especially tend to put too much pressure on their kids when it comes to extra-curricular activities and honing talent. While it is important to nurture your children’s gifts, it is very unhealthy to obsess over them.
  3. Fear: Fear is a self-created emotion that can paralyze you from the world if you let it. People tend to put way too much emphasis on their fear because they simply do not understand the particular thing that scares them. However, once you find the courage to face your fears, more often than not, you find out that the thing that you were fearful of, wasn’t scary at all. The best way to not overrate fear is to pretend that you are not afraid – keep telling yourself that you are bigger than your fears. Concentrate on being hopeful and faithful and eventually, fear will lose its power.
  4. Love: love is a beautiful emotion that world certainly needs more of, however, feelings of love does come a few drawbacks. Love is overrated because it often comes with the duty of responsibility. When you love someone, you become instantly responsible for their happiness as well as their health and well-being. It is a gift and a curse to love that many people are not ready to handle.
  5. Normal: Being normal is vastly overrated – in fact, embracing your inner-weird and living life by your own positive influences is the easiest way to be free. Society views following trends, purchasing the latest gadget and wearing your hair in the hottest new style as being normal. Additionally, society labels anyone who dare to go against the masses as ” being weird”, as if being weird is such a bad thing. Being normal is overrated and extremely boring. Everyone was born to be original, not to be followers – therefore, if you feel like wearing safety-pins on your jeans and dyeing your hair purple, do it and embrace your un-normalness with confidence and pride.
  6. Failure: failure is overrated because most of the time, the act of not succeeding at something is not a bad thing. Failing should not cause ill-thoughts to form or feelings of depression. Instead, failing at something you believed in should build resilience, strength and advanced determination. Thoughts of failure should not be over-emphasised; it should be used as fuel to release the winner in you, so next time, failing will not be an option.
  7. Growing up: At one time or another, words that resemble, “I just can’t wait to grow up” will fall out of the mouths of every kid in the world. However, growing up is extremly overrated. Being a kid – so brand new and carefree is the most wonderful gift that we have all been given. While being an adult comes with a few perks, most grown-ups would gladly trade the long hours at work, paying fast-coming bills and tending to responsibilities for the fleeting kid-years of playing and just living freely.
  8. Popularity: Extreme popularity often comes with extreme responsibility. While being popular is often the only way to be seen and heard, when all eyes are on you, you have the responsibility to deliver. That responsibility can be stressful and overwhelming, so while being popluar is often a sort-after position, it can also be quite damaging. When you are on top, envy can set in and other people may try to knock you down. And when you are on top, a degrading sense of smugness and entitlement may start to grow which is off-putting and negative.
  9. Disease: People often give diseases and disorders more attention and power than necessary. Being diagnosed with a harsh sickness, doesn’t mean that you can’t still live a great life – it just means that you have to live a little differently. Once you understand the personality of the disease, you will be able to accept it, fight it and live a long and healthy life.
  10. Television: It is no secret that television is entertaining and serves as an appropriate boredom-buster, however, it too is vastly overrated. Staring at the television screen for long periods of time can cause you to neglect more important things like spending time outside, tending to responsibilities and living life. It is important to set limits on the amount of TV you watch so that you do not develop an unhealthy attachment.

It may be hard to stop over-emphasising and overrating the things that occupy life because the act of overrating seems so second-nature. However, the meaning of overrated, as stated above is to put too much value on something, which is a very bad thing. It is ultimately up to you to look at your life and your behaviour and make the positive changes to live completely free of subconsciously overrating.

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