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OP-ED: The Drama Queens’ Guide to Ending Self Pity

The Drama Queens’ Guide to Ending Self Pity!

So you have high expectations, you are easily disappointed, you freak out over the slightest affairs, and you end up feeling victimized and persecuted by the world.

So how does one manage all of the above without losing their sanity? By knowing yourself, accepting your personality and learning to like yourself.

If you’re an emotionally sensitive person, then you probably have a flair for the melodramatic. This doesn’t mean something’s necessarily wrong with you; the world needs expressive folks, just as it does thick-skinned.

You are the worlds’ next artists and writers etc… but you also have a weight on your shoulder; which is not to let your emotions get the best of you. Being so gushy makes it easy for you to get upset, because feelings are multiplied tenfold higher than regular people; but it also makes you that much more tolerant and compassionate.

See, the trick is to balance being intuitive and expressive, with being reasonable. This can be your greatest asset or your greatest weakness; depending on how you work on it.

It’s all about directing your energy in the right place- knowing your emotional outlet.

More on The Drama Queens’ Guide to Ending Self Pity below…

If you’re a guy- then you can either be the ladies man, who knows how to understand women and win them over- or you can be the gloomy hermit who’s always too scared to communicate with women.

If you’re a jock you can be the team-rock who others head to for advice and guidance because they have so much insight- or you can be the one everyone avoids because they’re too distracted to focus.

If you’re the straight A student you can be the one with tons of extracurricular activities and civil-work to shine on your college applications- or the one who spent their golden years just hiding behind a book.

So how do you embrace your sensitivity and use it to your advantage? By being smart about it.

-If you sometimes feel like you have heightened emotions, How about expressing them through writing or painting, maybe you will find your true passion in life.

-How about paying attention to how others feel; so by becoming less self-absorbed, not only can you find a distraction from your “misery”, but you will also find solace in knowing that you are not the only one who suffers.

-whenever that didn’t work, how about finding things to distract you; whether it was a funny movie or an enticing book or a good get together with loving friends, somehow as trivial as these things seem…little things do matter!

More on The Drama Queens’ Guide to Ending Self Pity below…

What about diverting your attention to the full half of the glass. By reminding yourself that it’s highly unlikely that the world has it in for you, and that you never really got anywhere by sulking; it will become easier to get out of your down-mode.

You can still have your days, you can still overreact and mope- but with the knowledge that you can and know how to curb it.

Know this- you have every right to get upset when something bad happens, and every right to express it; just stay grounded and keep it real.

Being realistic is admittedly sometimes boring, but it beats the sleepless nights and tantrums any day of the week; and even though overreacting will get you some attention, it was never the good kind.

So whenever you start feeling your inner drama queen taking over and self pity rising: 

1- Give yourself a reality check

2-Look on the Brightside

3-look for distractions

4- Find the right outlet

Breath in, calm yourself down, and start singing your favorite tune And suddenly the sky will seem a little sunnier, the clouds will be lifted; and your mood will start to transform- if you let it. This all could also happen when you learn how to be more confident about yourself and your actions; only then you will be able to get rid of your self-pity.

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