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The Best Online Dating Tips Out There

Everyone wants to get out and mingle at some point in time. Online dating is a great way to mingle without leaving the comfort of your home. While online dating can be tricky, through these tips, you can remain safe, mingle, make new friends, and find a special someone. Discover more online dating tips here. 

5 Online Dating Tips for Women

  • Try Not to Use Cliches 

When you are creating your profile, one thing you should try to do is avoid clichés. Strive to stand out and be unique. A lot of people have the same information and pick-up lines on their profile. Write something refreshing, something worth reading. If you are searching for your significant other, specify what you are looking for from your mate and state what you bring to the table.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out to Others

Too often, women expect guys to come to them instead of reaching out. Some women are afraid to reach out for fear they will appear desperate. In this situation, it’s all about tact and taste.

Reaching out does not make you appear desperate, but you have to know how to go about the situation. In order to not look desperate, go mingle and see who is available without asking desperate questions and stating the obvious. Ask the person who interests you what they are looking for from a relationship and what they have to offer. Tell the other person what you are looking for and what you have to offer. Avoid asking about past relationships and talking about marriage until the other person is comfortable discussing these issues with you.

  • Be Flexible 

When you are dating online, one thing you want to do is to be flexible. You may have standards that are fine, but make sure you don’t set them to the point they are unreasonable. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and explore the territory that is unfamiliar. You may find someone who is exactly what you are looking for, but they live far away. In this situation, you will have to compromise.

  • Reconsider Your Requirements

You may want someone who is tall, with a nice shape, long hair, and of a certain race. Requirements are fine and dandy, but how many of your requirements can be met by one human being? You have to realize that the dating world of full of compromises. You may find someone who matches some if not most of the things you require from your potential mate, but it will be difficult to find a person who matches every requirement you have. In this situation, think about the things you are comfortable doing without.

  • Don’t Rush to Judge the Other Person

Nobody puts their entire life story on their profile, so it would be silly of you to assume something because the person’s profile does not mention a particular thing you are looking for. If you want to know more than what the person states on their profile, let them know. All aspects of dating are about getting to know someone. If you never ask, you will never know.

5 Online Dating Tips for Men

  • Don’t Use Your Body for Attention

If you are looking for “the one”, the last thing you need to post on your profile is half naked pictures of yourself. There is nothing wrong with showing muscles or how well-built you are, but you don’t have to be naked. A woman is looking for a man, and although your body may be nice, that should not be all you consist of.

  • Write Interesting Things about Yourself

If you want to date, you need to write interesting information about yourself on your profile. Men make the mistake of writing one or two sentences on their profile and expect to get people to send them messages and find someone interesting. No one knows how interesting you are until you tell them a little about you. You don’t have to tell your life story, but you can state your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and other facts about you that are not too personal.

  • Use Your Vocabulary 

You don’t have to graduate from Harvard or Yale to know how to use proper English and grammar.

Avoid using phrases such as, “what’s up”, and using the letter “u” instead of the word you. Not too many people find poor grammar attractive. When you send someone who interests you a message, say more than hi or hello. For the subject of the message, say something along the lines of “your profile caught my eye” or “I would like to get to know more about you.” Take the time to read a person’s profile instead of scanning through their pictures. It means a lot more to the other person when you take the time to read their profile and know a little about them. It’s what a profile is for!

  • Don’t Post Incriminating Photos of Yourself and Friends

When you are ready to post photos of yourself, the last thing the other person wants to see is 1000 pictures of you and your friends. When every picture on your profile features you and your friends, it’s hard to tell who you are. Having one or two pictures with friends and family is fine, but every picture should not feature your relatives and friends. In your pictures, you need to avoid wearing shades. It’s difficult to display your facial features when you are wearing shades.

  • Always Use Recent Photos

It’s nice that you take photos every year, but people want to see a recent picture of you. If you post a picture of you from two or three years ago, that’s what people are going to expect you to look like if you decide to meet in person. Unless you never age and look the same over the years, you will need and updated picture. There is nothing wrong with aging, but when you are ready to date, you have to be honest with yourself and others.

Online Dating Tips for Men and Women

Be Honest

One essential tip for dating online for men and women is honesty. Aside from using recent pictures, the information you post on your profile about yourself needs to be honest. If you cannot be honest with yourself, you cannot expect anyone else to be honest with you. When you put information on your profile, make sure you are stating the truth. No one appreciates being lied to.

Leave Your Past Relationships Off of Your Profile

If you are still hurting from a previous relationship, you may want to reconsider dating. If you are not ever your ex-partner, don’t look for someone to replace your ex-lover because it will end in disaster. If you can’t leave the past in the past, leave dating alone for a while until you are ready. One thing you should never do is bring a past relationship into a present relationship. There are not many people who will be willing to endure the challenges of your past relationships with you.

Dating with Children

People become parents for many different reasons, but as a parent, you need to understand a few things. You may want to date someone who has children so the situation will not be awkward.

Dating someone who does not have children can become awkward because there will come a time when the person you’re dating wants to go out and do this or that, and they will have a hard time understanding why you can’t do something because you can’t find a babysitter. The person may stick around one or two times, but things get old quickly. When you’re dating with children, online dating can be scary.

Before you agree to meet with someone and introduce them to your children, get to know them as much as possible.  You can never know too much about someone when you plan on involving your children.  Let your love interest know you have children and ask them how they feel about children.

Some people do not have children for a reason, so it’s best to have before you spring your children on them and expect them to play the role of a mother or father.

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