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No One Likes Me

No One Likes Me

Everyday, many people say, “no one likes me.” However, it is not that no one likes you. Actually, you do not like yourself. You should think outside the box and make a drastic shift in your mentality to achieve acceptance from others. There are certain guidelines to follow for people that feel like no one likes them. These guidelines are very simple and they will help you make friends in no time.

Talk To People 

The first step would be to speak with people who have gone through the “no one likes me” phase. Find out why they fell in this trap. Furthermore, find out how they overcame their situation.

Speak with as many people as you could. People go through difficult situations all the time. Everybody has been through phases of loneliness and friendlessness. Try also to talk to people on both sides of the spectrum, to gain insight on all aspects of your situation.

For young men, it would be wise to speak with men that have dealt with rejection from girls before. Sour relationships are the main cause behind people feeling like no one cares about them. This is when you often hear people say, “I feel unloved.”

The Library

Sarah J. Maas, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, described libraries as “the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons”. When in doubt about anything, visit your local library. Search for books regarding “no one likes me” issues. Whether novels or non-fiction books discussing the problems, these books will shed a new light on the subject. It would be wise to read as many books as possible because each book will discuss the matter from a different angle. These books will also give you strategies and exercises on how to get people to like you.

In addition to the library, you should also visit your local bookstore where they sell the new releases from all over the world.

Professional Help

Seek professional help if you feel like you can’t handle your “no one likes me” phase on your own. Every city has one or more counseling centers, well-equipped with counselors that offer their services for free, most of the time.

Once you sit down with your counselor, put everything on the table. Tell him/her all the things that bother you. Your therapist has a variety of counseling techniques and medications available to him/her. Your simple problem of feeling unliked, abandoned or aloof might be an underlying symptom for something major like a personality disorder or depression. Only your therapist would be able to help you understand the graveness of your situation.

Public Support Groups

You should search for local support groups in your area that meet to deal with the stress of “no one likes me”. You would be surprised to find out a lot of people feel the same way. When you meet with different people and talk about what you have gone through, how to change your situations, and how to help others that are fighting the same battle, there’s a chance you would leave feeling better about yourself.

Finding local support groups could be achieved through online archives of all the support groups in the area. All you have to do is type your location and every group in the area will pop up in your search results. Pick the nearest and most convenient type (peer-led, or led by a mental health professional) and gear up for the upcoming meeting.

no one likes me

The World Wide Web

The keys to the greatest secrets of the universe are merely one click away. All you have to do is search for “no one likes me”, “no one wants to be my friend” or “I feel unloved.” The search results will bring up dozens of websites that will help you cope with your situation as well as give you some tips on how to become a more positive, decision-maker.

You should also broaden your search results by typing: “nobody like me”, “no one talks to me”, “I feel like no one likes me”, and “nobody cares about me”. This will bring up diverse websites discussing this particular subject matter from various points of view. Make sure to check out the first 2-3 websites in a given search engine since these are the most popular throughout your local community. They are also the ones with the highest ratings and most positive reviews.

It is also wise to compare websites in terms of their customer services and how unique their information resources are. This ensures a better, more rewarding cyber experience.


Everybody feels down, unwanted and friendless from time to time. Even celebrities cannot escape the “no one likes me” plague. The trick is not to allow those negative feelings to consume you and turn from a mild “feeling blue” into “full-blown depression”.

All of the guidelines presented here are there to help you and guide you through your journey of self-discovery. Make the best of it.

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