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For most, talking about bullying is a sensitive subject and depending upon one’s personal experience with it, they may not be comfortable talking about it with others. However, one of the best ways to take a stand against bullying is to keep talking about it. If you want to take a stand and start saying no more bullying, it is time to open up your mouth and share with others your concerns and plans to take action against these heinous acts.

No More Bullying: Things to start with

There are plenty of things everyone can do to help put an end to bulling in our communities. But in order to really put an end to these acts, it is important we start with some basics right in our own home. Here are some tips from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that may help start working with your children to put an end to bullying:

  • Help kids understand what bullying is
  • Teach them how to stand up for themselves if they are being bullied
  • Explain to kids where to get help dealing with a bully
  • Communicate with your child and keep the lines of communication open
  • Know all of your child’s friends at school and in the neighborhood
  • Encourage kids to participate in activities they love
  • Be a role model and treat others with respect

This is just the beginning to taking a stand and saying no more bullying within your community, at local schools and across the nation.

No More Bullying: Help kids understand

If kids do not realize the dangers associated with bullying, chances are they are unaware that they need to get help for themselves or report it when they see someone else doing the bullying. Encourage kids to speak up for themselves and let the bully know they do not appreciate their attitude.

Also, the best way kids can stop a bully from continuing is to ignore what is being said and walk away. If the bully has no reaction from the intended target, chances are he or she will eventually stop. But walking away does not mean the child should not tell a trusted adult what happened. It is important to let someone know just in case walking away does not stop the bully.

No More Bullying: Stop in on the spot

Rally with others and say “no more bullies” together. Work as a group to stop bullying on the spot.

If you, as an adult, respond quickly to bullying and remain consistent on what is done about these acts, children will be more likely to come to you and seek help. Plus when bullies see there will be no tolerance and everyone is standing up for “nobullying” action to be taken, these actions will start to diminish.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, here are some tips to help you take action to stop bullying now:

It may take time, but with patience and consistency, the amount of bullying cases reported in a school or community will start to dwindle. Though we may not be able to say no bullying is happening, but we can get real close to ceasing all bully-related acts.

No More Bullying: As a community

According to United We Serve, more than 160,000 US children stay home from school each day for fear of being bullied. We as a community need to stop telling children to go to school and “deal with it.” Everyone needs to take a stand against bullying, this includes parents, educators, students and even those in the community who do not have children in local schools.

As a community we can:

  • Offer to be a friend to someone who is being bullied – A kind word or action goes a long way to comforting the target and encouraging him or her to speak up.
  • Point out acts of bullying to a trusted adult – If you are unable to help the target, seek out someone who can, such as a parent, teacher or police officer.
  • Offer a way for the target to get away from the bully – Walk with the target home from school or invite him or her over for some time away from the bully.
  • Do not offer an audience for the bully – Do not allow the bully to continue picking on his or her target by being a bystander.
  • Set a good example – Show others how to treat others by being respectful to everyone you meet.

Over the past several years there has been an increase in reports of bullying at school, in the community and across the nation. It is time we all take a stand against these heinous acts of physical and mental violence and say we will tolerate a bully no more. Maybe together as a community, we can stop bullies before situations get out of control.

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