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Newspaper Articles on Bullying

Newspaper Articles on Bullying

Newspaper articles on bullying are written each day. Sadly, these articles never seem to end well. People are bullied for many reasons. They are bullied because of their sexual persuasions. They are disliked; race is sometimes an issue, weight, and even clothing. Any difference seems to be a reason for bullying or at least any excuse. Bullying is no more than abuse. It is something that happens to people familiar with one another but bullying is now the proper term. Usually when the trauma of bullying hits the newspaper the worse case scenario has happened. Perhaps a person has harmed himself or herself or someone else has stepped over the line and hurt them.

Anti Bullying Articles: newspaper article about bullying

There is no excuse for bullying and many sadly are too afraid to speak up when it happens. World affair demonstrate bullying among nations and leaders. It is not a circumstance that is limited to a classroom, a street corner or a home. Bullying permeates the world but it has different terms, this helps the world to see it differently. Bullies move across the globe freely under disguised terminology. The newspaper is filled with stories of bullying. Anytime a person is subject to the whim of another and is treated badly this is bullying. This is true of playground bullies, bosses on a job or world leaders. Bullying is a simple term that many do not apply to anyone in power. However, bullying starts at a young age when people are perceived as weak.

A handsome, smart twelve year old hanged himself after being bullied. When these sad things occur, some feel it is the fault of the victim. Bullies have the ability to create havoc and seem like the innocent party. This is a useful skill that can be used for many things but bullies do not see their abilities but only wish to destroy the skills of others.

Newspaper articles relate many deaths to bullying, yet the problem goes on. Inner city streets are the subject of many newspaper stories. Kids are forced into gangs in order to avoid being harmed by bullies. Their younger siblings are threatened and sometimes unable to walk to school safely. Preferring an education to gang violence is not always seen as bullying but again terminology coats and changes the reality. This is bullying in a different setting but it is still bullying.

Anti Bullying Newspaper Articles on Bullying

Kids in the inner city take what they feel is the only protection they have and join the gang. Living in a concrete jungle it is hard to find a place to hide. When their story is written in the Newspaper, it is seen as gang violence. Gangs are filled with people who were bullied into the gang. Newspaper articles on bullying are written after the fact. Many times, there is no witness to the event and the instigator of the problem is able to hide in a corner and pretend innocence, until the next victim. This is very much like most crimes; nothing can be done until someone gets hurt.

Groups in classrooms give the bully a forum. He or she wants to be the center of attention and the bullying gives him the attention of the crowd. The person being bullied is usually the easy outcast. Bullying can be brought to a crawl by a lack of participation. Kids that talk about their problems are more than likely to get help. Newspaper stories that perhaps bring the attention of the world to the bully before hand might help or giving the bully the attention, they need from another forum.

There are no easy answers but talking about the subject starts the work of finding them. People do not always talk to their children. With more parent’s working day in and day out finding out everything is not possible. Kids hold many things in. Classroom diaries might even help. Writing anonymously about bullies and letting this information be given to parties that have nothing to do with the school the kids are in may lead to less problems with bullies. Kids read one another’s handwriting and can often notice who wrote what but if the information is sent outside of the area, many problems might be solved. These young people hurt themselves out of fear. The world has to find a way to take away the fear.

In one of the recent newspaper articles on bullying, the LA Times points out the story of an Illinois father whose son committed suicide at the age of 15 after being extremely bullied at school. In this article, one of the most touching newspaper articles on bullying, the father narrates how he found solace in taking to Facebook to post a series of small videos about his son’s bullying episodes.

Newspaper articles on bullying also severely shared this study on how bullying victims were more than twice as likely to contemplate suicide or self hard and about two times likely to actually attempt suicide, this was one of the shocking recent news articles on bullying.

Spread the word on newspaper articles on bullying Now! and lets hope this article on anti bullying articles reaches as many people and helps many people to combat bullying the right way. anti bullying articles have a good way of showing people the dangers of bullying today!

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