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Negativity Quotes Have Turned From Humor to Deadly

Negativity quotes are weapons of mass destruction. They destroy the self confidence and prohibit emotional health and character growth of both attacker and victim. The use of negativity thinking quotes instigate groups against each other and cause the permanent prejudices that eventually set hatred aflame and defeat compassion and cultural understanding of others. From the earliest negative quotes of “I hate you!” to “Your people are worthless!”, man has been charged with removing them from our thinking.

Negative Friendship Quotes

“You don’t sweat much for a fat girl,” is a prime example of Negativity friendship quotes which were once a form of comradeship, an affectionate teasing participated in by relatives or friends. That sensitivity ended a couple of decades ago when the negativity friendship quotes died and negative bullying insults slid innocuously into their place. Negativity quotes are no longer chummy, friendly and certainly not affectionate. Even popular sitcoms reflect the new meanness of negative quotes and these negative thinking quotes.

Negative Thoughts Quotes

“Your dad is a bum!” Harboring, inventing and using negative thoughts quotes turn mouths into incredibly vicious and damaging weaponry that can scar the victim’s psyche forever A disparaging remark is a quote used as a weapon. In addition, the attacks of negativity quotes, or bullying, determine the self confidence and outward behavior of both the attacker and the damaged. The attacker sees a powerful growth in his or her own standing and influence. The bullied is emotionally and psychologically bloodied. The pattern is thus set for the aggressor and the downtrodden.

Negative Thinking Quotes in Workplace

“I would need to hire two men to make as many mistakes as you.” Workplace supervisors often believe they are exerting authority when in actuality they overstep the bounds of service and character building supervision. Negative thinking quotes enter the zone of intimidation, threats and state of neurosis among the employees. This is sometimes masked as negative friendship quotes by the supervisor which fools no one, including any bystanders.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

” No! No! Give it to me!” Our youth begin imitating adults in infancy. Babies learn to use negativity early and if not channeled and trained to be loving and draw more satisfaction with that venue, they will eventually develop into toddlers who bite, hit, pinch, throw tantrums and more. A parent who cannot compensate for this and divert the child’s negative actions usually gives examples of the same negative behavior only on an adult level. Nothing is gained and nothing is learned by either.

  • The bullying quotes that attack a person’s culture, physical appearance, intelligence or economic standing are cheap shots and they boggle the mind in that they are commonplace today. Unfortunately for youthful ears, even the music industry is fostering some of the worse bullying quote offenses. Threatening quotes are repeated throughout lyrics. Such violent quotes take bullying into the next level of sociopathic behavior and far too many crimes have been credited by the perpetrators as inspired by quotes from violent music videos.
  • This article is nailing the point home to register a cleansing of quotes in every mind that the bullying has to stop here, to paraphrase Harry Truman’s “buck stops here” quotation that was so well received.
  • Now is the time for every parent to study their own behavior as well as their influences on their children. “Monkey see, monkey do”, was one old adage that has always held an infinite warning. Today that warning is decidedly more pertinent. The parent is teaching with every action and words, when discussing personal attitudes and resentment in front of the child. Obliterating negativity from one’s own character is the first step to positive parenting.

Educators of the Young

  • “How many times do you have to be told?” “Go sit at the back of the room.” Every teacher must accept the responsibility for observing closely and running their own negative quotation intervention program to mitigate damaging their altruistic calling as educators.
  • “Jimmy is stupid. (giggles by class)” Many if not most schools today are instigating hard case program scenarios to defeat quotes by students of negativism and bullying with negative thinking quote against fellow classmates.
  • The negative quotes are not always from students, so policing hallways and rest rooms are not the sole solution. Instilling the desire into students to be accepted, to be part of the solution and not part of the problem will gain far more cooperation and success. Teachers need to regain their status as examples of fairness and good will to promote positivity.

Higher Education

“If you want in our club you must let us bully and harass you with negative thoughts quotes and treatment.” The recent reports of college fraternity hazing to excess have a valuable input in the bullying issue. Hazing is bullying under a sheepskin as much as the proverbial wolf. It permits an exertion of vicious venting that without the hazing program, probably would never have accelerated to the point that a normally clean cut fraternity group becomes an agent of mob violence and unbelievable cruelty even to the point of death of the person or persons they were “inviting” into their fraternity.

Eradication Programs to Heal

  • Society must counter all negative quotes with the enlightened one, “We have zero tolerance for negative quotes and bullying.” Elementary and high school programs in the United States, Canada, Ireland and other countries have undertaken the tremendous but incredibly beneficial and humane charge to relieve their school classes from any bullying or negative treatments. The educators are instilling the desire to extend social kindness and personal concern to fellow students.
  • With this must come the retribution of violations to the inspired sensitivity, and it is a delicate matter of balancing when encouraging youth to report or interrupt any bullying or negative name calling. Nonetheless, that is the key that will turn the lock on all negativity and bullying in the schools, homes and workplaces. We truly do reap what we sow, and we have been sowing seeds of briar ridden discontent and negative thinking quotes for far too long.

Cyber Damages

“No one likes you. You have no friends.” Cyber bullying is a horrendously infectious problem. Being a part of the social media world is beneficial to teenagers because they share opinions, stories and thoughts with people all over the world. It can be turned into a media for over all good.

  • Bullying has always been a curse of youth, but the internet can certainly offer a tool to make a big difference if used wisely and well. The social media environment gives users an easy way to spread hate, fear and distrust. There is an alternate side to this, in that the social media also gives users an easy way to spread deeper knowledge of each other and understanding of other lifestyles and cultures.
  • Encouragement for youth to use the social media for good by learning more about what they do not understand, and spreading a universal sharing of thoughts and ideas would be a wonderful replacement for the senseless bullying and negativity that gets in the way of productive thinking now.

Solution vs Chaos

  • “You aren’t like us. You are different. We don’t want to be with you.” The only way to counter and demolish the mass violence which our own country has experienced in the recent decade is to begin with the cultivated germination of the seed of acceptance in ourselves and our own homes, and eradicate negative quotes totally. Re-seeding our schools, media, and internet benefits with understanding the¬†interests in other lifestyles could produce a beautiful and lush array of intellectual and humane growth for our entire civilization.
  • All steps throughout man’s history have included huge back steps when some elements utilize modern innovations to stimulate negativity thinking quotes to push political agenda. Mankind has always proven itself to equipped and blessed with sufficient compassion and intellect to throw off the negative mantles, come to his senses, and strive for that which is good, right and compassionate. The bullying negative thoughts quotes will be overthrown equally well. We cannot contemplate otherwise for our world.

No matter a person or group’s philosophy, politics, religious faith or upbringing, exerting “might does not mean right.” This quote is indelibly ingrained into your mind and spirit as firmly as your comprehension of hunger and thirst. It is one of our lesser professed instincts that man will eventually stand up for what is right.

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