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Where to Find the Best Movie Trivia

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Learn Where to Find the Best Movie Trivia

Changes in Movie Viewing

Many years ago, a movie was released to movie theaters and that was really the only way you could see it.  If you waited long enough, sometime for years, you might actually be able to see old movies on television.  But over the years, that mode of operation for movie release has changed.  Nowadays, you can see movies at the theater, or watch them via online sites such as Netflix and Hulu.  Many cable companies and satellite services  offer “on demand” options that allow users  to see movies right away, sometimes on the same day they are released to theaters. There are even free to stream movies on various sites.

With all these methods of seeing movies available, you can enjoy a movie almost as soon as it is released.  If you like it, you can buy it online and have it delivered immediately.  And you can watch it as many times as you want. This has changed the way we enjoy movies.  Now they are almost instant commodities.

What can you do with all the movies your kids may want to download?  Why just watch them once and never see them again? A fun way for kids to entertain each other is to test their knowledge of movie trivia.  This is also a great way for parents to get involved with what their children are watching, to review their interests, and check out their knowledge in a fun, entertaining way that the children will find engaging.

There are lots of Web sites online that contain great quizzes and movie games.  Or you can go to movie review web sites and find the information to create your own movie trivia questions and answers. Create your own movie quiz and invite your children and their friends to join you in a movie trivia night.

The Internet Movie Database

One of the best sites on the Internet to get information about movies is the Internet Movie Database.  It’s also a great site to screen movies you might not want your kids to see, or to determine whether a movie supposedly age appropriate really is.  When you do a search for a movie, there is a section from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) that lists the rating.  There is also a “View content advisory” section that breaks down the movie content into various categories.  These include everything from “Sex and Nudity” to “Violence and Gore” to “Profanity” and “Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking.”

Though the Internet Movie Database has lots of “Did you Know?” movie trivia questions, most of these are fairly obscure, designed for true fanatics.  If you want to create a quiz for your kids based on the IMDB, check out their “Top 100 Quiz.”  This is a quiz for anyone, based on the Top 100 movies of all time.  The quizzes are a great place to start putting together questions for your own movie trivia game, because they’re broken down into three categories: Easy, Challenging and Genius.

Common Sense Media

The Web site Common Sense Media is a great site on which to find movie trivia.  This non-profit site was set up to help children adapt to media and technology, and to “help families make smart media choices.”  According to Common Sense Media, today’s kids spend over 50 hours of screen time online every week.  With that kind of screen time, it’s absolutely crucial that parents take charge and take an interest in what their kids are watching. By involving the children in learning about movies through games and trivia quizzes, parents can subtly monitor what their children are watching, while still engaging with them and having fun.

Common Sense Media has “Best of” lists that include recommendations for family friendly movies.  The category distinctions in these lists are amazing – everything from Best African-American Experience movies to First Movies for Kids.  Even better, they have a section where you can choose the age of your child, and they will then give you a selection of suggested movies perfect for that age group. One of the most significant sections of their Web site consists of video reviews of current movies.  These reviews analyze current movies and give solid evaluations about whether the movies are appropriate for kids or not.  The goal of Common Sense Media is “sanity, not censorship.”  Their reviews are based on precise age ranges and are very detailed.  But the site is perfect for gathering information that could turn into a fun and age-appropriate quiz for you kids.

Web Sites with Pre-Made Movie Quizzes

Want to explore Websites that have quizzes all set up to use on movie night?  A parenting blog called She Knows has great movie quiz answers to questions the author created on her Web site. The quiz by blogger Kory Ellis is a great example of how to put together a movie quiz for families.

The American Movie Channel (AMC)-sponsored Filmsite has multiple movie quizzes.  A new quiz is added each month.  This site would be a fun place to take quizzes with your child to test your knowledge and their knowledge together.  You just click on what you think is the best answer, and if you are wrong, the site gives you the right answer.  This would be an especially good site to play with older kids, teenagers, etc.  While you’re taking the quiz, you could recommend various movies that you enjoyed, and make a list of movies you want to watch together.

Articles and Movie Ratings

Yahoo Movies has lots of articles about movies, and some of them are quite well written.  But there are a lot of ads on the site, so it’s a struggle to find information or quiz questions.  This might be a good site for older kids who are seeking more advanced questions.

The Web site Rotten Tomatoes is a great site for movie trivia.  Though a lot of the material on Rotten Tomatoes revolves around reviews of recently released movies, the site has links to articles about movies from “Around the Web.”

For instance, a recent set of articles included items such as, “10 Biggest Movie Mistakes of Recent Memory,” and “12 Movies that were Shot but Never Finished.”  They also have a Best and Worst Category, and most important, A Parental Guidance section.  And Rotten Tomatoes has a list of the Top 100 kids and family movies, with detailed descriptions of each movie.  There are even videos related to each movie.

Want to set up a category of Oscar nominated movies?  Redbox has a list of the latest Oscar nominated movies every year.  As they say, “Rent them, judge for yourself.”

The Web site Movieweb frequently lists information about upcoming movies.  But there are a number of sections on specific movie types such as Comedy Movies, Horror Movies, and of course Kids’ Movies.  This might be a good way to decide the next movie you want to see with your kids.  The advantage to Movieweb is, if your children like movies in a series such as the Spiderman franchise, you can explore articles about previously made movies in that genre, and create trivia questions for your children to look for in the new movies.

The Changing Way We Watch

While it is wonderful that movies are so available these days, this surplus of available movies does have a drawback.  Old-fashioned movie nights have gone the way of the dial-up telephone, a retro memory.  But you can make movie nights fun again by creating entertaining, enjoyable trivia quizzes for your kids.  Have a slumber party and be the Quiz Monitor.  The kids will enjoy playing the game, and give you a little bonding time.

Besides, how much fun is it to recall all those old, enjoyable movies you once saw in a movie theater when you were a kid?  You can describe your experience seeing movies with your own parents or friends. This would be a good way to develop a rapport with your children, even if they laugh at you for not being able to stream new movies when you were a kid!


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