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Workplace bullying is a common experience that most people encounter while at their respective places of work. It refers to any form of mistreatment originating from others in the workplace, which brings harmful effects to the victim. It can take various forms, including verbal and non verbal kinds of humiliation. Learn about Workplace Bullying Cases Now!

Initially, bullying was only heard of in learning institutions and in most cases not beyond the eighth grade. It is however quite unfortunate to note that bullies are currently extending their malicious and unlawful acts to workplaces. Their main aim is often to intimidate the affected persons and create a bad working environment for them.

Anyone or anything that makes you uncomfortable while at work is considered a bully. This may include your coworker or even the boss. It may also be a group of people in the workplace who are determined to frustrate you. Just like you the employee, your boss can also fall victim of bullying. Bullying leaves the victim socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally disturbed. The most affected cases of workplace bullying include:

  • Casuals
  • Temporary employees
  • Interns
  • Work experience students
  • Other employees

The rate at which it occurs is very high. However, only a few cases are reported. This leaves most of the workers frustrated and made to work under these unpleasant conditions throughout their working experience. Some fear being laid off as a result of reporting their bosses who bully them. There are different types of workplace bullying cases. They vary from one workplace to another.

Workplace Bullying Cases: Sexual Harassment

These cases are very rampant in most workplaces and anyone can fall victim of them. Sexual harassment refers to asking for sexual favors from a person who is unwilling to consent to such demands. In most cases, they involve the boss or people in authority who ask for sexual favors for promotions and other gains at work.

Workplace Bullying Cases: Threats to Personal and or Professional Standing

These may be directed to a specific person or the work they do. It involves yelling negative statements that touch on an individual’s personal life in a manner that is likely to demean them. This could be concerning a family problem, a physical or mental disability, or a form of personal weakness. Other forms of this type of bullying include public reprimands, display of offensive photographs or videos to coworkers, use of obscene language, baseless accusations and criticisms, accusations, and faulty blaming.

Bullying that relates to one’s professional standing can be envisioned in instances such as:

  • Being excluded from workplace activities such as meetings
  • Being denied access to important information that is necessary for one to perform their work
  • Lack of feedback from your seniors
  • Being denied access to opportunities or resources that are meant for use by workers at the workplace
  • Interferences and interruptions that affect your work output
  • Too much responsibilities than one can conveniently handle

Workplace Bullying Cases: Manipulation Tactics

Some bosses and coworkers tend to bully others in the workplace by way of employing manipulative tactics. They create conditions and circumstances that will make you their slave for as long as you are in that workplace. The following are some of these tactics

  • Issuing of too short and unrealistic deadlines
  • Threatening workers with loss of the job
  • Refusing to take responsibility as expected by the employer
  • Unequal treatment among coworkers
  • Excessive monitoring
  • Being isolated or excluded from other workers
  • Use of abusive language

It is quite difficult to prevent acts of bullying in workplaces. However, there are several ways through which you can deal with workplace bullying cases. Some are as follows:

Seek for Professional Assistance

This may call for the involvement of professionals, like people who have guiding and counseling skills, to help you come out of the situation. With their experience, they will tell you ways that other victims have used in the past to alleviate the condition.

Seek Legal Assistance

In the event of the bullying going to the extremes, you may consider looking for legal redress of the case. Most acts of bullying are unlawful and their perpetrators should be arrested and made to face the long hand of the law, especially if they interfere with one’s rights and freedom. Avoid confronting the bully or bullies as this could weaken your case against them.

Report Them to a Higher Authority

This is mainly applicable if the bully is not the top ranked in terms of authority at the workplace. Reporting them to the relevant authorities at the workplace for appropriate action to be taken can be a way to relieve you from the bully.

The list of Workplace Bullying Cases is endless. These and many more cases are experiences of various people while on the job. However, it should be understood that not all the unpleasant situation experiences at workplace are as a result of bullying. In some cases, they are meant to keep you on track and make you focus on the main objective of the workplace.

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