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Modern Day Cure for Depression

Depression is a medical condition that affects people from all walks of life. It is characterized by feelings of unhappiness that may last for a considerable period of time. If left unattended to, physical signs such as failure to sleep will manifest. It is therefore important that appropriate measures are taken so as to take control of the condition. This can be done by establishing signs and symptoms that affected persons are displaying. The question is: is there a Cure for Depression?

Depression has many causes and varies according to the age group. Today’s advancing technology is partly to blame for the high rates of depression among the teens.

This is mainly attributed to the use of the Internet. Older teens have a tendency of threatening the young Internet users. This makes the young ones feel insecure, hence depressed. Parents must be on the look out for unusual signs displayed by the affected teens and relatives.

The cure for depression depends on the intensity of the condition. It is believed that the depression rate in women is twice that in men. This is attributed mainly to the hormonal changes that take place during several cycles that women undergo.

The following signs and symptoms will manifest in one suffering from depression.

  • Students find it hard to study,
  • Inability to work,
  • Oversleeping and in some cases a complete loss of sleep,
  • Avoidance of social activities such get-togethers due to the feeling of worthlessness,
  • Negative thoughts become prevalent,
  • Short temper,
  • Aggressiveness and violence,
  • Alcoholism, and
  • Loss of appetite, hence weight loss.

Advanced Signs

Suicidal thoughts tend to manifest in advanced depression cases. How can this be established? Affected persons will most likely start bidding friends and relatives goodbye. This is in anticipation of their departure.Some could change from a violent to a calm personality. This sudden change of character is a clear indication of their intention to commit suicide. There have been reported homicidal cases perpetrated by depressed persons.

Some will show a reckless character such over speeding and over consumption of alcohol.This will be done irrespective of the dangers posed. Some will resort to substance abuse in order to find solace.

This mental disorder is divided into three main groups depending on the effects.

  • Major

This type is characterized by the inability to enjoy the positive side of life. The affected person will show signs of hopelessness and helplessness. The net result is withdrawal from society. Generally, the undesirable effects displayed will last for about half a year.

  • Dysthymal

This is a chronic form of depression. The symptoms will go for about twenty-four months. It is quite severe. This is because the victim becomes highly temperamental and is ever angry.

  • Bipolar

This type is characterized by a hyperactive character. This includes fast speech and the desire to accomplish tasks hurriedly without adhering to instructions.These effects will only manifest for some weeks. This means that the victim will be experiencing behavior change on a regular basis.

When the above factors have been established, administration of a cure can commence. It is worth noting that the cure given depends on the intensity of the condition. There are four main curative procedures that have proved effective over the time.

Cure for Depression: Embracing Positive Social Behaviour

This includes social support where the victim is made to feel worthy and respected. Similarly, an individual is encouraged to participate in communal activities. This is known to build self esteem, hence the feeling of worthlessness is completely eliminated. The views of the affected persons can be sought during group meetings.This is crucial in developing a sense of belonging and trust. The net result is increased participation in community activities, hence no chance for the disorder to develop.

Cure for Depression: Change of Lifestyle Behaviour

Behavioural changes in lifestyle such as taking a healthy diet and reduction of alcohol consumption are known to alleviate the condition. People must be encouraged to exercise regularly. Similarly, individuals should be encouraged to set realistic goals.This is because high expectations that are unachievable in the short run are known to trigger the disorder.

Cure for Depression:Building Emotional Skills

This involves tactics on how to manage stress related issues.An individual must be made to understand that failure in one area of life does not mean the end of life. People must learn to appreciate themselves by realizing personal strength and weakness. Similarly, persons are made to understand that being violent or aggressive is not the solution to life challenges. Individuals must learn to accept the outcome of every situation in a positive manner.

Cure for Depression: Professional Help

This involves subjecting the affected person to medical assistance. Here they will be monitored by the professionals while establishing the root cause of the problem. In most cases, there will be a series of counseling sessions. In very extreme cases, the administration of anti depressant drugs is highly recommended.

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