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Mental Retardation and The United Kingdom

mental retardation

There are a huge range of intellectual disabilities that millions of people and their families have to deal with every day. Knowing a bit about these disabilities is just one way that you can truly start to understand what these families and individuals go through on a daily basis. Mental retardation, as it was once called, is a disability that more people deal with than many might imagine. There are a few different types of intellectual disability and knowing the differences is the first step to understanding.

Low IQ

One of the lower levels of this type of disability is of course a low iq. This means an iq that is lower than the average of any given area. Now, the averages that are recorded for every area and can differ but a good number to consider is something around 75. Though those that have a lower IQ may not be considered dysfunctional in any way, they are often not able to do what other people are able to do.

In many places, there are laws in place that both protect these individuals and protect those around them. This means that there are laws that can help these individuals procure work, work against scrutiny and discrimination, and more. One good example of how those with low IQ are often discriminated against is that of a man in Great Britain that was having a sexual relationship with a man that he had lived with for some time. The laws were put in place to protect this type of individual for a few different reasons. The judge ruled that the man, did not know what he was doing, and therefore was being taken advantage of by the other man.

There is a problem with this however, the man who’s IQ was 48 and a moderate learning disability, was not fully aware of what he was doing. This coupled with his vigorous sex drive made it hard for the judge to allow the behavior to continue without knowing fully if the man knew what he was doing. The judge ruled that he should not be allowed to have sexual relationships with anyone as he did not understand the dangers that came with sex.

Mentally Challenged

There is another level of mental disability to consider and that is mentally challenged individuals. In Great Britain, the definition of a mentally handicapped individual is anyone that has limited intellectual function. The man that was mentioned above would be considered to be mentally challenged as well as low IQ and worse. Someone that is mentally challenged may still be able to do basic functions, they may still be able to do even slightly elevated functions, they are just likely not to be able to do higher function things.

In most cases those that are mentally challenged do not have an extremely low IQ but simply have a lower IQ than is normal and than is needed to complete more advanced functions. One that is mentally challenged may still be able to hold a job and do other things they are likely however to not be able to do anything more serious.

Mentally Disabled

The next level of mental disability that you may consider is someone that is mentally disabled. This is anyone that has a low enough IQ or difficult enough mental inabilities that they are not able to hold a job, not able to function in normal society, and that they do need extra help to get through the day. In a place like Great Britain or England, there are plenty of programs that can help those that are not all that able to function on their own.

In many areas, there are plenty of places that can help these individuals learn how to function and that can even help those that are in need to complete their daily functions. It is not all that difficult to find a program that can help these individuals learn how to function. The last issue that someone that is mentally disabled may have to deal with is getting public assistance in terms of money. Since these individuals cannot hold down a job, it is often necessary for the government to give the individual a monthly stipend to help pay their bills.

Global Learning Delay

When a child is developing there are some issues that parents will have to deal with and global learning delay is something to keep in mind. This is a term that is used to describe any delay that may have taken place during the formative years of a child’s youth. This means for the adult, that they are going to have a much harder time being able to function intellectually, they will likely have trouble with self care, they will have trouble with home living, they may not have vocational skills, leisure skills, health and safety care, and even other care.

In most cases, those that have suffered from a global learning delay have no real way to get over it or to heal from it. The best way to deal with this type of delay is to find a home for these individuals, to find someone that can come and take care of them, or that these individuals may need to live with family instead of living alone. This type of delay is normally only part of a developmental issue but can also be linked directly to things like trauma and genetic disorders. This is not something to be toyed with and if you notice that your child is delayed in any way you should seek immediate help in getting them back on track. Often, you can see signs of delay before it becomes very serious and causes permanent issue.

Mental Retardation Symptoms

There are a few different thing that you can think of when you are trying to determine if someone that you know or yourself even may have mental retardation or mental disabilities. There are a few different symptoms that you can keep a watch for in order to determine if mental disability is an issue. The first is of course delay in reaching milestones. This means if your child is not doing what they should be by the time they reach the milestone they may need help. Another symptom is the inability to progress beyond simple academics. Those that have a server mental retardation may never get past a second or third grade ability which makes it nearly impossible to function.

Still another symptom you may notice is of course the inability or at the very least the struggle to make friends or to partake in social relationships. This can be something as simple as being painfully shy to the point that it affects their ability to function. Another symptom may be something like the inability to cope with things. This could manifest itself in temper tantrums, outbursts for no reason, and more. This is a symptom that makes it difficult for those with mental retardation to function and to even work with other people.

It is often difficult to work with someone that has mental retardation and with some effort, any family member or individual can do what they need to in order to help those in need. It is not always impossible for someone with mental retardation to function in the normal world, with some help, even those that have severe issues can begin to function in a limited capacity. It is not always the case that someone with a mental disorder is going to be completely deficient and unable to do anything on their own. In many cases, they can learn with proper help and support.

What Can We Do About Mental Retardation

There is no real way that you can deal with anything like mental deficiencies. The best way to work with someone that has a mental disability is to work with those people to help encourage their functionality. It is easier than you might imagine to help those that have mental disabilities and those that are classified as handicapped people. You can first and foremost start to help them learn basic functions and basic skills that they can continue to do on their own. Those that have mental delays often take joy in the company of the familiar, if you have the time, try to spend it with those that you care about that have mental disabilities in order to keep their spirits up.

Though it may seem like doing everything for someone that has a mental deficiency is the right thing to do, it is always best to help those that have deficiencies to do things for themselves. It is possible to teach those that have issues to do things for themselves and to simply provide a supporting role in the overall function and day to day work. When it feels like you should do something for someone else, you should first see if you can help them do it on their own. There is nothing more valuable than to help those that are not able to do things to learn how to manage on their own.

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