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Would You Benefit From a Mental Age Test?

mental age test

What is my Mental Age? And what is a Mental Age Test?

Do you know that you have a mental age that is different from your chronological age? Really, you do. You can take a mental age test that will give your age based on your answers. You might be surprised at the outcome. Often asked your chronological age, some people will respond with an age that they determine to be their mental age instead.

For some, they will be older than their years and for others they will be younger. Based on people’s attitude toward music, social issues, what they read, watch and do, the questions may seem nonsensical but there is a method to their madness. Knowing your mental age won’t make you any smarter, but it can indicate why you seem older or younger mentally than you do by birth date.

The definition of this measure from the American Heritage dictionary states this as “A measure of mental development as determined by intelligence tests,

generally restricted to children and persons with intellectual impairment and expressed as the age at which that level of development is typically attained.”

What is a Real Mental Age Test?

It describes your age based on life experiences, as well as your level of intelligence and will depend on your attitude toward life. It can be an indicator that shows your inner child, who may be younger than your chronological years or older. Mental age can be affected by how you think, what you think, your social environment and your lifestyle or it can be the result of a physical or learning disability. It can also be influenced by the age of the individuals with whom you spend most of your time.

Younger individuals, who are given responsibilities at a younger age than their peers, may have a mental age that is several years older than individuals are the same age. Older people who spend a great deal of time with individuals, who are younger than them, may develop traits that give them a mental age that is younger than their years. It seems that your associations can affect your mental age.

Children and adults who have mental impairments may have a mental age that is much lower than their chronological age. By performing a mental age test, a plan of action that will help them increase their mental age can be affected.

Are your IQ and Mental Age Related?

That depends on whom you ask. Some mental age tests also want you to take an IQ test, also. Some think that it is possible, but tests indicate that your mental age and IQ are not necessarily aligned. You can have a high IQ and older or younger mental age, or a low IQ with a high or low mental age. It seems that mental age is determined more by environment than intelligence.

Can your Mental Age be improved?

Sure, it can, just as your IQ can be raised by further educating yourself. Brain training games can help you with your IQ, memory retention and mental age. Pierce J. Howard’s book, “The Owner’s Manual for the Brain: The Ultimate Guide to Peak Mental Performance for All Ages”, offers advice on how to improve your mental age.

Those who are open minded about change, new technology that have a positive outlook on life with a good attitude who want to improve their mental age, can do so. Taking workshops can help them with this endeavor. When you have a low mental age, it has a positive effect on your biological age.

The irony with mental age testing is that younger people want to have a higher mental age, and older individuals want to have a younger mental age. This indicates our change toward our age as we mature and get older.

How is your Mental Age is Determined?

As an intelligence test score, mental age is the chronological expression of ones age for which a certain level of performance is typical or average based on findings of others the same age. An individual’s age is then divided by their chronological age and multiplied by 100, yielding an intelligence quotient, (IQ).

This measure would indicate that and individual whose mental and chronological ages are identical has and IQ of 100 or average intelligence. However, if a ten year old has mental age of 13, their IQ would be 130, which is well above average for their age group.

Since the average mental age of adults does not increase past age 18, an adult taking an IQ test is assigned the chronological age of 18. (

Should you take a Mental Age Test?

They’re fun and you might be surprised at the results. Finding that you are more mature than your peers at the age of 15 can give you added confidence. Realizing that you have an age of 44 but are really 55 can make you feel younger, which is not a bad thing as your hair begins to fade to silver.

However, as a means of testing your mental age the tests vary in the questions asked and are not based on scientific criteria. They are for fun. Since the questions have no right or wrong answers you can’t pass or fail, you will simply be placed into an age category based on your answers.

Where can I Find a Mental Age Test?

When searching on the internet for mental age tests, you will find several. Some require that you not only take a mental age test, they also require an IQ test along with it. Some sites want you to pay for the results, while others are free to take and can be accomplished in 15 or 20 minutes, online.

Quick links for tests include:

  • My Mental Age – this test has but 20 multiple-choice questions and only takes a few minutes.
  • Piixemto – asking but 12 questions, this test is quick and easy.
  • Oprah TV – yet another test but they call this on an emotional age test developed by Ellen Langer PhD, a Harvard Psychologist but unlike some of the other tests it does not give you an age or age date range.
  • Quizzurp – Ten short questions may have you feeling older or younger after taking this mental age test.
  • Daily Record – nine short questions will reveal your mental age, according to this tests criterion.
  • Brain Entertain – using a graphical question format, you choose the picture that best represents your answer.

The listed tests are more for fun, than truly information. A mental age test can be administered by a psychologist that will likely be given along with an IQ test to determine your mental age. In individuals with learning disabilities, the tests can be used to find a course of action to help the individual improve their mental age through proper counseling and education.

Things to do that make you Feel Younger

Release your inner child at any age by participating in certain activities. So, go play with the kids, sing in the shower, walk in the rain, go to a playground, visit a carnival or theme park, make funny faces in the mirror or toward someone else, laugh long and often, have a pillow fight or a food fight. You may get some strange looks if you are older and participate in these activities, but you can smile about it, knowing that your activities are for your health and not someone else’s permission or approval.

In the Know

If you would like to know your mental age, a quick test can reveal it. However, if you or someone you know could benefit from a test administered by someone in the medical field, then do so. Children and adults can find that knowing their IQ and mental age can help them in all facets of their lives and give them a better understanding of who they are, where they are going, and how to get there.

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