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Maria Zavakou Writes a Book with a Cause

Maria Zavakou

Lou and Lee in the island of perfection: a children’s book about trying to do what you love. Maria Zavakou: an author trying to publish a book she loves.

I always believed children should be educated to protect what they love to do, who they are, to protect themselves from being bullied about this. Lou and Lee where born out of the need to speak about this through a narrative that would give not only kids, but also parents and teachers a common basis to discuss without “teaching”, but through the actions and decisions of the characters.

Young boy Lou and his friend rabbit Lee defend their love for pastry cooking despite peer pressure and pressure from King Perfect to give it up. It takes courage and strength to live your life the way you want to, to support who you are, to overcome the feeling of failure and go on. When the two characters are bullied by everyone they do not lose faith and mainly the do not assimilate. They remain stable to their goal in a world where all their peers do the opposite to satisfy King Perfect. All kids are gradually “infected” by “the virus of perfectionism” and transformed into adults.

Lou and Lee deal with negative influence, they overcome self doubt, they learn through trial and error, in short they defend what they love. This has a cost, but also a great reward. Lou and Lee want to say that we should protect what we love, what we dream. It was my dream to publish this book. The crowdfunding campaign gave me a platform to try and make this a reality.

By donating to the campaign you actually pre-buy the illustrated book electronically or published, in English or Greek. At the same time, you become part of a cause as all extra funds will go directly to Make- A- Wish Greece.

Support the campaign here until 29 November:

Who is Maria Zavakou?

Maria Zavakou

Maria Zavakou

I started being involved in script writing in 2008  with the scholarship of the Greek Film Center to join the MFI (Mediterranean film institute) seminar with my feature film 360 Degrees, a film about cyberbullying, which was then funded by the Writing Programme of the Greek Film Center, but has not been made into a movie yet.  My short film script The Pyramids of Athens was also funded by the GFC and directed by Yolanda Markopoulou (Drama International Short Film Festival, Chicago Greek Film Festival, Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, Aubagne International Short Film festival- France, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival etc.). I wrote the theatrical play The Forest of the Kind which was performed in the XIV European Meeting of Ancient Drama in Delphi. My children play Until the Very Blue was performed (2014) in the Center of the Earth, Cultural Center Kea- Tzia and it will now be performed in the Modern Pottery Museum. I have participated in competitions of the National Theatre with plays: Lou and Lee in the island of perfection (children play), Bounded together. Adaptations include the Big Chimaera by M. Karagatsis (National Book Center competition- was cancelled), Floating woman (project upon order), Work for Money, theatrical play by Nikos Tsekouras.

Previous work experience includes editing in the 2004 Olympics Press Department, chief editor in Be magazine, Head of Children’s Sales Department of Euripides Bookstore, translations of movies, cartoons, documentaries for Audiovisual. Today, apart from writing I work (part-time) in the non-profit organization Volunteer4greece.

I have a Bachelor in Philosophy- The American College of Greece -Deree, Professional Diploma in Translation – the British Council, and I also followed the master’s degree of the The Philosophy and History of Science Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Science. I also completed the seminar on script writing by the National Book Center and a master class by Francis Ford Coppola.

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