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Major Bullying Targets in the UK

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As ironic as it sounds; bullying as a notion is rather objective. But what about Bullying Targets?

There is no standard victim or trigger- only the outcome can be agreed on. Generally speaking bullies do have a criterion for singling out their victim; examples are:

Do they come off as a vulnerable character or someone easy to affect?

Can they be dominated in case of a physical altercation?

Are they least likely to receive support from peers?

Are they more intrusive? Less noticeable? or less likely to seek attention from adults?

Who are the bullying targets in the UK?

The norm varies according to the inclination and personality of the bully, and has little to do with their prey themselves; albeit some individuals are more likely to be aimed, as they’re assumed a weakling by the perpetrator:

56% of children with a learning disability said they cried because of bullying, and 33% hid away in their bedroom. Nearly half of children with a learning disability had been bullied for over a year, and many were bullied for even longer. MENCAP (2007) Bullying wrecks lives: the experiences of children and young people with a learning disability. London: Mencap.

Over 90 per cent of parents of children with Asperger Syndrome reported that their child had been bullied in the previous 12 months. L. Little, ‘Middle-Class Mothers’ Perceptions of Peer and Sibling Victimisation among Children with Asperger’s Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disorders’ (2002) 25(1) Issues in Comprehensive Paediatric Nursing

In a survey carried out by the DCSF of 34,428 pupils across four different age groups, virtually every single pupil of minority ethnic heritage had been verbally abused on the ground of their ethnicity .DCSF, Bullying around Racism, Religion and Culture(2006)

More Bullying Targets Below:

In a survey of 1,154 secondary school pupils, almost two thirds of young lesbian, gay and bisexual children had experienced homophobic bullying at school. Almost all survey respondents had heard derogatory homophobic comments. Stonewall, The Experiences of Young Gay People in Britain’s Schools (2007).

It’s always important to clarify that being a target is NOT due to a deficiency or defect in the victim; but rather a “fetish” if you may call it on the inflictors’ part.

Bullying should not be tolerated at any school or educational establishment, and if the injured party decides to report the incident, and it is not validly resolved- then they do have the right to take strong legal action against any implicated parties.

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