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Anti bullying resources are very important in addressing this crucial topic. However, you should learn where to find some valid resources to report bullying or get help when you -in case of parents, your kids- are bullied.

Anti Bullying Organizations

Anti bullying organizations have increased in number ever since bullying became a global awareness issue. Every city in the U.S has at least one establishment dedicated to bullying prevention. Theses establishments will be stacked full of anti bullying resources including toolkits, training programs, documents on bullying laws and policies.

It would be a good idea to reach out to one or more of these establishments, and locate the best resources for a given situation. You can also visit nearby cities and visit local anti bullying organizations. Each and every one of these establishments works toward a common goal, and that is to eliminate bullying from the society.

Most of the establishments that offer material on anti bullying do not charge for their material; sometimes they may ask for a donation, but that is all.

The Local Library

The local library provides many books and anti bullying resources. It would be wise to visit all of the local libraries  in your city and see what they have to offer.

One of the best places to locate anti bullying resources would be the libraries at local colleges and universities. These libraries provide advanced reading material on topics including: the various forms of bullying, studies and journals that showcase the long-term effect of bullying and how to get involved in bullying prevention movements.

The Internet

A person seeking anti bullying resources should start with online research. If you type “anti bullying resources” in the search bar of Google, you will get hundreds of websites relative to this subject matter. As a general rule, only the first five websites are the most relevant to your topic of interest. This is because they are the most popular within your local area. The first five websites also have the most outstanding ratings, which means that they get a lot of traffic on a daily basis. The reviews on these websites are also all positive and from real people who used one or more of the resources listed and had an affirmative experience from doing so.

While online, you can also search for anti bullying forums. This will lead you to websites where anti bullying is being discussed by parents, survivors and experts. Anti bullying forums are usually visited by people from all over the world. This makes the experience even more unique and diverse.

Anti Bullying Resources For Teachers

There are various techniques and methods that teachers can use to use anti bullying resources to their favor:

  1.  Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans.
  2. Support Groups and Forums.
  3. Anti bullying courses (as a part of the school curriculum).
  4. Archiving anti bullying resources by grade.
  5. Bullying Support Letters.
  6. Cyber Safety Procedures.
  7. Anti bullying activities like comic strips, quizzes, surveys and mini-campaigns.
  8. Creating a class-specific bullying report system.
  9. Anti bullying posters, flyers and other promotional material.
  10. Teachers media resources.

The Public

Public awareness is one of the most foundation of locating local anti bullying resources.Hosting anti bullying events will introduce you into a world of eyewitness testimonials, art by people who have been bullied, stories from victims and their families.

If you plan on hosting an anti bullying campaign, it would be great to invite an expert guest speaker on anti bullying issues. Aside from passing out handouts, teaching people how to engage in bullying prevention and reporting, these speakers will add credibility and favorable publicity to your campaign.

anti bullying resources

Department Stores

Department stores are another good place to locate anti bullying resources. You might have to spend a little bit more than you already had in mind, but the outcome is worth it. Some of the anti bullying merchandise even come with fundraising tips and bullying prevention guides. Popular stores will have up to date anti bullying resources at low, wholesale prices.

Anti bullying products include: books, movies, pins, bracelets, jewelry, stickers, balloons and much more.


The best ways to seek out anti bullying resources would involve online methods and meetings in-person. Teachers and parents should give every resource possible a try, because most of them are case-specific.

Anti bullying resources has saved lives numerous times, because it allowed victims of bullying to get help easily. It made bullies go get help, too. Locating the right anti bullying material might save a life. You should start researching them whenever you meet a bullying incident that requires immediate intervention. Bullying is a serious issue. It could be life-threatening if not handled with care and speed. You shouldn’t hesitate in taking one step towards bullying prevention. One step can save a life.

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