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Living with The Bullying Boss

The Bullying Boss and Corporation Bullies

Situations that can be difficult are when the boss or corporation are all bullies. This happens more frequently than any of us would like to admit. When a person has climbed up the corporate ladder, they have obtained a certain amount of power over those under them. If a person who has been promoted does not know how to handle more responsibility, the person can be very difficult on the employees under them. Power can go to an employee’s head. They can turn into being a bullying adult over those employees under them.

When a whole corporation is made up of bullies, they can coerce and constantly threaten employees with termination and lay-offs. Jobs are difficult to find these days, and the economy is bad. No one can afford to lose his or her job and wages. Many corporations tell employees that things are operated their way, and they do not care for worthless suggestions by an employee. The employee works in fear of losing their job if they voice an opinion or complain about the least issue.

Some bosses think nothing of being sarcastic to employees and many times will demean, and verbally abuse the employee. These bosses who act like a bully can keep department heads under their thumb through intimidation. These bosses can certainly make life miserable for the employee, with continued threats of losing their jobs. If an employee thinks about quitting their job, the employee instantly thinks of the ramifications of their decision. How will they make the mortgage payment or feed their family?

Most employees will grin and bear the abuse. In situations such as these, employees need to stick together because there is power in numbers. Most bosses do not realize that it is a crime to treat their employees in this manner, no matter if they own the company or not.

Learn more about workplace bullying here. And spread the word on how to face the bullying boss!

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