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List of Character Traits to Possess in Life

list of character traits

Discover the top List of Character Traits to possess

Many people confuse “character” with personality. The two are not the same in any way. A person’s personality is who they are. It is the basis on which they are defined. A person can be happy, family oriented, thoughtful, caring and compassionate. While many of those traits describe character in a sense, they do not offer an example of a person’s moral standing, only their emotional and psychological ones. Character is used to define a person’s value and worth, not their emotional or psychological state. While it can be used to define who they are as a person, those traits are not used to describe a person’s mannerisms or actions that define them as an individual.

When listing personality traits, the things on the list usually refer to how a person acts. Do they smile or frown alot? Are they depressed or prefer to be by themselves? Are they a social butterfly that must always be the center of attention? These are questions that define and describe an individual’s personality. In essence, character is used to describe a person’s moral and ethical views, their personality describes them as an individual.

What Is Good Character?

Good character is what identifies as a person with morals and ethical values. Someone who is said to have good character is often the first one to lend a hand when a neighbor is in need. They are ready to help if there is an accident or someone is experiencing any type of difficulty. Often times, you hear of someone “paying it forward”. This is someone who has more than what they need and who is willing to share their abundance with someone else, regardless of whether or not they know the person.

A person with good character will, more than likely, be the one chosen to head a charity event or lead a charitable organization. They are the ones who work the hardest to bring about positive change and rebuild something that has been torn down or damaged by another’s careless actions. There can be a list of character traits to identify individuals who are both good and bad. Job applications will often list good character traits that the company is interested in having in each of their employees.

List of Positive Character Traits

A good character traits list will include:

  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Considerate
  • Hard working
  • Honest
  • Above reproach
  • Faithful
  • Sincere
  • Optimistic
  • Committed
  • Truthful

Companies who are looking to hire new employees for their management teams will often look for individuals who have a high moral character. These people are willing to work hard, show compassion and make sure the company’s best interest are looked after. They are truthful, honest and loyal to their fellow employees and the company they work for.

A person who is considered to have good moral character will often put another person’s safety before their own. Good character is not exclusive to individuals who are religious or spiritual. Anyone can show good character by their actions and the good deeds that they perform. When a person does something nice for another person without expecting to receive anything in turn, that shows good, moral character. Religion has nothing to do with it.

List of Character Traits for Kids

A child’s first set of lessons when it comes to good character are taught by the parents. Being fair and learning how to share are two of the most basic lessons a parent will teach their children. As they continue to grow, more and more concepts will be taught that show children the value of helping others. Building good character is important for children, especially when they start to attend school. A good character traits list for kids should include:

  • Compassionate
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Truthful
  • Positive attitude
  • Works hard
  • Studies hard
  • Knows right from wrong
  • Willing to help others
  • Willing to accept responsibility for their own actions
  • Respects authority

While these are similar to those for adults, these are the ones that should be stressed again and again as a child continues to grow. Most of the time, parents, teachers and older siblings are the ones who will be teaching the child these important character traits. Children who are raised with high moral and ethical standards are those who are recognized for their good character, not just in school, but once they enter the real world as well.

Character Traits that Are Good in the Business World

In the business world, being known for having positive character traits can make you very successful. Business people want to work individuals they can trust and rely on to get the job done right. This means they will look for someone with solid values and sound moral judgment if they want to be able to leave that person in charge of a project or event. In most cases, members of management will carefully watch employees for several months to determine whether or not they have what is needed to complete the job successfully and within a certain time frame.

Character traits that are beneficial in the business world are those that make business men and women successful. Honesty and hard work lay the foundation, while commitment and loyalty help to solidify the structure. Compassion and respect are also important in the workplace. Respect is not always given lightly. When in a company setting, respect must be earned by hard work and dedication to success and the continued advancement of the company. To earn the respect of management, employees must prove their value and show the company they are worth the time and effort they are paid for.

The Benefits of Having Good Character

There are several benefits of having good character. A person with good, moral character is well-liked and respected within the community. They are just like everyone else, except they will go the extra mile any time a friend or neighbor needs help. The extent to which they will offer themselves is what shows the level of their character and commitment to their fellow man.

Individuals who have exemplary character are often chosen to lead special groups or chair meetings. They are chosen because they are trusted by other members of the staff. An individual who has earned the respect of management as well as their fellow co-workers are often the ones who started from the lowest position in the company and slowly worked their way up the corporate ladder.

Building character does not happen over night. It is a lifelong process that starts when a person is extremely young. Parents who have taken the time to instill family values and positive morals are often the ones who were extremely active in their children’s lives. When a person makes themselves available to the child, the child will begin to value their own worth. The amount of time a parent invests in a child will be a direct indicator as to what type of character traits the child will have when they have reached adulthood.

Adults who continually strive to improve themselves and their character are often those that move the farthest up into management. Individuals with good character and positive moral values are normally the ones who will push for the most ethical and responsible solutions to problems. When a person shows good character, they not only make themselves look good, they make others look good as well.

Individuals who manage their own business can make it a success by simply treating others the way they want to be treated themselves. It is an easy concept that is taught to children under the age of five. It is important to instill these positive behaviors in children at a young age so that when they are older, they already know what is to be expected of them in both school and the business world.

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