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Kids Read Mean Tweets, and We Dare You To Laugh

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Jimmy Kimmel started this wave of viral videos on reading “mean tweets”; celebrities who come to his late night talk show and read out mean tweets said about them, this segment easily is one of the most watched and most hilarious, even President Obama recently read out some mean tweets about himself on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Now, funny reactions and tweets aside, mean tweets or mean posts on any other social network aren’t always just funny. Because mean tweets are just mean, welcome to the world of Cyber Bullying and Online Harassment.

The Canadian Safe School Network agrees so they released the following video, becoming viral as we speaking.

The page for The Canadian Safe School Network says the following:

“There are few things worse than being bullied. And for kids today, bullying doesn’t stop at the playground. It’s non-stop, hitting them wherever they are through their phone and numerous social networks, 24 hours a day. Watching celebrities’ read the mean things people say about them online is meant to be funny, but it’s a very different story when it happens to kids. And unfortunately, over 50% of adolescents have admitted to being a victim of cyberbullying. So we made a video to remind the world that cyberbullying is no joke. It’s a serious issue that we want everyone talking about.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, cyberbullying is an epidemic that needs to stop whether it is directed in jest or in maliciousness, words do hurt and hateful words need to stop.

If you are facing cyberbullying or nasty words online or offline, do talk to your parents and your teachers and they will help you get control of the situation, if you report bullying or cyberbullying, you are not a wimp or a snitch, you are a hero.

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