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Kidnapping and What You Can Do About It


When you were a child, your mother and father would always warn you about not accepting candy from a stranger. It is fairly similar to the common phrases, “don’t talk to strangers,” and “don’t accept gifts from strangers. Many people may still remember the expression “stranger danger” which is a term coined that implies the dangers that strangers bring to children. Learn about Kidnapping and What You Can Do About It!

Kidnapping is defined by the law as the “unlawful restraint” of a person. This may be done by force or by threatening whereas the victim is taken without consent to a different location to conceal his or her whereabouts. It is often mistaken for abduction, but according to the definition provided by Cornell University, abduction is a more general term and may not include force or threatening of the victim.

Kidnappers are often known to ask for something in exchange of the freedom of the person being kidnapped. One of the most well-known kidnapping cases is the Cleveland women kidnapping case. This Cleveland Ohio kidnapping made headlines after three women were found in a house belonging to Ariel Castro where the women had been held for almost ten years. These kidnapped women had been in seclusion for almost a decade. The Cleveland women kidnapping case shocked many people because the kidnapper, Ariel Castro, was a man that no one would have suspected to do such a thing.

The kidnapping of children also has parents on the lookout for strange activities around their neighborhoods. A famous story of a child kidnapping, the Lindbergh case, was dubbed “the crime of the century,” where a child was kidnapped and later found murdered by the authorities. The story had also become famous due to the fact that the child’s father, Charles Lindbergh, was the first known pilot to fly across the Atlantic solo.

The accused suspect was a German man, who after the court case, was found guilty of kidnapping and murdering the child and was executed after being found guilty. The child was found, almost unrecognizable, by the authorities with a fracture in his skull which was said to be the reason for his demise. The Charles Lindbergh kidnapping is still known by many people and still instills fear in the hearts of many parents.

Stories of Abduction

There have been various cases of girls kidnapped at knife point. One famous story is about Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped in Salt Lake City. The Elizabeth Smart kidnapping is also one of the most well-known kidnapping stories that shocked the world. Smart was abducted for nine months by a Brian David Mitchell, a known religious fanatic.

Smart was a girl kidnapped when she was just 14-years-old and it was not something that she had thought could be possible. After being held in captivity for nine months, Elizabeth Smart finally escaped after three policemen found three odd looking women walking down the street. They stopped the women who were wearing dirty robes and wigs. One officer asked Smart if she was was the missing girl. He told her to speak up if she was so he would be able to help them and so she did. Since then, Smart released a book to tell her story and help those who have experienced similar trauma. She was lucky to be found by clever authorities who only spotted her because the unlikely trio in filthy robes and wearing gray wigs. The kidnapped girl found hope to be rescued since her appearance gave away their disguise .

San Diego kidnapping stories have been recently made headlines because of a parental kidnapping case where an attempt to kidnap a seven year old boy was reported. The boys coach stepped in when the suspect kept on saying that it was his son. The boy told his coach that the man was not his father.

Kidnapped girls as well as kidnapped children are reported missing all the time and many are still missing. Famous kidnappings of both children and girls have been reported to the authorities but only a small percentage of these cases are ever solved by the authorities.

There are many more cases of popular kidnappings that have made it to a list of the worst kidnappings of all time. Here is the list of the most terrifying kidnappings known:

  1. Marsha kidnapping
  2. Elizabeth Fritzel kidnapping
  3. Collen Stan kidnapping
  4. Elizabeth Smart
  5. John Paul Getty III
  6. Charles Lindbergh Jr.

Although these cases of kidnapping and ransom are well known, there are many more cases that until today have not yet been resolved. Families have long searched for their children, family, and friends who have been kidnapped. Kidnap victims have been listed by the Federal Department of Investigation to help find the culprits.

Kidnapping victims have tried to move on after the trauma they have gone through. Most of them try to live their lives normally even after what happened. These victims have also tried to move on by helping those who have experienced the same trauma. Victims also help by giving donations to foundations and charities that help in finding missing people. There are also those who have written books for the world to understand these tragedies and offer to tell their stories to make the world a safer place. The Jeremy Roloff kidnapping was a controversial case involving a small person kidnapping a grown man. Although he was convicted, he now is well known for his shows.

Rape and Abuse

Among the common complaints and cases filed against kidnappers, the worst part about it is the sexual abuse in which they impart on their victims. Kidnapped and raped victims such as women and children have been reported to the police across all states according to kidnapping statistics. These perverts prey on young children and girls and sexually abuse them when they have kidnapped their victims; they sometimes even father children with their victims.

Mexico kidnapping has had the police on alert after several discoveries of mass graves of victims from kidnappings. Human rights groups have been rallying around the borders of Mexico after the crime rate of kidnappings in Mexico surged to one of the highest ever recorded. Before, suspects targeted only rich and influential people. Nowadays, these suspects target anyone including vendors, shopkeepers, and common citizens in Mexico.

Bride kidnapping is done out of tradition. In modern society, people may view it as unacceptable, but this is a tradition done in many Middle Eastern countries. The tradition is that a woman or girl is deceived to get into a car by either relatives of the groom or her own family. She is then brought to the groom where the women in his family make a sort of neckerchief in which she has to accept as sign that she agrees to marry the man. If she does not accept it, she is then locked up and forced to do so. This as defined by law as a form of kidnapping because it goes against the will of the victim and they are either threatened or forced to do something that goes against their liberties. It happens in different countries and sometimes there is a certain amount of money that is given to the bride’s family. In other terms, the kidnapping of a bride is also known as forced marriage.

Fake Kidnapping

There has been more than one instance where people have faked their own kidnapping to get the financial benefits of kidnap and ransom money. This sort of kidnapping is known as a staged kidnapping which is usually arranged by the victim. The problem with these kidnappings is that it creates a whole new perspective on people who have actually been kidnapped.

How Can You Get Help?

People who have experienced this type of trauma in their lives can visit A traumatic experience such as a kidnapping will leave scars on a child or the person involved. This factor also requires health experts to look into the mental health of the victim. provides tips and steps for reporting events to the authorities which will help in such cases. The effects of trauma, whether it be through kidnapping or bullying, creates lasting effects on the victims involved. This is also a site where parents who are experiencing the effects of a missing child can seek help on legal advice and get tips on how to cope during ongoing investigations.

Getting help from authorities and having someone to talk to is a great means to help the people who need it. Make sure that you are always alert when out and about since kidnappers no longer prey on the wealthy. Instead, they prey on anyone who they believe can become a target. Do not put yourself in danger by making yourself a target. The “stranger danger” rule still applies to all children, men, and women alike.

Seeking help is essential. Many people think that isolation is the key, but it only makes it worse. Speaking out and seeking help will allow other people to find a means of getting the help that they need. There are many people who tend to forget that trauma can become fatal when the right help is not given to the people who need it.

The physical and mental abuse that kidnapped victims go through is something that will haunt them for a lifetime. They may want to try to move on but it will take one day at a time to get better. Over time, things will seem better, but the images, abuse, and hopelessness they have felt before will still linger. Although these feelings may not be as strong as before, it will still be evident in some aspects of their lives. encourages teens, teachers, and even parents to seek the help they need. The first step to prevention is understanding how a certain crime such as kidnapping starts. How can teachers and parents make a safer place for their children? In order to make a safer school or playground, parents should be alert and understand what they should look for in regards to those who prey on children, women, and men.

These tips keep people safe and encourage them to not let incidents such as the Charles Lindbergh Jr. kidnapping happen again. Modern technology allows people to share their stories with the rest of the world and there are still a lot of things people can do to keep their community a place of freedom.

Just think about it this way, would you ever want to be forced into seclusion or threatened because someone wants something from your family? Would you want to be tackled by an unknown stranger and abused against your will? This is certainly a few of the many things that most people do not think about but still, it is happening all around the world.

There are families who are still looking for their children and friends who are waiting for their best friends to return. Kidnapping is a danger that many people face today, so do not hesitate to give a helping hand to make things better for everyone who needs it. Stop kidnapping and prevent criminals from being a danger to the community.

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