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Is Bullying Abuse?

Is Bullying Considered Abuse

So, is Bullying Abuse ?

Yes, bullying is considered a form of abuse. Bullying can be defined as verbally, physically and emotionally inflicting unwanted pain and suffering. In other words, bullying can be described as a forceful assertion of power or control through aggression. This is exactly the type of treatment and abuse bullies inflict on their victims. They use their status or position to intimidate, humiliate and literally destroy their target.

Unfortunately bullying takes place in many settings; at home, on the playground at school and even at the workplace. When bullies are abusive they say harsh, meaning, hurting and degrading words to their victims. They use words that make their victims cry, feel ashamed or wished they were dead.

Is Bullying Abuse ? : Physical Bullying

The physically aggressive bullies are violent because he or she touches their victims in a way that inflicts physical pain. This may include slapping, kicking, biting, spitting on, poking and cutting their victims. Any physical pain that will cause pain seems to give bullies pleasure and power. Some aggressive bullies beat their victims up every single day, and in some cases bullies may even sexual assault their victims.

Some bullies beat their victims so badly, until they have to be hospitalized. Bullies are dangerous in any sense of the word. They usually play for keeps, without regards to consequences. Aggressive bullies pull their victims hair, choke them, trip them, and punch them in the face or on other parts of their bodies, leaving some type of bruising. Bullies also tear their victims clothing, and forcefully take their possessions such as their shoes, paper, pencil or purse.

Is Bullying Abuse ? : Emotional/Verbal Bullying

Emotional or mental bullying abuse is just as bad as any other type of abuse. Bullies like to make their victims feel weak and helpless. This makes the bullies feel like they are “larger than life, or “untouchable.” They use words like stupid, fagot, gay boy, dog face, egg head, smarty pants, and any other demeaning words and phrases that can damage or destroy their victim’s ego.

Name calling is intended to make bullying victims feel worthless and unloved. Negative verbal comments really do hurt. Children use to say, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt.” This obviously is not true. They both hurt. Broken bones heal over time, but the effects of verbal abuse from bullies are not so easy to forget.

Bullies even go on to spread malicious lies and rumors about their victims, making their victims the laughing stock of the school, the playground and at work. Belittling victims through mind games is another characteristic of bullying abuse. Bullies repeat this same action day after day, and their victims endure the same humiliation day after day.

Is Bullying Abuse ? : What Can be Done to Stop Abuse/ Bullying

It’s hard for some people to talk about the humiliating and disgusting things bullies do and say to them. Repeating the incidents causes their victims to relive the same experience over and over again. Bullies are not anyone’s friend; they are violent, malicious, and very angry. They intentionally and purposely look for other people who they feel are weak and easily intimidated. This is how they find their victims. Even in the workplace verbal and emotional bullying abuse is practiced. Employers take advantage of their employees by humiliating or reprimanding them in public, usually in a large crowd setting.

They throw work on their desk, cuss them out, yell at them, call them names and then threaten to fire them, if they complain. They give their employees more work than they can handle, make them work on their days off, and assign them tasks that are not in their job description.

So, is Bullying abuse ? This is taking place all over the world. The problem is not just among children and teenagers, nor is it confined to schools and homes. Bullying abuse is at the workplace, in large corporations, in fortune 500 companies, in Hollywood and in thousands of other places, no one would have dream of.

When individuals stand up to their bullies and report them, or tell them they are not taking anymore, the bullying may stop of subside. Some bullies get very angry when their victims stand up to them. They threaten to do physical harm to them or even kill them. Some bullies have severe emotional problems. People who are afraid of being physically attacked and beaten up by their bullies can ask for help.

Law enforcement and support groups are there to help people deal with bullies. However, it is an approachable solution that will protect the victims in the event the bullies want to retaliate and get even. Bullying is a crime and bullies are punished for their actions, when they are reported to the proper departments at work and at school.

Individuals being abused by bullies at home can contact law enforcement, social services and other agencies that may be able to help. There are ways to report a bully, without giving your name or any other personal information.

We hope we answer the question:” is bullying abuse ? ” and we hope you can teach others with these information on this sad tricky question: Is Bullying Abuse ?

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  • bullied for several years..
    Nov 12, 2013 at 02:19 pm

    where can you report bullying?
    im from the philippines and i know this is only for the country this website’s for.. but i just want to know where and how because i’ve searched google a billion times and nothing’s helpful.

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